Crazy Detective - Chapter 1270 - the repentant murderer  

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Chapter 1270: Chapter 1269-the repentant murderer


Huayun mountain was a mountain, but it was also a city. The city was located in the middle of a mountain range. Although it was an earth-level city, it was not very big and its economy was just average.

At four in the afternoon, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying arrived at the Huayun Mountain Police station.

As they had been notified in advance, and Zhao Yu was famous, the two of them were warmly welcomed by the local police station. Not only were the provincial and municipal leaders personally welcoming them, but many police officers were also fighting to take photos with Zhao Yu as a memento, just like a big star.

Of course, Zhao Yu was here on official business. After a brief chat with the local leaders, he and Miao Ying went straight to the interrogation room upstairs to meet the three criminals.

As the prisoner had not arrived yet, the two of them waited in the monitoring room next door for a moment.

“Leaders,” a Captain of the local police station said,”the three criminals have confessed all their crimes. After our technical team’s investigation, we have confirmed that the Huayun mountain massacre case was committed by these three people!”

“The three people’s statements were very consistent.

“They said that it was MA Liqun and MA juncai who killed the people that day, and Gong peiwang did not have any weapons at the time. He just used his hand to hold Ji Kai down and not let Ji Kai move!

“You should know better than us,” the captain of the criminal Police said politely.”The murder weapons were indeed two fruit knives, both from Ji Kai’s kitchen.

“Based on the fingerprints left on the fruit knife, we confirmed that Gong peiwang did not touch the two weapons. According to the autopsy report, it was confirmed that Gong peiwang didn’t kill anyone. Therefore, Gong peiwang’s nature is different from the other two, and he should be an accomplice!”

“Oh …” Zhao Yu nodded silently, deep in thought.

“I don’t think so. Although he didn’t kill the person himself, he was involved in the whole process and controlled the victim! This kind of behavior should be equivalent to murder!” Miao Ying retorted,”and, without any instructions, how can you say that he’s an accomplice?”

“Hmm…This!” The captain of the criminal Police didn’t know how to answer.

“Alright,” Zhao Yu said, trying to smooth things over.”Let’s leave this to the Procuratorate to judge!” We just need to find out the truth!”

Then, Zhao Yu quickly whispered into Miao Ying’s ear,”

“En!” Miao Ying also realized that she had overreacted, so she nodded in agreement.

“Mm … They’re here, they’re here!” The captain of the criminal Police pointed at the one-way glass and reminded him.

The two of them looked up and saw that the three suspects had been brought into the interrogation room by the police.

The three of them did not have time to change into their prison uniform. They were still wearing the clothes they had worn when they surrendered. Although the three of them were of different heights, their appearances and mannerisms were surprisingly consistent.

In fact, the three of them were only in their early thirties, but they all looked old and withered.

Some of them had white hair, some had no hair, and one of them was so thin that he looked like he was just skin and bones.

The three of them were also quite dispirited. After sitting in the interrogation chair, they all lowered their heads and didn’t say a word, staring at the floor in a daze.

At this time, under the lead of the captain of the criminal Police, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying walked into the interrogation room one after another and sat in the seat opposite the criminal.

“What?” Ma Jun, who was sitting on the right side, raised his head first and looked at Zhao Yu.”You … Isn’t … Isn’t this detective Zhao?”

When he said this, the other two both raised their heads.

Zhao Yu stared at the three people, trying to observe their reactions to prove his judgment.

“Right!” The captain of the criminal Police said,”this is police officer Zhao, the special investigator in charge of the Huayun mountain massacre case. Today, officer Zhao has some questions for you, and you have to answer truthfully!”

“Mm! Yes!” MA juncai nodded and said,”detective Zhao, we knew this day would come! Regardless of whether we turn ourselves in or not, we will still fall into your hands sooner or later!

“Don’t worry, the three of us have thought it through. Rather than living in pain, it’s better to be free as soon as possible!”

“Yes, yes …”

“Yes, yes …”

MA Liqun and Gong peiwang echoed numbly. Even though their eyes were a little dull, they were obviously gratified.

Following that, Zhao Yu asked them a lot of questions, and all three of them answered truthfully. MA Liqun and Gong peiwang were not good at expressing themselves, so most of the questions were answered by MA juncai.

“Detective Zhao, we have nothing else to say!” “It’s pitch black. Not being able to see is not a reason. Being nervous and scared is not a reason either. We wanted to steal and kill. We are guilty. We will not find any excuses. We are willing to accept the punishment we deserve and will never regret it!”

“Wu …” MA juncai’s voice suddenly choked up. He covered his face and said,”we didn’t even let the two children go. We are animals. We have no humanity. Wu Wu …”

“I beg you, please release us as soon as possible! “Wuwuwu …” He trembled as he begged,”that year … If it wasn’t because our child was too young and we couldn’t bear to part with him, maybe … We would have turned ourselves in long ago!

“Now, the children have all grown up. We … Have no more worries! We’re already prepared, Wuwu …”

When MA juncai started crying, MA Liqun and Gong peiwang also started to cry.

“You guys …” Miao Ying sighed and shook her head.”So you guys also have children!” Sigh …”

The interrogation lasted for nearly two hours. After the interrogation, Zhao Yu was sure that there would be no more objections to the case!

The truth was clear. These three people were undoubtedly the murderers of the Huayun mountain massacre case.

Before this, Zhao Yu had thought of countless possibilities, but he had never thought that the truth of the case would be so simple. There were no schemes or plots, no grudges or disputes, just a sudden massacre!


Zhao Yu’s heart was filled with mixed feelings. Among them, there was pity for the deceased’s family, and also pity for the murderer.

Originally, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had the same feelings towards the three murderers. But after listening to MA juncai’s confession, they couldn’t help but feel a little strange.

It was reasonable to say that this was a crime case that should not have happened, but it had caused such a bad result. It was really hard to predict what fate would do!

Perhaps Ma Jun was right. Since things had come to this, it was useless to find any excuses!

It was best not to make any mistakes in one’s life, because a single mistake could be devastating, leaving you with no more chances …

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