Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 3134 - : Luring Away the Enemy

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Chapter 3134: Luring Away the Enemy

“With my current strength, I can only reach within ten kilometres of the Xuanhuang beast no matter how I hide. Once I get any closer, I’ll definitely be discovered,” Jian Chen considered inside. In the next moment, he changed directions and directly rushed towards the Xuanhuang beast.

Since he could not pick the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification before the Xuanhuang beast discovered him, then all he could do was draw away the Xuanhuang beast’s attention before carrying out the plan he and Shangguan Mu’er had decided on beforehand.

Swish! Swish!

Right as Jian Chen rushed towards the Xuanhuang beast, a violent wind pressure suddenly appeared. The strangely-shaped Xuanhuang beast began to flap the wings on its back. The wings merged together and sliced through the air in an instant, slamming down on Jian Chen from above.

Immediately, a tremendous pressure weighed down on Jian Chen, making him sink.

Jian Chen’s expression changed. He discovered that he had underestimated this Xuanhuang beast a little too much- no, he had overestimated the strength he could unleash in the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

At this very moment, when he faced the Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beast, he actually felt like he was incapable of dodging.

Its attack speed was far too fast and even possessed a pressure of energy, overwhelming opponents that were weaker than it subconsciously.

If he could use laws, Jian Chen could avoid the attack with ease. With his Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime Laws of Space, dodging would take no effort at all.

But now, he was completely incapable of dodging with the power of his cultivation alone.

The only path available to him was to block it forcefully with the Chaotic Body.

It happened in a split second. In the instant Jian Chen received the attack, the chaotic neidan in his body had already begun whirling away. Chaotic Force of the fifteenth layer erupted out. He met the attack fearlessly like he was unstoppable.

Since he could not dodge, he would use this opportunity to strike!


A rumble boomed through the surroundings. Not only had Jian Chen failed to injure the Xuanhuang beast’s wings at all with his full-powered attack, but the terrifying force had instead slammed him into the ground.

“Just the Chaotic Body at the fifteenth layer is completely insufficient to contend against a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beast.” Underground, Jian Chen’s face was bright red as his flesh and organs surged through his body.

Through the toughness of the Chaotic Body, he had not been scathed this time, but his organs had been shaken up violently.

“The fifteenth layer of the Chaotic Body is equivalent to the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime. Facing a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beast with the strength of an Infinite Prime really is a little too much.”

“I need to reach the sixteenth layer of the Chaotic Body. The sixteenth layer of the Chaotic Body should be equivalent to battle prowess at the Third Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime. By then, it’ll be much easier for me to deal with this Xuanhuang beast. Even if I can’t kill it, I won’t have such a tough time facing it.”

Jian Chen calculated. As soon as he thought of the energy required to break through to the sixteenth layer, his desire for the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification became even greater.

When he broke through to the fifteenth layer of the Chaotic Body inside the Darkstar World, he had basically exhausted all of the heavenly resources that the Darkstar race had spent countless years nurturing in their medicinal garden.

Now that he wanted to break through to the sixteenth layer, the required energy was so tremendous that it was unimaginable.

On top of that, he had shattered his chaotic neidan when he attempted the Bridge of Life and Death. A large amount of Chaotic Force had leaked away.

As a result, his chaotic neidan was nowhere close to its limit right now.

Even if he ignored everything else, just the energy required for reaching the limit with his chaotic neidan was immeasurable.

As a result, the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification that specially existed to strengthen cultivations was something he urgently needed.

Swish! Jian Chen rushed out from underground. His Chaotic Force surged; he erupted with full speed, rushing towards the Xuanhuang beast as quickly as he could.

With Jian Chen’s current speed, he could cross the short distance of a few kilometres in an instant, but now, this tiny distance seemed extremely long in his eyes.

In the next moment, the Xuanhuang beast’s wings that had overlapped together swung again with tremendous wind pressure.

This time, it did not slam down from above. Instead, it was like a slap, launching Jian Chen far away with a bang.

The Xuanhuang beast was far too fast. Coupled with the tremendous pressure it gave off whenever it struck, it was completely impossible for Jian Chen whose strength was severely limited to dodge.

Jian Chen was launched away like a cannonball. He flew several kilometers in total, only stopping when he slammed into a colossal boulder. A colossal hole even appeared in the tough boulder from the collision. He was completely embedded in the rock.

In the next moment, Jian Chen erupted with his Chaotic Force, shattering the entire boulder. He hovered in the air in horrible shape. His face was rather sunken.

Some blood had even appeared by the corner of his lips.

The Xuanhuang beast’s attack this time was even stronger than the previous one, causing him some light injuries.

However, these injuries were basically insignificant to the Chaotic Body. With the Chaotic Body’s regeneration, he could recover in an instant.

Jian Chen did not give up. His Chaotic Force surged out. He turned into a blur, continuing to fly towards the Xuanhuang beast.

But perhaps because he now possessed the experience from the two previous attempts, Jian Chen could almost predict the Xuanhuang beast’s timing. As a result, as soon as he reached a certain distance from the Xuanhuang beast, he abruptly changed directions while flying at high speeds.

Basically as soon as he changed directions, a black shadow coupled with a sharp gust of wind smashed Jian Chen’s afterimage to pieces. One of the Xuanhuang beast’s forelegs had revealed its sharp claws, flashing past Jian Chen’s previous location with great speed.

Jian Chen used this opportunity to accelerate, immediately closing the distance between the two of them and appearing before the Xuanhuang beast. He punched at the Xuanhuang beast’s eye as hard as he could.

Spurt! Jian Chen’s fist was like a sharp sword. His entire arm plunged into the Xuanhuang beast’s eye.

Shortly afterwards, the Chaotic Force in his dantian surged into his arm and erupted at full strength.

Immediately, the Xuanhuang beast’s entire eye exploded, turning into a huge hole.

The intense pain made the Xuanhuang beast howl out miserably. It beat its wings furiously and swung its forelegs around in the air like it was in a frenzied state. The powerful streams of energy that shot out shook up the mountains.

With the Xuanhuang beast successfully infuriated, he had achieved his goal. Jian Chen did not remain entangled with the Xuanhuang beast for a moment longer. Like a bolt of lightning, he shot off into the distance as quickly as he could.

Behind him, the Xuanhuang beast growled furiously. Its eight thick and powerful legs moved as the wings on its back flapped furiously, dragging its huge, fish-like body as it chased after Jian Chen in rage.

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