Crazy Detective - Chapter 1320 - please help me  

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Chapter 1320: Chapter 1319-please help me

“This is too much!” Juliet slammed the table in anger and scolded,”aren’t you afraid of causing international disputes?”

“That’s right. In our country, such inferior threats are often seen as a sign of incompetence!” “Aren’t you guys a disgrace to the British Empire?” Yoakam taunted.

“Whatever you say,” Scott said without minding,”but today, you must leave the password!

“So, don’t waste any more time.” He pointed to the white paper on the table.”Please start!”

After Scott finished speaking, the scene suddenly fell into a dead silence.

No one moved. They just looked at the white paper on the table and the purple liquid …

“Well …” At this time, Jake glanced at the crowd, walked to the table, and said,”I’ve already told you, my password is 6! Therefore, my persistence is meaningless!”

After that, he took a pen and wrote the Arabic number ” 6″ under his name.

“Okay, okay …” The black man, Sisay, shrugged his shoulders. He also came to the table and wanted to write his password.

“Wait a moment!” However, before Sisay could pick up the pen, a strong voice suddenly came from the scene to stop him.

Sisay jumped in shock and quickly stopped to look back.

The crowd then realized that the person who had shouted was none other than Miao kun!

“Female Miao, what’s wrong?” Sisay asked weakly.

“I’m thinking …” Miao kun stood in front of the crowd and pointed at sai wanbach.”What sai said makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“Ah? I?” “What?” sai wanbach was shocked. Although he understood what Miao kun meant, he still pretended to be ignorant.”Female Miao, what do you mean?” I … What did I say?”

“Sai wanbach … Tsk tsk …” Miao kun pouted, then raised his head and said to the crowd,”he’s right. If we really hand over the password … I’m afraid we’ll be digging our own graves!”

“It’s here again!” Jecca put down his pen and shouted,”do you really think that they would dare to burn the bridge after crossing the river and kill me to silence me?”


Everyone was shocked.

“Female Miao, what are you up to now?” Scott raised his eyebrows and said coldly,”are you trying to stall for time?”

“They … They … They shouldn’t go that far, right?” Juliet pondered Miao kun’s words carefully and said worriedly,”after all, they represent the United Kingdom Intelligence Agency, and we …”

“Yes, my dear!” Miao kun rolled his eyes at Juliet, then turned to Scott and said,”the key question is, why should we believe that you must be representing the United Kingdom Royal family?”

“This …”

Everyone finally understood Miao kun’s meaning. Gu zhaoichiro immediately echoed,””That’s right, including Miss Jasmine, we don’t know any of them!

“Who can prove that they are really from the United Kingdom Intelligence Agency?”


Scott was speechless, but his face still maintained his usual cold smile.

“It’s really … Terrifying!” Miao kun frowned and said,”if … This is all a trap, then it’ll be terrible!

“These people were terrorists who wanted to steal the diamond. They killed Grimm and the military intelligence Department, then sent us invitations in Grimm’s name …”

“In fact, they just want to trick us into helping them find diamonds …”

“This is too terrifying!” Tani zhaoichiro’s face changed.”As long as we tell them the password and help them find the diamond, they will immediately turn hostile and kill us all!”

“Then, they can accuse us of stealing the diamonds,” Miao kun continued.”And our people will think that we were killed by the United Kingdom military!

“This way, not only can they get the diamonds, but they can also provoke international conflict and let the forces we represent declare war on the British Empire!”

“Oh my god, oh my god!” You SUFU was so scared that her face turned pale.”This matter has really blown up! No wonder the signal was blocked as soon as we got on the island!

“No wonder Miss Jasmine told us about the diamond so easily! In my opinion, Miss Jasmine was killed by you, right?

“She ran to the study in the middle of the night and wanted to escape through the secret passage in the study to expose you! However, you guys discovered it in advance and killed him to silence him …

“Tell me, other than Miss Jasmine, how many people did you kill? where … Did you bury the dead?”

After she finished her question, the scene fell into dead silence again. No one made a sound. The air seemed to have frozen, and it was particularly oppressive and murderous …

After a few seconds, the atmosphere was broken by Scott’s laughter:

“Haha…Haha…Hahahaha …”

Scott laughed so hard that his body swayed back and forth. He laughed crazily for a full ten seconds before he said to everyone: “You self-righteous detectives, have you solved too many cases and become delusional?

“Why don’t you think about it? if we are all terrorists, why would we be so polite to you?” Scott shook his head and said,”as soon as we get on the island, we can control you and force you to hand over the password. Do we need to waste another night?

“Also, if we were terrorists, why would we let Miss Jasmine meet you or make a fake Miss Jasmine to put on an act with you?

“You’re all great detectives. Isn’t that the same as giving you a chance to expose us?”

“Um … This …”

Scott’s words were reasonable. It was not good for them to refute and they were speechless for a while.

“That … That won’t do either!” Miao kun said,”you have to at least let us confirm your identity!

“If we can’t be sure that we’re safe, then we definitely can’t reveal the password!”

“Yes, yes!” Miao kun’s suggestion immediately gained the support of the crowd. “Be careful, don’t show us any documents or anything. You can even kill a United Kingdom Royal agent, let alone forge a few documents!”

“It’s also possible …” Sevan Bach added, as if he was in a comedy show with Yusufu.”The IDs were from the agents who were killed!”

“Hmph, that’s good …” Scott shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently,”tell me, how can we confirm our identity?”

“Eh? “I have an idea.” Sai wanbach’s eyes lit up and he said hurriedly,”I know your Senator Carter, REM Carter!

“How about this, you guys connect to his video and let us talk face to face, then we’ll naturally be able to confirm your identities?”

“That’s a good idea …” The black man, Sisay, laughed evilly.”But … I have a better idea! Everyone should know the Queen, right?

“Why don’t we just let the Queen have a video call with us? that’ll be safer, right? Hahaha …”

Just as Sisay was grinning, Scott’s eyes suddenly became depressed. He no longer cared about the reaction of the crowd. He reached out and took a piece of information and began to read.

Soon, he stopped at a page of the information and pointed at the words on the information.””This is the record of your inquiries. Sisay, you’ve already told me that your password is 1, right?”

“Eh? What? What do you mean by that?” Sisay was confused, but the smile on his face had yet to disappear.

“Hmph, what I mean is …” Scott sneered,”I need you to do me a favor!”

“Help? What favor?”

Before Sisay could finish his sentence, Scott had already pulled out the pistol from his waist and fired at Sisay without any hesitation!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Following the two gunshots, blood spurted out of Sisay’s chest. He was shot to the ground by the powerful inertia, and stopped moving in the blink of an eye …

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