Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 801

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Chapter 801

Everyone was confused when Qin Jian was frozen solid as it seemed Yi Tianyun was using Immortal Fire instead of Netherworld Fire.


‘Successfully killed Qin Jian!’

‘Reward: 360 Million Exp, 56.000 Cps, 5.000 SPs, Evil Spirit Race Blood, Axe of the Evil Spirit, Evil Spirit Bone, Soul of Evil Spirit Race!’

Yi Tianyun gained a lot of Evil Spirit-related stuff out of killing Qin Jian. But he didn’t seem interested for the moment and chose to take a look at them later. Everyone else in the vicinity was clearly still stunned as they didn’t expect someone like Qin Jian, who had a better Flame Imprint, would be defeated so easily!

“That is not the power of Immortal Fire! It wasn’t the Netherworld Fire either! It was the Heavenly Yin Fire! A fire so strong that only a select few can possess!” A cultivator shouted on the side. Everyone was even more surprised as they heard this claim. They have heard that if they got to the 8th Layer City, they would have a chance to make the power Heavenly Yin Fire their own, but clearly, this young man in front of them was already able to control it!

The people in the upper level of the Tower had much better resources than those living in any level below. That was why it was very rare to see anyone from the higher floor came down willingly!

At the same time, the Flame Imprint from Qin Jian’s arm was catapulted to Yi Tianyun’s arm, evolving Yi Tianyun’s flame imprint to the 5th Flame Imprint. As soon as his flame imprint has successfully levelled up, Yi Tianyun kicked Qin Jian’s ice sculpture to the ground, shattering it to pieces!

Yi Tianyun didn’t feel any mercy towards the Evil Spirit Race, and therefore, he wouldn’t leave any trace of the Evil Spirit Race behind! With Qin Jian died, Yi Tianyun successfully became the City Lord of the 4th Layer City! But now that he relinquished his right of becoming the City Lord of 3rd layer City, the role of City Lord on 3rd layer city was vacant. Anyone who wanted that status could get it as soon as they were qualified and finished a certain assessment.

“You are too late! He is already dead!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at the guard that came to report back to Qin Jian. It was clear that the guard was scared of Yi Tianyun as he began to backpedal. Yi Tianyun instantly knew that the guard must be part of the Evil Spirit Race and let out his killing intent with a smile on his face. The guard immediately turned around and fled the scene as he wanted to get away from Yi Tianyun, but it was already too late!

Yi Tianyun flashed towards the fleeting guard and created a barrier that trapped the guards within. The spectators around immediately jumped aside as they didn’t want to get caught in whatever was going on. Yi Tianyun immediately threw a ball of flame and froze the guard just like what he did to Qin Jian earlier!


‘Successfully killed the guard of 4th Layer City Palace!’

‘Reward: 31 million Exp, 16.000 Cps, 2.000 Sps, Evil Spirit Race’s blood.’

Killing these people was a good resource for Yi Tianyun as he got a good amount of Sin Points. It was obvious as the Evil Spirit Race has done a lot of awful things! But right now, the cultivators on 4th Layer City thought of Yi Tianyun as nothing but a cruel person since they didn’t know why he killed the guard out of the blue. They didn’t know anything about the Evil Spirit Race, so what Yi Tianyun did only seemed like a discrimination.

“Divine Envoy, you are as powerful as ever! No one else could match you in this realm.” Shopkeeper Ye said with a smile on his face. “It seems I was concerned for nothing!” Shopkeeper Ye said with a sigh of relief.

“Thanks, but are you here to destroy the Evil Spirit Race too?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Yes, we acquired the information about the Evil Spirit Race and found out that they have made the Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower! Now that the Phoenix Clan is in a stable condition, we plan to eradicate the Evil Spirit Race from the Ghost World!” Shopkeeper Ye answered enthusiastically.

The Phoenix Clan has always cared about their surrounding, and it was understandable that they would try to eliminate the Evil Spirit Race due to the danger they possessed. Yi Tianyun was obviously satisfied by the Phoenix race’s fast response!

Yi Tianyun also knew that the Evil Spirit Race was trying to control the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation to take control over Heavenly Netherworld Divine Tower. This place was the best cultivation spot in the Ghost World, if not across the three realms! That was why Yi Tianyun had to take over the Tower as soon as possible before the Evil Spirit Race found a way to take control over the Tower completely!

“I am done here! I am going ahead to 5th Layer City to challenge the next City Lord!” Yi Tianyun said casually to Shopkeeper Ye. Yi Tianyun wanted to get things done as soon as possible. If he could reach the 8th Layer City soon, he would have an equal footing with the Evil Spirit Race reigning over the Tower!

Once he reached the realms of Elder, these Evil Spirit Race wouldn’t be able to do everything the way they wanted anymore!

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