Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 800

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Chapter 800

“You killed my younger brother!” Qin Jian shouted furiously. “How dare you stupid human kill my younger brother! I will make sure you die a painful death!” Qin Jian shouted as he was consumed with rage. The barrier of the platform was erected as a sign that the duel officially began. Yi Tianyun knew that Qin Jian would be easily provoked as soon as he showed that his brother had been killed and thus took advantage of it.

The Evil Spirit Race was a race that would easily lose themselves in rage, especially those that never experienced it before! They easily lost their senses as they blindly attacked with rage, so Yi Tianyun should be able to end it rather easily.

“There are a lot of people that want me dead, but you are actually weaker than most of them!” Yi Tianyun mocked Qin Jian without showing the slightest worry of Qin Jian’s incoming attack, further provoking Qin Jian! The cultivators on the side that watched the fight began to frown as they doubted that a young man like Yi Tianyun could win against the City Lord! They still didn’t know about the Evil Spirit Race, but surely, they were about to find out!

“How dare you! A trash like you dare to mock me?” Qin Jian furiously shouted as he began to swing his huge axe towards Yi Tianyun. The 5th Flame Imprint on his arms burst out, enhancing Qin Jian’s power even further than when he was facing Bai Shuihuang.

“Devouring the Heaven!” Qin Jian shouted as he released his aura completely. His body was immediately shrouded with the Netherworld’s Fire, and the axe on his hands grew as it got even bigger than before, while also completely covered with the Netherworld’s Fire!

At this point, Qin Jian didn’t care about his identity at all. After all, nobody on this place really knew about the Evil Spirit Race! Even if some of them knew about Evil Spirit Race, he didn’t have to worry. After all, they could be dealt with later on!

“Divine Envoy! Watch out for his power! He could utilize the tower’s power since he is the City Lord here!” Shopkeeper Ye shouted as he was worried that Yi Tianyun would fail to defend against the enemy attack! Yi Tianyun didn’t really mind Shopkeeper Ye’s word as he already knew about it from his previous fight, but Qin Jian was still leagues apart from Yi Tianyun!

“Even with that much Netherworld’s Fire, that’s all you got? How pathetic!” Yi Tianyun said as he activated the 4th Flame Imprint on his hands and summoned his Immortal Fire! The cultivators on the side once again thought that Yi Tianyun lacked combat experience. Although Yi Tianyun’s fire did seem impressive, it wouldn’t be able to stop Qin Jian’s fire! Furthermore, Qin Jian’s 5th Flame Imprint was one level above Yi Tianyun’s 4th Flame Imprint!

“You are too naïve, kid!” Qin coldly Jian said as he waved his axe over towards Yi Tianyun’s head. He was confident that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to defend against his attack, so he focused himself on attacking! As he swung his axe, it radiated an intense fire attack that would definitely engulf everything it touched!

But Yi Tianyun calmly raised his hand and stopped the axe with minimum effort! The fire headed straight towards Yi Tianyun, but as it collides with Immortal Fire that Yi Tianyun has summoned, it disappeared!

The Netherworld’s Fire that was brimming with power just a moment ago disappeared without a trace! The weak-looking Immortal Fire that Yi Tianyun summoned earlier completely devoured Qin Jian’s fire!

“How is this possible!” Qin Jian said as his complexion turned pale. He used everything he got to kill his brother’s killer, but he couldn’t even graze his clothes! The cultivators that watched the duel intensely, were clearly stunned and confused by what just happened. They didn’t understand why a young man such as Yi Tianyun could block such an overwhelming attack from their City Lord. Furthermore, the young man’s weak little fire completely overpowered the City Lord’s intense fire!

“Now, do you still think that the Human Race is trash? I already cut your brother in half, and I am about to do the same thing to you! Now, where is the power that you Evil Spirit Race bragging?” Yi Tianyun said challengingly. Qin Jian tried to pull the axe from Yi Tianyun’s hands, but it didn’t budge, not even a millimetre!

“City Lord Qin, I’m here to inform you about the 3rd Layer City’s City Lord! We have to discuss …” The Guard rushed to the platform, but they were stunned as soon as they saw that their City Lord was being overpowered!

Qin Jian’s storage ring immediately flashed, and another giant axe appeared on his hand. Qin Jian immediately abandoned the axe Yi Tianyun held and immediately swung his new axe aiming for Yi Tianyun’s waist!

But clearly, Yi Tianyun wasn’t having it and immediately struck Qin Jian with the axe that he was holding. Fortunately for Qin Jian, Yi Tianyun attacked him with the handle of the axe, not the blade, so Qin Jian was thrown to the barrier of the platform that served like a wall. Clearly, even though he was still alive, Qin Jian was heavily injured!

“How can a human possess this much power!” Qin Jian said as he was terrified of Yi Tianyun’s monstrous power. He immediately stood up again, but this time he wanted to get out from the barrier to save himself. The fact that Yi Tianyun had killed his brother earlier wasn’t important anymore!

“Human Race is far more powerful than what you can imagine!” Yi Tianyun said as he clenched his fist and punched Qin Jian’s head. A beam of blue light appeared as Yi Tianyun’s fist landed on Qin Jian’s head and covered Qin Jian’s body! As soon as the blue light disappeared, everyone was surprised as Qin Jian was already frozen solid, turned into an ice sculpture!

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