Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1521 - Clever Moe

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Chapter 1521: Clever Moe

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Lu Weihua was still embroiled in a bigamy lawsuit. The moment he saw the police, he felt a pain in his head. Before the police car approached, he turned around and ran away, leaving his elderly parents behind. He had no intention of waiting for the police at all.

Mr. and Mrs. Lu were taken away in the police car. They were there to look for their eldest grandson. It was apparent that they were there to cause trouble. Everyone knew what happened to their grandson—they had not wanted the child. The police followed the standard procedures and sent the child to an orphanage in Jin City.

Lu Xingzhi waited for the police car to take those people away. Then, he looked in the direction where Lu Weihua had left. No one knew what he was thinking. Then, he walked into the house.

As soon as he entered the building, Lu Xingzhi heard his mother scolding the Lu family for getting what they deserved. The heavens did not allow them to have a grandson.

On the other hand, Jiang Yao was very calm. She sat there and ate some fruits. When she saw him, she even winked at him playfully, giving him a look that both understood.

Lu Weihua would always get a daughter even if he married more women.

Jiang Yao did not know whether it was karma, but her medicine did its job. Lu Weihua had not cherished his son, so he could forget about having another one in the future.

Even if he impregnated more women, they would only give birth to more daughters for him.

After grumbling, Mrs. Lu went into the kitchen to clean up the vegetables she had just bought. Seeing that Moe had followed her into the kitchen, Mrs. Lu greeted him happily. “I’ll make you braised fish for lunch!”

Moe, who did not like fish, shook his head and lightly jumped into Mrs. Lu’s basket to rummage through it. Then, he used his soft claws to poke at the duck leg. Then, he raised his head to look at Mrs. Lu and meowed.

Mrs. Lu was surprised. “You don’t like braised fish? You want to eat that duck leg? That won’t do. That’s Yaoyao’s. She needs to eat more.”

Moe scratched its head and took the second-best option to poke at the duck wings. Mrs. Lu was so shocked. She did not expect Jiang Yao’s pet to be so smart that it could communicate like that.

Moe waited for Mrs. Lu’s reply; he thought he could not have the wings either. He knew that Jiang Yao liked to eat the wings, so he turned around unhappily and showed his rear-end to express his displeasure to Mrs. Lu.

Mrs. Lu immediately burst into laughter. She raised her hand and patted Moe on the head. “When I’m done stewing the duck, I’ll go to the market and buy you duck legs. I’ll cook them separately for you!”

When Moe heard that, he quickly turned around. His tail swayed happily. Even though he knew that Mrs. Lu could not understand his words, he still called out to her excitedly.

Mrs. Lu understood Moe’s mood and said, “What a clever Moe!”

It was a peaceful morning. Mrs. Lu was busy in the kitchen. Moe curled up in the corner of the stove to accompany Mrs. Lu. His tail swayed occasionally. He narrowed his eyes lazily and basked in the sunlight that came in through the window.

Jiang Yao was even lazier than Moe in Lu Xingzhi’s arms in the living room. The television showed the news channel and replayed the evening news that had already been broadcasted the previous night. Its volume was low, but Lu Xingzhi was watching it seriously. When he felt the person in his arms move, he subconsciously tightened his arms to prevent her from falling out.

When he lowered his head and saw that she had changed to a more comfortable position to lean against him, she looked just like a lazy Moe. His brows relaxed, and a smile seeped into his eyes.. The pet’s owner was the same as her pet.

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