Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 780

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Chapter 780

“Damn it! He is actually the Heavenly Clouds Emperor! I have missed my opportunity to speak with Heavenly Clouds Emperor himself!” Qian Lang cried out as he saw Yi Tianyun flew out of the water. He realised that the man that they saved in the past was the same man he saw right now! He was surprised that the man they saved turned out to be Heavenly Clouds Emperor, who was the object of worship in Mortal World right now.

“He really is the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor?” Lin Xiang said as he was equally shocked to hear about Yi Tianyun’s real identity. He didn’t know what to say in this situation as they heard that the Emperor was a whimsical person who wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone that he didn’t like! But after the first time they met, he knew that wasn’t the case at all!

Yi Tianyun’s good nature left a good impression among people. In this cultivation world, Yi Tianyun was a sensational young man because he has already achievemed so much in such a young age! But then again, with that level of achievement, there was bound to be people that didn’t like it!

The people that hated Yi Tianyun for it would either hide their feelings due to the fear of being overpowered by Heavenly Clouds Empire, or secretly stage Heavenly Clouds Empire’s downfall in the dark. Furthermore, Heavenly Clouds Empire has formed an alliance with Empire across the Mortal World. People just assumed that it was Heavenly Clouds Emperor’s attempt to rule the entire Mortal World slowly! Now, that very Heavenly Clouds Emperor stood before them with an overwhelming aura!

“I can’t accept that! Even if you are the Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire, you are still a human too! How come you get to have all the Mermaids for yourself?” The cultivator said as soon as Yi Tianyun contained his aura. Everyone was surprised that the man was brave enough to complain to Yi Tianyun, but that wasn’t the end of it! One by one, the cultivator started complaining to Yi Tianyun!

From a normal cultivator’s perspective, these people’s complaints were reasonable as Mermaid trafficking has been going on for hundreds of years and it wasn’t something that was conflicting with morale value either! Yi Tianyun surely was strong, but he shouldn’t use it to threaten other people!

Everyone else looked at Yi Tianyun expectantly as they wanted to see what Yi Tianyun would do next. They saw that Yi Tianyun raised his hands and suddenly several ray of lights emerged from his hands and pierced the chest of those who complained earlier, creating a huge hole on the complainers’ chest, killing them instantly!

Everyone gasped as right now, they believed that the rumour about how Yi Tianyun would kill people indiscriminately seemed to be true! They were frozen in fear as they were afraid that Yi Tianyun would kill them too!

“Why would you kill us for making a reasonable complain? You may be stronger than all of us, but we still have our dignity! We woun’t just go down without a fight! Everyone, what do you say we teach this cold-hearted man a lesson? We may be able to steal some treasures from him!” a person said from the back angrily.

These people were incited as they wanted to maintain their dignity. The Queen of the mermaids remained silent in the ocean as she didn’t know what to do! She didn’t want her people to be captured and enslaved by the humans, but she didn’t want to see Yi Tianyun’s prestige plummet either!

No one liked a cold-blooded tyrant and there was no such thing as exception no matter in which realm it was. Many people wouldn’t hesitate to overthrow a tyrant as they knew that their lives wouldn’t get any better with the tyrant at the top!

But then again, the Mermaid didn’t have the courage to calm Yi Tianyun down and so, they just observed the situation without doing anything about it. They simply waited for Yi Tianyun to resolve the situation. If even Yi Tianyun couldn’t diffuse the situation, then there was nothing they could do!

The Mermaid saw that Yi Tianyun killed several cultivators with a ray of light. The cultivators on the land instantly froze in place as soon as its happened. The mermaids immediately realised that Yi Tianyun planned to force the people to submit to him using his power this time!

Yi Tianyun suddenly disappeared and reappeared on Devil Clouds City with the 8 Golden Hairpins. The cultivators on the land immediately backed off as they were still afraid that Yi Tianyun would kill them too! But it was no doubt that they were also angry at Yi Tianyun for killing their comrades so easily like that!

“How can you kill people so easily! Are you a demon? we are only asking the reason why you make such a law, but you just killed them without hesitation! I still think that you are the greatest Emperor on Mortal World, but your attitude is a problem!” a teenager suddenly come forward and spoke his mind in front of Yi Tianyun.

Others began to follow suit as they saw the teenager spoke bravely in front of Yi Tianyun, but they didn’t say anything as the teenager’s word is already covered everything they wanted to say to Yi Tianyun.

“Are you really covering the real demon that snuck in to your society and imposed themselves as one of your own?” Yi Tianyun said as he lifted the body that he just killed and immediately. The cultivator realised that the one that Yi Tianyun has killed did seem like a huma, but it had multiple arms!

In fact, Yi Tianyun only killed Evil Spirit Race and some of them indeed blend in among the residents of Devil Clouds City!

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