Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 836

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Chapter 836

This was the punishment that used the power of Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower! It contained a strong repressive power behind it! Suo Ge couldn’t do anything as he felt his body was falling apart quickly! The power of the beam of light itself was even stronger than the Heavenly Thunder! Yi Tianyun observed it with his Appraisal Eye and noticed that the Beam of Light’s power reached 180 billion points! This power was at least equivalent to a 5th Layer Divine King stage’s power, if not more!

In the meantime, Suo Ge was still alive, but he couldn’t escape the beam of light. If it weren’t for his amazing armour, he would have died some time ago! But that was not the end of it as the beam of light’s power kept rising as it destroyed Suo Ge’s body. Not even Suo Ge’s middle-grade Divine Tool would be able to withstand that much power soon!

“No wonder there’s a limit to how many times I can use this punishment! The energy needed to use it was too big to use it continuously!” Yi Tianyun said as he understood why he couldn’t use the power repetitively. If this power were used repetitively, the Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower would be drained of its Spiritual Energy! If the Tower was drained of its Spiritual Energy, the Tower protection that made it invulnerable from outside attack would be gone, and it wouldn’t be a good sight to see!

Sure enough, Suo Ge’s middle-grade Divine Tools that covered his body broke apart as the beam of lights kept on getting stronger by the second. Yi Tianyun now knew how powerful the Punishment of Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower really was!

After the beam of light gradually disappeared, Suo Ge was turned into minced meat! Every piece of equipment that he wore earlier was destroyed into tiny little pieces!

“You are still not dead after all that? You are really as stubborn as a cockroach!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards Suo Ge indifferently.

“Of course! I have the ability to fight you human alone!” Suo Ge said with a weak tone in his voice as he was severely injured from the beam of light earlier. Even if he was still alive, he wouldn’t be able to recover himself quickly! Being able to speak alone was already a miracle for Suo Ge right now!

“You still have the strength to talk shit after all that? You really are a stupid race ruled by strength! But don’t you worry, I will send people from your homeland with you soon!” Yi Tianyun said as he took the Evil Spirit Divine Sword and pierced Suo Ge’s heart with it. He didn’t feel like hearing anything from Suo Ge anymore, so he killed him as soon as he could! The Heavenly Thunder quickly struck where Suo Ge’s body was, destroying him completely! But Yi Tianyun knew that the Storage Ring wouldn’t be destroyed, so Suo Ge’s would fall into his hands! He was disgusted by the Evil Spirit Race, but their treasure was a different story!


‘Successfully killed Demon God Suo Ge!’

‘Reward: 41,8 billion Exp, 40 million Cps, 300.000 Sps, Evil Spirit Soul, Evil Spirit Bone, Evil Spirit Blood, Evil Spirit Divine Sword, Evil Spirit Ring, Evil Spirit Bracelet.’

Yi Tianyun didn’t level up from the kill, but the exp he gained was hefty enough! He purchased X100 Exp Card, X50 Exp Card, 8 X10 Exp Card, and X32 CPs Card! With that many cards, he got a massive amount of Exp and Crazy Points! He didn’t want to sell any of his Divine Tool just to buy another Exp Card or CP Card as it wasn’t worth it.

He knew that he might not be able to obtain a decent amount of Crazy Points without selling his Divine Tools in the future. He knew that he had to get to a higher cultivation stage as soon as possible, but for now, this much Exp Card stacked with each other should be sufficient! He had to level up his martial arts and other things too, but it didn’t take as much priority as his cultivation stage!

“Now I have to continue!” Yi Tianyun said as he suddenly disappeared from Heavenly Thunder Area and reappeared again on 7th Layer City! There were a lot of Evil Spirit Race here on the 7th Layer City, and thus, it would be his hunting ground for a while. After Yi Tianyun became the new Tower Lord, they remained in this place, but there was nothing they could do as they couldn’t leave the Tower that easily!

They were waiting for Suo Ge to rescue them. They knew that Suo Te was dead, but there was supposed to be another stronger Demon God in the Tower, and that was Suo Ge!

“Old Ancestor Suo Ge would definitely save us! There is no way that a human would be able to defeat him!” The Evil Spirit Race cultivator at 7th Layer City said as they still had faith that Suo Ge would come and appease their worry. They all were confident that Suo Ge would be able to defeat Yi Tianyun as Suo Ge was far more powerful than Suo Te!

“You are talking about Suo Ge? I am sorry, but he was already dead!” Yi Tianyun said suddenly, surprising the Evil Spirit Race on 7th Layer City. He floated in the air, showing off his privilege as the Tower Lord!

“Impossible! Old Ancestor Suo Ge wouldn’t lose to the likes of you!” The Evil Spirit Race cultivator said as they didn’t believe Yi Tianyun’s word.

“Whether you believe me or not, it doesn’t matter to me! Now, prepare for your judgement!” Yi Tianyun said as a huge light enveloped the 7th Layer City. Yi Tianyun judged all lives inside the 7th Layer City, and now, the entire 7th Layer City has been covered with the same Barrier as a normal duel!

Yi Tianyun didn’t care if any human was in the 7th Layer City as he deemed them a traitor of humanity! There was no way an innocent human would be on this floor as the Evil Spirit Race has made it clear that this place was their feeding zone!

“Clone!” Yi Tianyun said as three of his clones appeared beside him. Then, the 4 of them rushed down and engaged the Evil Spirit Race in front of them! They each carried the Evil Spirit Divine Sword as it was the best weapon at the moment.

The Evil Spirit Race began to scream in horror as their friends and companion died with each swing of Yi Tianyun’s sword! The exp that he got from killing these Evil Spirit Race was a lot, too, as his Exp gain now was amplified by 262!


‘Successfully killed 8th Layer Spirit King Evil Spirit Race cultivator!’

‘Reward: 450 million Exp, 30.000 Cps, 12.000 Sps, …’


‘Successfully killed …’

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