Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1245 - Rest Early

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Chapter 1245: Rest Early

Lu Xingzhi waited for Jiang Yao’s response for a long time before turning to face her. Only then did he notice her ears were unusually red.

“Did you hear anything?” Lu Xingzhi inquired, perplexed.

Jiang Yao paused for a few seconds before telling Lu Xingzhi what she had heard. She expected Lu Xingzhi to react in some way, but she did not anticipate Lu Xingzhi to scoff.

Lu Xingzhi pressed his palm against Jiang Yao’s waist and said, “Let her listen. We have been taking the train for the last week. Tonight, get some rest.”

Even though Lu Xingzhi enjoyed hearing Jiang Yao moan beneath him in bed, he did not make it a habit of telling others about it.

Jiang Yao was slightly concerned. “Really? Will that old lady tell Ah Zhu about it?”

Lu Xingzhi reassured her. “We have been working hard for a week now. If I still do anything to you at night, I will be a true monster. Sleep early.”

People like Ah Zhu would not believe what the two people next door said. If they said that the two were not husband and wife because they did not make love for a night, then all the couples in the world would most likely be divorced. Which husband and wife would make love 365 days a year?

Jiang Yao felt relieved when she heard Lu Xingzhi say that. She placed her head on Lu Xingzhi’s chest and fell asleep peacefully.

She did not get much sleep on the train that week. The train frequently stopped along the route, and many people were getting in and out of the carriage. They did not snore, grind their teeth, or chat in their sleep. They simply discussed the odd and boisterous surroundings. Jiang Yao was unable to fall asleep peacefully. Even when she was in the system, she had to pay close attention to the carriage in case something unforeseen happened.

Jiang Yao had a pleasant sleep after hearing Lu Xingzhi’s words. She slept well as she had Lu Xingzhi with her.

Lu Xingzhi, on the other hand, only slept for a few hours during the night. He was in the midst of a mission, so any noise outside the door woke him up easily.

There was a tiny commotion at the door around midnight. Half an hour later, there was a faint sound of footsteps returning to the room next door. That old woman had gone to eavesdrop on them, just as Jiang Yao had predicted.

Shu City’s dawn was earlier than that of Nanjiang City and the northern areas. The first visitor arrived at a specific prison in a particular city in the north just after nine in the morning.

That visitor was a little different from the others. She did not pack any food or clothing. She came by herself. She was well-dressed and did not appear to be a poor person unable to purchase such items.

“How is it possible that such a person does not exist? Can you go and look for her? She should have been released from prison a few years ago, right? Why don’t you know anything about her?”

Mrs. Sun gripped the prison guard’s arm tightly and would not let go. She had arrived so arrogantly just moments earlier. She remembered that 19 years had gone by, and the woman should have been out of prison for four years already when she went there to request her information.

Her attempt to show off had failed, and she became increasingly anxious to learn more about that woman.

Mrs. Sun gently removed a wad of cash from her bag and slipped it into the prison guard’s hands. “Please assist me in locating information on her release from prison.”

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