Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 816

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Chapter 816

Not only did Yi Tianyun get bigger in size, but he was also able to perform a long-range attack! Although becoming larger didn’t mean his combat effectiveness increased, his combat power certainly grew stronger! Now, the only thing that Yi Tianyun needed to do was to dominate the entire area!

“Prepare yourself!” Yi Tianyun said as he finally made his move. The Evil Spirit Sword that he held became larger, matching his current huge body now! Yi Tianyun rushed forward and swung his sword at Mi Ge! A black light burst out of Yi Tianyun’s dark eyes that enveloped the earth and the sky! “Slash of the Evil Spirit Flames!” Yi Tianyun roared, and an unquenchable fire immediately erupted like a volcano. At the same time, the Desert Ancient Set began to glow yellow faintly. It was the effect of the set, multiplying Yi Tianyun’s combat power significantly!

Yi Tianyun’s combat power began to increase exponentially until it stopped at 88 Billion points! This was the strongest attack that Yi Tianyun had ever thrown. After all, there was no opponent strong enough for him to do his best like this! When he got to the 1st Layer Saint King stage, his combat power reached 40 billion points, and now that he was at the 8th Layer Saint King stage, he easily surpassed it and essentially doubled his combat power!

This was something that no cultivator could hope to achieve, for the average combat power of Saint King Peak stage was at 30 billion points! Yi Tianyun hasn’t reached the Saint King Peak stage just yet, but his combat power has easily reached 90 billion points! It is the result of his Evil God Suit and Desert Ancient Set’s effect! Yi Tianyun easily surpassed Mi Ge’s combat power with all these effects!

Mi Ge himself remained vigilant all the time. Although he sensed that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was much lower than his, he sensed danger from Yi Tianyun’s attack, like he would die if he tried to block the attack!

“Earth and Sky Shatter!” Mi Ge waved the staff on his hand forward, and the space in front of him immediately suddenly vibrated and started to contort to block Yi Tianyun’s attack! Mi Ge didn’t use a weapon on each hand as the staff was all he needed! His combat power has risen from 50 billion points to 80 billion points!

Yi Tianyun’s attack hit the distorted space in front of Mi Ge’s earlier, and an instant explosion occurred, but the space vibration that Mi Ge used to defend himself began to crack, and that was not all! A glass-shattering sound could be heard from the barrier as the barrier wasn’t omnipotent!

The Evil Spirit Cultivator that was closer to the barrier began to feel the burst of energy that came from Yi Tianyun and Mi Ge’s technique colliding with each other. Some even couldn’t withstand the pressure and dropped dead on the spot! The cultivators that realised that they were still in the line of fire began to back off from the barrier as far as they could.

“This power is too scary! That human sure is strong!” A cultivator began to speak when they recovered from their shocked state. They thought that their Old Ancestor, Mi Ge, would suppress Yi Tianyun and crush him with absolute power, but it turned out the Human was as powerful as Mi Ge himself!

After the explosion occurred, the two figures were seen standing in the middle of it all! Yi Tianyun didn’t have a single scratch on him while Demon God Mi Ge was severely wounded! Some part of his limbs has turned into ash, while some others have a trace of severe burn on them! It was obvious that Yi Tianyun came out on top from the last exchange!

All cultivators in the vicinity were shocked. The god that they worshipped just lost to a young human and was in such a miserable state now!

“You haven’t broken through Divine King stage yet, but how could you be so strong?” Mi Ge asked while keeping his cool as he tried to endure the pain that he got from Yi Tianyun’s attack. Yi Tianyun’s transformation and attack took less than a second. If Mi Ge weren’t prepared, he would have died instantly!

“You are spewing so much nonsense!” Yi Tianyun said as he swung his sword forward one more time, intending to end this duel once and for all. Another explosion shuddered the city as Immortal Fire fell from the sky and filled the area.

“Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s power!” Mi Ge roared as a faint blue light from the sky enveloped his body and healing his injuries. At the same time, his power rapidly increased, and a layer of fire covered his body like an armour.

A Phantom Shadow in a human form appeared behind Mi Ge. It was odd to see an Evil Spirit Cultivator like Mi Ge had a Human Phantom Shadow instead of an Evil Spirit Race form. But still, this was the power of Divine King! The flame that condensed around Mi Ge was most likely the power that he got from Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s bloodline, not the Evil Spirit Race’s original power!

Undoubtedly, the Ancient Netherworld Divine King would leave behind his Martial Arts and Techniques, but it was unfortunate that the Evil Spirit Race got their hands on them before a good descendant could claim it!

Now, Mi Ge’s combat power began to rise and reach 93 billion points! Simply summoning a Phantom Shadow increased Mi Ge’s combat power close to 10 billion points! No wonder the Evil Spirit Race dared to claim the Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower for themselves! 

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