Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1364 - I’m Not Afraid

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Chapter 1364: I’m Not Afraid

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“Yunfang and I are good friends. It’s what I should do,” Jiang Yao said to Sister Wen; she looked embarrassed. She thought it was funny. She was there to see Wen Yunfang make a fool of herself, or rather, she deliberately tried to sow discord between Wen Yunfang and Brother Ding.

Jiang Yao only went to the hospital. When she went home, Ding Xiaomei and Brother Ding quarreled again. It was not because Ding Xiaomei deliberately occupied Wen Yunfang’s room, but because Ding Xiaomei offered to help Brother Ding. She had accepted what Wen Yunfang had done before, but Brother Ding refused her offer.

Ah Zhu tried to persuade Ding Xiaomei, but she did not care about him. No matter what Ah Zhu said, she did not even look at the man.

“You can live here. I’ll let you live wherever you want. I can give you anything you want, but I won’t agree to that.” Brother Ding’s face darkened. “You should give up that idea!”

Ding Xiaomei asked, “Do you think that I’m not as capable as your goddaughter? That I can’t help you? Can’t you teach me? Is Wen Yunfang born with those skills? You can take her hand, but can’t you take mine?”

Brother Ding frowned. “Wen Yunfang did really have the skills. She had used her eyes and ears since she was young. I did not even need to teach her.”

That was not the point. The point was that Brother Ding would not allow Ding Xiaomei to get involved in his business.

Brother Ding said, “You know about all those things that I’ve done. Don’t you understand why your grandparents and your mother won’t let me go back to see you? Even though those are all big businesses that can make money, I can’t guarantee that I’ll lose my life one day. You’re my daughter. I won’t let you get involved in that. Just stay here. I’ll buy you anything you want! You’re my daughter. It’s only right for me to raise you. Don’t mention this again!”

All those years, it was not that Brother Ding did not want to go home. His parents had disowned him, and his wife had blamed him. They did not understand his business.

Although Brother Ding was angry and resentful that his family did not understand him, he knew he deserved it. Therefore, when he heard that his daughter wanted to help him, Brother Ding refused to let her do it.

One day, his luck might run out, and he might lose his life. However, he had earned enough money and hidden enough to let his family live a good life.

He did not need his daughter to work for him. He did not want her to sacrifice her life.

“I’m not afraid.”

Ding Xiaomei shrugged. “Anyway, I’ve been like this my whole life. What’s the difference between living and dying? It might be good if I died, so I don’t have to live a life worse than death.”

Then, Ding Xiaomei went upstairs. Suddenly, she turned toward Brother Ding, who was standing in the living room. “I’m going to buy furniture later! Everything in my room needs to be replaced. I don’t want to see anything that the woman used!”

“Go! Buy whatever you like!” Brother Ding nodded repeatedly. He felt better if his daughter would spend his money.

Ah Zhu was speechless, so when Brother Ding was not paying attention, he rolled his eyes helplessly at the young couple standing opposite him.

Jiang Yao covered her mouth and smiled, but she applauded Ding Xiaomei’s methods in her heart.

Ding Xiaomei hated Brother Ding and Wen Yunfang, so how would she get along with them? She only wanted to have the last word.

It was to make Brother Ding feel guilty toward her and so that he would not dislike her.

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