Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 805

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Chapter 805

Yi Tianyun went down to the 4th Layer City immediately after leaving Su Changmin’s palace. There was no need for him to wait in 5th Layer City, so he decided to go back to the city he had already conquered. Furthermore, he wanted to check on Bai Shuihuang and Fan Xuexuan! When he found out that both of them were still stuck below, he made his way to the 3rd layer City and immediately saw a commotion at the City Lord Palace.

When Yi Tianyun got closer, he saw that Bai Shuihuang was the centre of that commotion and that she was showing off the new Flame Imprint on her arm, clearly, a sign that she had already received the City Lord Imprint. She couldn’t become the 4th Layer City’s City Lord, but she didn’t have any issue conquering the 3rd Layer City!

Yi Tianyun knew that Bai Shuihuang had absolutely decimated the Evil Spirit Race in the 3rd Layer City, so she earned the qualification rather quickly! “She really is a cunning woman!” Yi Tianyun said to himself as he watched Bai Shuihuang’s big smile from the crowd. The 3rd Layer City didn’t have any Saint King Expert, so she’d obviously become the strongest here!

But nevertheless, this title of the 3rd City Lord does not reflect her real strength as she deserved the 4th City Lord status. There were two other Phoenix Race in the scene, it was Elder Ye, or rather known as Shopkeeper Ye, and Elder Lei, both were obviously strong elders to boot. But compared to Elder Ye that already received his 4th Flame Imprint, Elder Lei still had the 3rd Flame Imprint.

But according to the information that he got from Shopkeeper Ye earlier, they’ve been stuck on the 3rd Layer City for almost three months now as Qin Sheng rejected their challenge every time. When they realised that their challenge would never be answered, Elder Ye and Lord Bai decided to go to the 4th Layer City to challenge Qin Jian. That was when Yi Tianyun entered the tower and caught up to them.

“Congratulations for becoming the 3rd City Lord!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face as he walked towards Bai Shuihuang.

“Thank you, but I didn’t expect to meet you here! Did you receive any information regarding the Evil Spirit Race too?” Bai Shuihuang asked curiously.

“That is not the case. I came here to find the Holy King of Ancient Netherworld Divine Nation. I didn’t expect to find the Evil Spirit Race was already taking over this place.” Yi Tianyun said honestly.

“I guess that is to be expected. Anyway, we can’t let these Evil Spirit Race wrap their hands around this tower any further.” Bai Shuihuang said solemnly.

“That is what I’m planning to do, Lord Bai. I want to exterminate them from this tower, but it’s such a hassle to find them one by one. That is why I devised a plan to exterminate them in on fell swoop!” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face.

“Alright! I will trust you to do a good job!” Bai Shuihuang said with a smile on her face.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and bid farewell with the Phoenix Race for now. Yi Tianyun planned to search for Fan Xuexuan, and he wondered if Fan Xuexuan was still stuck at the 2nd Layer City. But when Yi Tianyun searched for Fan Xuexuan and couldn’t find her on the 2nd Layer City, Yi Tianyun figured out that he should check the 1st Layer City. But as soon as he reached the stairs leading to the 1st Layer City, he saw a familiar figure that had a powerful Netherworld’s Fire!

It was Fan Xuexuan! She finally reached the 2nd Layer City! Maybe because she looked a little frail, people kept challenging her one after another and that was why she was late to reach the 2nd Layer City and also the reason why her Netherworld’s Fire became so strong! Even if it was just a 2nd Flame Imprint, her Netherworld’s Fire couldn’t be matched by the 3rd Flame Imprint!

It seemed people failed to notice that she was a strong Spirit Core Cultivator despite her frail look. But still, her goal to climb to the top was still just a dream. Her cultivation was too low to push beyond 3rd Layer City.

Yi Tianyun then noticed many cultivators frowned as they looked at Fan Xuexuan. Clearly, they’ve already heard about what Fan Xuexuan had done in the 1st Layer City! Obviously, they all acknowledged the fact that Fan Xuexuan had much better control over the Netherworld’s Fire than anyone they had seen.

It was to be expected as Fan Xuexuan was the descendant of Ancient Netherworld Divine King. It was natural for her to be able to control the Netherworld’s Fire better than anyone else at her cultivation level. After she reached the 2nd Layer City, she didn’t immediately go for a challenge, but instead, she meditated to control her power. She knew she wasn’t strong enough yet, so she couldn’t afford to be too hasty.

“It seems you’re not half bad!” Yi Tianyun praised as he approached Fan Xuexuan.

“Ahh, nice to see you again. But wow! How could you already receive the 5th Flame Imprint so quickly?” Fan Xuexuan said with a shocked expression as she saw the Flame imprint on Yi Tianyun’s hand. “Look at that! You even have the sign of the 4th Layer City Lord on your arm!” She said with the same expression. She didn’t think that Yi Tianyun had gone for that long, but he has made a rapid progress for such a short amount of time!

The goal here wasn’t just to climb the tower but also to fight many opponents to obtain the Flame Imprint, which granted access to the floor above! Considering how fast and how far Yi Tianyun has gotten was too great to be true!

“Well, I think I am still a little slow! Hadn’t the 5th Layer City’s City Lord refuse my challenge, I would’ve gotten the 6th Flame Imprint by now.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“You are a show-off!” Fan Xuexuan said with a pout on her face.

“Princess! Why did you come here!” At the same time, an old man came hurriedly to Fan Xuexuan’s side.

“Great Elder, why did you follow me here!” Fan Xuexuan said as she was surprised to see the old man that turned out to be her Great Elder. Yi Tianyun frowned as Fan Xuexuan turned out to be not just any ordinary cultivator!

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