Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 3319

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Chapter 3319: Working Together

“So far, the only way I’ve found to heal my physical injuries is through the inner cores of Chaotic Primes. In the entire Wood Spirits World, there’s only the Demonic Dragon Ruler that’s a Chaotic Prime sacred beast.” Jian Chen sank into his thoughts as he watched the battle between the three rulers and the Demonic Dragon Ruler.

He had never thought the three rulers were also after the Demonic Dragon Ruler. In that case, he would be stealing from the tiger’s mouth if he wanted the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core.

“My strength has yet to recover. I stand no chance against the three rulers if I face them in my current state. After all, the three of them have the support of ancestral imprints. They’re capable of challenging those at a higher cultivation realm than them.”

When he thought of that, Jian Chen became rather troubled. Now, the battle between the three rulers and the Demonic Dragon Ruler was already approaching its conclusion. The Demonic Dragon Ruler’s wounds healed more and more slowly. Once it perished, it was as clear as day that its corpse would end up in the hands of the three rulers.


With a tremendous rumble, the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler’s God Tier Battle Skills slammed into the Demonic Dragon Ruler at the same time, smashing its colossal body into the ground heavily. The entire earth shook violently.

A terrifying gash three hundred metres across appeared on the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s colossal body. Blood spurted out, dyeing the land red.

This time, its wound did not close up immediately. It no longer possessed much energy, which it had to conserve to heal its head.

“Jade Heaven, Heaven Fighting, Blood Slaughter, you will pay a heavy price for your foolish actions. I swear I will bring extinction to you terrestrial beings.” The Demonic Dragon Ruler rose up into the air again. At this moment, its presence was haggard and extremely feeble.

When it came to endurance, it was not the three rulers’ opponent. After all, they possessed a large quantity of God Tier pills to recover their energy.

“Hahahaha, Demonic Dragon Ruler, you can command all the sacred beasts in the entire ocean—no, not just the ocean. Even all the sacred beasts that lie within our three domains have to listen to your command. If you bring all the sacred beasts from your ocean onto the land, you can indeed deal a devastating blow to our three domains.”

“Unfortunately, you no longer possess that right, as it’s impossible for you to survive until then.” The Blood Slaughter Ruler laughed loudly without any fear.

“Demonic Dragon Ruler, we struggle to rest easy with your existence, which is why the three of us are forced to annihilate you together. With you dead, that’ll be one less source of problem for our three domains,” the Heaven Fighting Ruler added sternly.

“Demonic dragon, the land and the sea have been fighting for all these years. It’s time to settle it once and for all. Without you, the sacred beasts in the vast ocean are just a disunited group.” The Jade Heaven Ruler sighed.

“Hahaha, you’re getting ahead of yourselves if you think you can completely annihilate me.” The Demonic Dragon Ruler sneered. In the next moment, a chant emerged from its mouth.

The chant contained a mysterious power, immediately spreading across the entire ocean and echoing through the air.

In the next moment, an endless amount of essence and life force drifted out from the vast expanse of ocean, all gathering towards the Demonic Dragon Ruler.

The essence and life force originated from the sea beasts in the ocean.

The Demonic Dragon Ruler used a secret technique to devour the essence from all the sea beasts in the ocean to replenish its own.

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Immediately, the Demonic Dragon Ruler turned into a colossal swirl of energy. As it absorbed the endless essence and life force, its presence rose at a terrifying rate. Its exhausted energy was rapidly replenished too. Even its wounds all closed up perfectly.

“Oh no! Stop it!” The expressions of the three rulers of the Wood Spirits World changed drastically. They immediately struck out with full force, slamming the Demonic Dragon Ruler with God Tier Battle Skills at the same time.

However, they were still unable to stop the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s recovery.

In under a minute, the Demonic Dragon Ruler returned to its peak condition.

Seeing that, the faces of the three rulers turned ugly. Due to its species, the Demonic Dragon Ruler possessed tremendous reserves of energy, well beyond anything that the Wood Spirits could rival.

