Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 837

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Chapter 837


‘Successfully killed Evil Spirit Race 3rd Layer Saint King cultivator!’

‘Reward: 18,4 billion Exp, 80.000 Cps, 11.000 Sps, …’


‘Successfully killed Evil Spirit Race 6th Layer Spirit King Cultivator!’

‘Reward: …’

A bunch of notifications immediately popped up inside Yi Tianyun’s head. The amount of Exp that he got was really something as it was amplified by 262! If he were able to keep this up, he would be levelling up in no time! Yi Tianyun kept killing any Evil Spirit Race that he could find. The Evil Spirit Race was terrified as they ran around like a headless chicken to avoid Yi Tianyun, but clearly, it didn’t work!

There was no way Yi Tianyun would let any of these Evil Spirit Race cultivators slip past his grasp as they were his precious Exp source right now. It would take long before Yi Tianyun killed every Evil Spirit Race in this 7th Layer City! After cleaning up 7th Layer City, Yi Tianyun then rushed towards 6th Layer City!

His Exp booster didn’t last that long and so, he couldn’t waste the opportunity to gain as much Exp as he could. He didn’t know whether he had the chance to gain this much Exp if not more like this again in the future, but one thing that Yi Tianyun believed was that the Ghost World would purge the Evil Spirit Race after he took care of the ones in this Tower!

Heaven World would be fine as the ten stars of Sealing Heaven Divine King that would attack any Evil Spirit Race relentlessly as soon as it spotted them! This was the main difference between having a tool spirit and not. The Tool Spirit could serve as a brain on humans as it could make a decision on its own! There might be another group of Evil Spirit Race here on Ghost World outside of Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower, but it shouldn’t be a problem as the stronger cultivator has already been taken care of.

He could always leave the Evil Spirit Race outside of the Tower to other cultivators as soon as Yi Tianyun distributed the necklace that could distinguish the Evil Spirit Race later! After all, many cultivators, especially the Phoenix Clan, could easily complete such a task in his stead!

At the same time, many cultivators were watching as Yi Tianyun went after the Evil Spirit Race in 6th Layer City. Since Yi Tianyun already altered the rules that the Evil Spirit Race created, the Evil Spirit Race that died or anyone else in that matter wouldn’t be transferred to 7th Layer City any longer. Instead, they would remain where they died, revealing their original appearance!

The other cultivators knew that Yi Tianyun hadn’t killed any human just yet, as everyone he killed immediately revealed the Evil Spirit Race’s appearance!

After cleaning up the 6th Layer City, Yi Tianyun went down to purge the 5th Layer City from the Evil Spirit Race! As he travelled down a floor, it became easier for him to deal with the Evil Spirit Race that he found in the city!


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breaking through to 1st Layer Divine King Stage!’

Finally, Yi Tianyun levelled up after cleaning up the 5th Layer City from the Evil Spirit Race! It was such an arduous effort to level himself up to Divine King stage! Having to accumulate hundreds of billions of Exp to level up made it harder and time-consuming, but still, it would be a breeze compared to an average cultivator!

Yi Tianyun smiled as he saw the notification, but he didn’t slow down his movement at all! Instead, he has become faster than he was before! Yi Tianyun found the Evil Spirit Race at such a terrifying speed that it wouldn’t matter where they hid! He kept killing the Evil Spirit Race floor by floor as fast as he could. At the end of it all, Yi Tianyun killed so many Evil Spirit Race cultivators that he lost count! A thousand? Tens of thousands? He didn’t know for sure!

It was a lot of effort, but it wasn’t a waste of time at all! He already knew that he had to kill them manually to ensure that the entire floor inside the Tower would be purged of the Evil Spirit Race! There was no easy method here as he couldn’t use the Tower’s power to kill all of the Evil Spirit Race cultivators, unlike the ten stars at Heaven World!

But then again, he gained so much Exp and Crazy Points that he even levelled up to Divine King stage!

“It’s finally over!” Yi Tianyun said as he breathed in relief after killing the last Evil Spirit Race! He already maximized the value of his 262 times Exp Card. The only downside was that Suo Te didn’t die under his Exp Card effect!

Well, since there was no point in lamenting about it, he decided to just let it go!

“Big Brother Yi!” Fan Xuexuan shouted as she saw Yi Tianyun on the 1st Layer City.

“Why are you down here? I have already purged the Evil Spirit Race in the Tower!” Yi Tianyun said curiously. “Hey, I want to ask you about this Tower Lord position that I received. What are you planning to do about it? did you want it for yourself?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. He was willing to give it back to them as he didn’t really need it.

“The Ancestor already set the rules. If you are qualified to become the Tower Lord, you will have to carry on the duty you were given. It just meant that you will have to lead us, Ancient Netherworld Divine Nation!” Fan Hongde said as he walked in front to show his respect to Yi Tianyun.

He was convinced that Yi Tianyun held the key to Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s power, so if Ancient Netherworld Divine King allowed another Divine King’s descendant to become the Tower Lord, then so be it! Furthermore, at his current level, Fan Hongde knew that he wouldn’t be able to become the Tower Lord!

In fact, all of the Ancient Netherworld Divine Nation cultivators that were present at this moment nodded their heads as they were looking forward to being led by Yi Tianyun! They wanted Yi Tianyun to rebuild the Ancient Netherworld Divine Nation back to its former glory!

Yi Tianyun thought for a second before nodding his head. “If that was your unanimous decision, then so be it! I will become the Tower Lord in the meantime, but if any of you are qualified to become a new Tower Lord, then I will immediately abdicate this position!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Yi Tianyun’s train of thoughts has changed as he no longer thought that simply waiting for the Evil Spirit Race to attack the Three realms with full force was good enough. It was better to pull out the Evil Spirit Race from their roots, their homeland!

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