Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 817

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Chapter 817

“Foolish Human! Do you think you can win against me? You are too naïve! I will let you taste the power of Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s bloodline!” Mi Ge shouted as he brandished the staff in his hand. The phantom shadow behind him mimicked his move and immediately swept over the sky, the chilling flame that Mi Ge used was trying to freeze everything in the area!

Mi Ge’s combat power under the Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower’s blessing and Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s bloodline easily reached 98 billion points! His power was clearly outstanding! Compared to his earlier attack, this one was clearly much more powerful!

Yi Tianyun narrowed his eyes and then threw a black ball in front of himself that quickly enveloped his body and formed a thick shield!

“What is that?” Mi Ge said as he was startled by the ominous shield that Yi Tianyun used, but nonetheless, he didn’t stop his attack! Once Mi Ge’s attack hit Yi Tianyun’s shield, it dispersed, and the shield that enveloped Yi Tianyun’s body didn’t budge at all. Not even a crack could be seen in that pitch-black ball! Mi Ge was clearly shaken as his powerful attack didn’t even make a dent on that shield!

But as Yi Tianyun knew that Mi Ge wasn’t in a position to attack, he immediately countered Mi Ge! The Evil Spirit Sword in his hand emitted a cold light, and Yi Tianyun quickly rushed towards Mi Ge with his sword pointed at his heart!

“Moon Flash!” Yi Tianyun shouted as a dragon emerged from his sword and enveloped it. This was the power that he got as he activated Dragon God’s Bloodline. It went without saying that his Combat Power rose once more as he activated the Dragon God’s Bloodline power!

It was so fast that everyone couldn’t see what happened, not even Mi Ge had the chance to react to Yi Tianyun’s attack!

“How could you have that black ball?” Mi Ge asked as he recognised it as the Divine Tools that was supposed to belong to the Evil Spirit Race, and it should be in Mortal World right now.

“Think for yourself! If this divine tool is in my possession, what do you think happened to its previous owner?” Yi Tianyun said playfully. It was such a no-brainer question as Heaven Devouring Divine Treasure was the treasure of Evil Spirit Race on Mortal World! There was no way they would let a human take it, so there was no doubt the Evil Spirit Race that safeguarded this Divine Tool was no longer in this world!

“How dare you!” Mi Ge’s body twitched as Yi Tianyun pulled out his sword from Mi Ge’s body. Mi Ge’s body split in two, and a fountain of blood splattered all around over Mi Ge’s split body!


‘Successfully killed Demon God Mi Ge!’

‘Reward: 91 billion Exp, 2.5 million Cps, 250.000 Sps, Evil Spirit Staff, Evil Spirit Bracelet, Evil Spirit Ring, Evil Spirit Bone, Evil Spirit Soul, Evil Spirit Blood!’


‘Congratulation to player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 9th Layer Saint King Stage!’

He got so much Experience from killing Mi Ge! Before he killed Mi Ge, Yi Tianyun activated a X100 Exp Card and X50 Exp Card, plus the effect of x32 Exp that he got from his Crazy Levelling Mode, he got X182 Exp from killing Mi Ge alone! It was unfortunate that Mi Ge wasn’t an Elite Enemy. If he were, Yi Tianyun would’ve gotten a better reward now!

Yi Tianyun knew that he would get a lot of Exp from killing Mi Ge, and that was why he exchanged his Crazy Points with the Exp Card earlier. Now, Yi Tianyun even got useful information that Heaven Devouring Divine Treasure was capable of withstanding a Divine King’s attack! He now knew that he didn’t have to try his hardest to kill a Divine King. Even if his combat power wasn’t as high as a Divine King that he would fight, it didn’t necessarily mean that he would lose against a Divine King later on!

What happened earlier was the perfect example as Yi Tianyun’s combat power wasn’t higher than Mi Ge, but it was close! He used the Heaven Devouring Divine Treasure to block Mi Ge’s attack and perform a counter-attack immediately, resulting in Yi Tianyun’s effortless victory! It was fortunate for Yi Tianyun that he had so many equipments that could enhance his power, and the Crazy Damage Mode that also did the same thing. Otherwise, it would be impossible to fight against Mi Ge!

“Master Mi Ge lost!” The Evil Spirit cultivators on the side were all dumbfounded by the scene unfolding in front of them! They never imagined the god that they worshipped would die by a human’s hands! The Flame Imprint on Mi Ge’s body was immediately catapulted towards Yi Tianyun, and he successfully gained the 8th Flame Imprint!

He hasn’t been at the 7th Layer City for long, but he was already qualified to enter the 8th Layer City. Yi Tianyun was truly terrifying!

“Judgement!” Yi Tianyun shouted, and the 5 Deacons in front of him were immediately enveloped by the barrier. They were startled and tried to escape, but it was impossible for them to escape the tower’s barrier.

“I will take out the trash, now die!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he raised the Evil Spirit Sword above his head and swung it down towards the 5 Deacons. The 5 deacons couldn’t react to Yi Tianyun’s attack and were swallowed by the attack, killing them instantly.


‘Successfully killed Evil Spirit Cultivator, Mir!’

‘Reward: 23.6 billion Exp, 250.000 Cps, 15.000 Sps, Evil Spirit Blood, Evil Spirit Soul, Evil Spirit Bone, Evil Spirit Sword, X50 Exp Card!


‘Successfully killed Evil Spirit Cultivator, Mitte!’

‘Reward: 24.6 billion Exp, 280.000 Cps, …’


‘Successfully killed …’

The 5 deacons turned into Yi Tianyun’s Exp! With this much Exp, Yi Tianyun once again levelled up!


‘Congratulation to player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to Saint King Peak Stage!’

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