As a result, the only way they could come up with to kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler was to exhaust all of its energy so that it could not recover.

They never thought that after consuming so many God Tier pills and finally depleting most of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s energy after so much difficulty, it would return to its peak condition in the blink of an eye.

That immediately put the three rulers in a tough spot.

“We don’t have many pills left. What do we do now?” The Heaven Fighting Ruler’s face was sunken as he communicated to the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

The Jade Heaven Ruler and the Blood Slaughter Ruler said nothing. Their faces were similarly sunken.

Their three domains had already gone so far to battle against the ocean. If they could not kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler today, then they would face revenge from the endless spiritual beasts and sacred beasts of the entire ocean.

Against the entire ocean, the three domains were at a disadvantage even if they included the Peace region.

Once the flames of war reached the land, then it would without a doubt be a devastating disaster to their three domains.

The three rulers of the Wood Spirits were stuck in a dilemma now.

“Three rulers, looks like you won’t be able to kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler successfully today.”

Right when the three rulers were at a loss over what to do, a calm voice drifted into their ears.

The three rulers immediately narrowed their eyes with the appearance of the voice. They turned towards the same direction, immediately noticing Jian Chen who spectated the battle from afar.

They immediately frowned. As existences that reigned over the Wood Spirits World, they understood all the experts in the Wood Spirits World without any exaggeration at all, but they did not recognise Jian Chen.

“Who are you?” The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s voice rang out. His voice was cold, questioning him like an interrogation.

“I am Jian Chen. Greetings, three rulers.” In the distance, Jian Chen sat atop a mountain. He cupped his fist towards the three rulers and smiled gently. He continued, “If you’re unable to kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler, then I can lend you a hand.”

“You can deal with the Demonic Dragon Ruler?” the Jade Heaven Ruler asked seriously. Her voice was filled with disbelief.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s eyes flashed, studying Jian Chen closely, but they discovered that he was like a ball of mist. They were completely incapable of identifying his true strength.

“If you want to kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler, you need to destroy both of its heads at the same time in order to claim its life for good. I just happen to know a secret technique that can destroy one of its heads instantly.”

“If the three rulers work together and destroy one of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s heads first before I immediately destroy its second head, then it’ll definitely perish,” said Jian Chen.

“Are you certain you can destroy one of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s heads alone?” the Heaven Fighting Ruler asked.

“You’ll know once I try, won’t you? It’s not like destroying one of its heads is particularly difficult for the three rulers.” Jian Chen was composed. He did not show any fear or reverence towards the three rulers. He was completely calm. “Of course, I have a condition. Once we kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler, I want its inner core.”

“Alright! If you really can destroy the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s second head, then I have no objections with you taking the inner core.” The Blood Slaughter Ruler immediately expressed his agreement.

“I agree!”

“I have no problem either!”

The Jade Heaven Ruler and the Heaven Fighting Ruler expressed their agreement. They did not believe him, but they had no other choice right now, so they could only try what they could and hope for the best.

They no longer had a lot of God Tier pills on them. If they could not kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler, the consequences would be severe.

“If that’s the case, please go on ahead, rulers. I’ll take action as soon as you destroy the first head!” Jian Chen said.

The three rulers looked at one another with that and immediately used their God Tier Battle Skills without any hesitation, launching their strongest attack at one of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s heads.


With a rumble, the three rulers’ God Tier Battle Skills immediately destroyed one of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s heads. However, the Demonic Dragon Ruler also fought back when they heavily injured it, so they sustained severe injuries at the same time.

No one gained the upper hand in the battle between them and the Demonic Dragon Ruler. It was basically all an exchange of injuries. The three of them were completely incapable of destroying the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s second head at the same time.

Tremendous life force immediately surged out from the stump of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s head that had just been destroyed. A new head grew at a visible rate.

The three rulers were launched far away, but they all looked towards Jian Chen in the distance simultaneously as they were forced back. Whether they could destroy the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s second head before a new one regrew all came down to this moment.

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