Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 3318

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Chapter 3318: Spectating the Battle

However, the Heaven Fighting Ruler, Jade Heaven Ruler, and Blood Slaughter Ruler that faced off against the Demonic Dragon Ruler were in no better shape either. Even though the three of them worked together against the Demonic Dragon Ruler, they were still covered with wounds from the battle.

At this moment, the three rulers who usually enjoyed paramount status in the Wood Spirits World were all bloodied. They were covered in all sorts of injuries, which was a frightening sight to behold.

However, due to the special characteristics of Wood Spirits, they were naturally endowed with unimaginable regeneration. No matter how heavily injured they were, they would always be able to recover in the fastest way possible.

As a result, they were no different from the Demonic Dragon Ruler. They seemed to be covered in injuries, but they were actually constantly healing.

The battle between the three rulers and the Demonic Dragon Ruler had already lasted for several years. Neither side could defeat the other, so they were stuck together in battle.

During this time, the three rulers had ingested many God Tier pills to recover their strength.

Whether it was the three of them or the Demonic Dragon Ruler, they would exhaust a large amount of their energy whenever they were injured.

The three rulers brought God Tier pills for recovery, so their energy remained full the entire time.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Dragon Ruler could only recover through absorbing the origin energy in the surroundings.

The Demonic Dragon Ruler’s cultivation was much more pure than the three rulers, but less than half of its full energy remained after several years of exhaustion.

“It’s about time. Jade Heaven, Heaven Fighting, stop holding back. Use your full strength and kill the demonic dragon as quickly as possible,” the Blood Slaughter Ruler called out at this moment.

With that, his presence suddenly rose as the energy in his body swept out like a tidal wave, stirring up the surroundings.

At the same time, five ancestral imprints appeared over the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s head, shining with blinding light and resonating with the green sun in the sky.

After unleashing the five ancestral imprints, the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s presence visibly climbed to another level.

“Space-splitting Strike!” the Blood Slaughter Ruler bellowed out. The god artifact sword in his hand immediately radiated with a pressure of the world. As he slashed out, his sword produced a beam of light several thousand metres across, slamming against one of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s heads.


With a devastating rumble, a third of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s head was immediately obliterated. However, its other head opened its gaping mouth and lunged towards the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler retreated in a hurry, but a good part of his body was still bitten by the Demonic Dragon Ruler, tearing off a chunk of flesh.

But very soon, the flesh began to regrow at a visible rate.

After using the ancestral imprint, not only did the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s battle prowess increase, but even his regenerative abilities climbed to a new height.

At the same time, the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Heaven Fighting Ruler struck with their full strength as well. Five ancestral imprints also appeared over each of their heads. They each wielded a god artifact sword, also unleashing God Tier Battle Skills at the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s injured head.


Blood immediately exploded in the air. Under the combined attacks of the three rulers, the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s head was smashed to pieces.

At the same time, the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s tail sliced through the air, slamming against the Jade Heaven Ruler and Heaven Fighting Ruler with terrifying energy. They were launched away while spurting with blood. Their chests caved in while their organs were crushed.

The five ancestral imprints in their possession could connect with the sovereign god artifact of the Wood Spirits. The green sun in the sky produced wisps of life force, allowing their injuries to heal at a terrifying rate.

Powerful energy surged out from the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s body too, possessing a terrifying life force. Its head that the three rulers had shattered began to regrow.

Losing one head was not enough to kill it.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler, the Jade Heaven Ruler, and the Heaven Fighting Ruler were not surprised by this, as they were aware that they had to obliterate both of its heads if they wanted to kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler.

Otherwise, they had to deplete the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s life force so that it could not regenerate anymore.

Without the support of God Tier pills, the Demonic Dragon Ruler was not their opponent in a prolonged battle.

Afterwards, the Heaven Fighting Ruler, Jade Heaven Ruler, and Blood Slaughter Ruler continued with their attacks. They did not hold back at all with each time, unleashing God Tier Battle Skills endlessly.

The battle between them immediately entered the most intense phase.

More and more injuries appeared on the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s body. Under the three rulers’ coordination, its head was shattered several times, but they were simply incapable of destroying both heads at the same time with their current strength.

The three rulers had paid a hefty price too. With this intense clash, the three rulers all became pale-white, giving off a sense of haggardness. They were injuring the Demonic Dragon Ruler at the cost of wounds to themselves.

They ingested the God Tier pills like candy, such that the energy in their bodies remained at full capacity the entire time.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Dragon Ruler clearly could not hold on for much longer with that intense clash. The life force in its body rapidly bled away as the rate at which it healed gradually slowed.

Without God Tier pills to recover, it finally began to show signs of exhaustion after fighting for so long.

The four fighting Chaotic Primes failed to notice a young man seated on a mountain in white robes. He was thousands of kilometres away, watching their intense battle from afar.

The young man was Jian Chen!

“Among the three rulers of the Wood Spirits World, the Heaven Fighting Ruler is the weakest, at the peak of the First Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime. The Jade Heaven Ruler and the Blood Slaughter Ruler are both at the Second Heavenly Layer.”

“But as it seems, both of them have only reached the Second Heavenly Layer recently, which is why the difference between the Heaven Fighting Ruler and them is not as great as it seems, even if he’s weaker than them.”

“However, the three of them are all in possession of five ancestral imprints. These ancestral imprints have increased their strength substantially. Coupled with their extraordinary battle prowess, they can’t be treated as regular Chaotic Primes. As such, both the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Blood Slaughter Ruler are strong enough to challenge Third Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes.”

“Of course, that’s only challenging. If they’re really up against a Third Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, the two of them are still lacking slightly.”

“As for the Heaven Fighting Ruler, he might be able to put up a fight against a regular Third Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime just barely.”

“However, when it comes to killing them, probably even a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime would struggle with that. With five ancestral imprints, they heal far too quickly, even faster than my Chaotic Body. They’re basically unkillable.”

Jian Chen sat on the mountain and completely took note of the three rulers’ strength. His cultivation had fallen and his strength had not recovered, but he still had his insight.

“The Demonic Dragon Ruler on the other hand is at the peak of the Second Heavenly Layer!” Lastly, Jian Chen turned towards the two-headed serpent dragon, his eyes lighting up.

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