Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 779

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Chapter 779

Yi Tianyun already knew that those trying to stop Heaven Ascending Divine Altar from being moved were bound to show up. Sure enough, once he walked out of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, he saw a large group of cultivators that were fighting the mermaids.

“The cultivators from Water Dragon Empire?” Yi Tianyun frowned. He figured it out using the Appraisal Eye, and he was a little bit disappointed that the whole empire was on board with Water Dragon Emperor’s scheme.

“Quick, we have to take back these mermaids! They would sell for a good price on the slave market!” one of the cultivators said greedily.

“Hey, should we check out that big palace? There might be a better-looking mermaid inside!” another cultivator said with a smug look on his face. They all behaved like crazed lunatics as they began capturing the mermaids that they have overpowered before. But Yi Tianyun was having none of it as he shot a shockwave that killed the nearest cultivator in an instant!

The cultivators of Water Dragon Empire were surprised by this turn of events as they never expected some of them would be killed by a mere shockwave.

“Who gave you the permission to stop my whales and took my people away?” Yi Tianyun said as he walked menacingly towards the cultivators. The 12 Golden Hairpins were also behind him, but there were 8 of them left as 4 of them have returned to their home.

“How dare you kill some of us! Don’t you know what faction are we from?” a cultivator that seemed to be the leader said as he set his own killing intent loose. They have never seen Yi Tianyun before, so it couldn’t be helped if they failed to recognize that the young man in front of them is the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!

At the same time, the necklace on the girls’ neck suddenly glowed, meaning that there was an Evil Spirit Race nearby. Thus the girls’ killing intent also leaked out as they were prepared to fight to kill the said Evil Spirit Race! Yi Tianyun observed all the cultivators on sight and noticed a few Evil Spirit Race amidst the cultivators, and some of them even tried to sneak out!

“Go on, show me your resolve!” Yi Tianyun said and waved his hand forward. The 8 of the 12 Golden Hairpin immediately rushed forward without any hesitation and immediately attacked the cultivators before they even had the time to protect themselves! The cultivators of the Water Dragon Empire began to fall and died one by one as they couldn’t withstand the 12 Golden Hairpin’s attack!

As soon as the 12 Golden Hairpins attacked the Evil Spirit Race’s people, they revealed the true appearance of the Evil Spirit Race as the necklace on their neck forced them to do so. As soon as the necklace stopped glowing, the 8 girls immediately returned to Yi Tianyun’s side, leaving the rest of Water Dragon Empire’s cultivators aside.

“I didn’t expect you to attack us so suddenly! Now, you have forfeited your chance to escape!” The Water Dragon Empire’s general shouted as he was furious that his men were killed by those girls easily.

“You don’t seem to know who you’re dealing with, considering your attitude! I am Heavenly Clouds Emperor, now that you know, do you still want to impede my way?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly.

“You are Heavenly Clouds Emperor? Wow, I must be a Divine King then! You have killed our Noble Guest! So, because of that, you have successfully incurred the wrath of the Water Dragon Empire! Water Dragon Emperor would never let this slide!” The general said

coldly. “Noble Guest?” Yi Tianyun frowned as it seemed the Evil Spirit Race disguised themselves as the noble guest of the Water Dragon Empire.

“It seems Water Dragon Empire has gone too far. The entire empire seems to be infested by the Evil Spirit Race now! I am afraid I have to purge them thoroughly later!” Yi Tianyun said as he stepped forward and discharged a stronger shockwave that instantly killed the cultivators in front of him. the general of Water Dragon Empire was also caught in by this shockwave and died immediately!

The attack was so powerful that the Water Dragon Empire’s cultivators that stood far away from their general were shocked! They realised that the young man in front of their general earlier was someone powerful. It wasn’t even a stretch to say that he was really the Heavenly Clouds Emperor himself! But they were already too late to make a move! They saw that the shockwave earlier suddenly curved and moving towards them at a terrifying speed!

They started to panic, but there was nothing they could do as there is nowhere to escape the impending doom!

“Let’s move! we have to keep going!” Yi Tianyun said to Lan Qingling as the entire Water Dragon Empire’s cultivator that stopped them earlier has been killed. With Yi Tianyun on-site, no cultivators on the Mortal World could stop the Heaven ascending Divine Altar from being relocated to its original position!

As they got closer to Devil Clouds Island, many cultivators on the island left their homes to see what caused the earthquake and thundering sound. As they checked under the water, they noticed that it was a group of Mermaids, and greed got the better of some of them as they wanted to capture the mermaids!

“It’s the mermaids! I am going to catch some of them to turn my life around!” one of the cultivators said greedily.

“There are sea whales too! If we cut them apart, it would fetch a high price on the market!” another said greedily.

“Isn’t that the temple that was dragged by many sea monsters from a year ago? Why are the mermaids dragging it back here again?” another cultivator inquisitively said as he didn’t understand what was happening.

But then Yi Tianyun flew out of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar and. “Don’t be so rash. If anyone touches the mermaids, I will send their body down the sea to rot!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“What are you saying? You aren’t even old enough to make a threat!” one cultivator said smugly, but Yi Tianyun just glared at him and discharged a terrifying shockwave that shrouded the entire Devil Cloud Island. It wasn’t strong enough to kill the cultivator on the island, but it was powerful enough to keep their heads down and their mouth shut!

Power never failed to silence people!

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