Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1166 - Where’s The Present?

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Chapter 1166: Where’s The Present?

“If you follow him discreetly, he won’t know about it.” Jiang Yao continued to encourage Moe. “When you come back, I’ll buy you chicken legs, new toys, and a pair of bigger lanterns.”

Moe was afraid of Jiang Yao, and the temptations came one after another. He was worried that he would not be able to resist, so he decisively chose to run away.

What a joke! No matter how good those things were, they would not be better than his little life.

If anything happened to Jiang Yao when he was not by her side, that man would swallow him alive. There was no other person more important than Jiang Yao to that man.

He would not care about his own life, but he cared about the slightest bit of harm that Jiang Yao might suffer.

It was evident from how closely Big Ke and Ah Lu had kept an eye on Jiang Yao when they were in the hotel. Sun Xiaoshan’s mother had only taken two strands of Jiang Yao’s hair, and they had found out about that. They managed to get her back. It was evident that Lu Xingzhi kept them informed of any potential danger.

They would have to wait and see if Lu Xingzhi was a threat if his wife was missing even one strand of hair.

If Moe were to run away quietly, Jiang Yao would not be able to do anything about it. Jiang Yao thought that Lu Xingzhi’s mission must have been an urgent one, and the more urgent the mission, the higher the risk factor. Therefore, no matter how capable Lu Xingzhi was, she would still be worried.

It had nothing to do with other people’s opinions.

Even if other people thought that Lu Xingzhi was as strong as Ultraman, he was not omnipotent.

In her heart, Lu Xingzhi was only her husband, her man, a man of flesh and blood who she would miss dearly.

Jiang Yao lazed in her bedroom for a while. When she heard a knock on the living room door, she got up to open it. It was Mrs. Lin and Xiao Wei.

“Auntie Lu.” Xiao Wei greeted Jiang Yao with a smile when he saw her. “I haven’t seen you for a few days. Mom said that you went to Jindo City for a vacation. Where’s Sister Xiaoxiao? She said that she would bring me a gift!”

“Oh! She asked me to bring it to you!” Jiang Yao patted his head as she recalled that matter. Then, she returned to the bedroom hurriedly and took the present that Lu Xiaoxiao had specially prepared. She had wrapped it very tightly. Jiang Yao did not know what it was either.

Anyway, Lu Xiaoxiao had a child-like personality, and she could make friends with anyone. After spending two nights with Lin Wei, they were like old friends who could talk about anything. She even praised all of Lin Wei’s pets. One moment they were cool, and the next moment they were handsome. Lin Wei was delighted with the praises. He told Mrs. Lin that Lu Xiaoxiao was the most interesting girl he had ever seen.

“Then when will Sister Xiaoxiao come back?” When Lin Wei heard that Lu Xiaoxiao had already gone back, he was a little disappointed. “Does Sister Xiaoxiao live far away? When I grow up, can I go and play with Sister Xiaoxiao?”

“There’s no place in the world that you can’t reach by plane. When you grow up, if you still remember Sister Xiaoxiao, you can go find her then.” Mrs. Lin laughed. Her son had been great with Jiang Yao when she first arrived. It seemed like she had to step aside when Lu Xiaoxiao appeared.

“Then, when I grow up, I’ll go look for Sister Xiaoxiao.” Lin Wei nodded. After he got the item in Jiang Yao’s hands, he thanked her. Then, he asked Jiang Yao for Lu Xiaoxiao’s phone number and went home happily.

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