Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1543 - Not Our Family

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Chapter 1543: Not Our Family

“At that time, you claimed that you buried the child alive. If the court’s investigation proves that you did not just abandon the child, but abandoned the child in the mountains with the intention of killing her, then you will be charged with attempted murder. Our country’s law is very strict in protecting underage children, so you and your son might be sentenced to death together.”

Old Madam Lin’s face turned pale when she heard that. On the other hand, the few police officers on the side could barely keep their faces straight. There were very few people who could act so seriously in front of those public officials.

“You’re a lawyer who only knows how to scare people. Back then, so many people abandoned their children. Why didn’t anyone get in trouble?” Old Madam Lin quickly reacted.

Those relevant laws were made more than ten years ago. It was precisely because too many children were abandoned during that period that the country came up with those laws to protect the children. Before that, the court would not interfere with the matter if no one sued anyone. However, once someone was investigated and sued, they would be judged according to the law.

Big Ke’s expression did not change at all.

“Old Madam Lin, do you want the police station to help you find your daughter-in-law, Xie Qiuran, who has been missing for 20 years? Who knows, with a missing person report, one day we might actually be able to find her,” Xiao fan inquired, smiling. “I heard that back then, Xie Qiuran hated you and your son to death because of the child. She hated you to the bone. Do you think that if Xie Qiuran were found now, she would send you and your son to the police station?”

“That’s good. You’ve been causing trouble here every day for the past few days. You’ve infuriated our colleagues. If she were to come here, we would definitely treat her well.”

Those people did not go overboard with their words. They had no patience for Old Madam Lin.

They were kind to other people. They did not want to waste their kindness on people like Old Madam Lin.

Old Madam Lin shook her head repeatedly and waved her hand. “No! I don’t want it anymore! I don’t want it anymore! That Jiang Yao has nothing to do with my family!”

Old Madam Lin left after saying those words.

The moment Old Madam Lin ran away, the people in the room immediately burst into laughter.

That old woman cared about her son, so they had used him to threaten her. It was the most effective plan.

“You’re the best.”

Xiao Fan patted Lu Xingzhi on the shoulder and said, “Our colleagues can’t do anything to her. Everyone in the town has experienced her tantrums. We can’t hit her, we can’t scold her, and we can’t chase her away. She has angered us for quite a few days.”

After saying that, Xiao Fan looked at Big Ke and teased him. “One look and you can tell that he’s not a real lawyer. He should be a soldier instead. He should be a veteran, right?” Xiao Fan asked, shaking his head.

Lu Xingzhi praised his instincts. “I’m going back to the army base later. The two of them will stay behind. Have a chat with them when you can.”


Xiao Fan nodded in understanding and sent Lu Xingzhi and the other two out of the station.

“That old woman has gone away now, but it’s hard to guarantee that she will not pester Jiang Yao in the future. The two of you must guard her. If they get close to Jiang Yao, take them and throw them far away. Don’t let them trouble her.”

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