Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 445 - Arm Wrestling The Giant King (2)

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Chapter 445 Arm Wrestling The Giant King (2)

He was using this method to make Jiang Li back off.

Due to the reputation of the merman race, they could make friends, but it was impossible to get any benefits from them.

Jiang Li had long expected this attitude from them. These giants innately looked down on creatures smaller than themselves.

If he did not reveal his muscles, they would really send Jiang Li away like they were sending away a beggar.

“Then I’ll do as you say.”

It just so happened that the two giants who had been in a stalemate and roaring angrily finally decided the winner.

The winner was a strong two-headed giant. He raised his right hand high and accepted the cheers of his compatriots. The loser held his weak arm and silently retreated.

“Who! Else!”

The two-headed Sea Giant raised its thick right hand and looked around, waiting for the next challenger.

However, he had already won nine rounds in a row, and no giant came forward again.

At this moment, Jiang Li, who was riding Rayquaza, flew to the other side of the platform.

“Why don’t you let me be your opponent?”

Jiang Li used his spiritual qi to amplify his voice as much as possible before letting these big guys notice him.

The air was silent for a moment, and then the laughter of more than a hundred giants directly broke through the clouds. The thick, steamy clouds above their heads were blown away. Blazing sunlight shone down, but it was blocked by the giants, casting a large shadow.

“Isn’t this the human warrior who claimed to have fought with Guhei Tianchou for three days?”

“Little one! My fingers are ten thousand times thicker than yours! Do you want to compete with my hair?”



He stretched out a small finger that was like a huge pillar and swayed it in front of Jiang Li.

The other Giant Warriors around him tried their best to suppress their laughter.

A few giants with poor vision still lowered their heads and tried their best to find Jiang


Jiang Li was not angry at the other party’s mockery. He stepped forward and grabbed the other party’s pinky with his right hand. Then, the two-headed giant felt the world spin. For some reason, he had already fallen to the ground. His right wrist had already smashed into the stone platform made of a mountain.

“So, who else?”

Jiang Li stood on the stone platform and raised his right hand like the giant just now.

The surroundings were silent.

The single eye of the group of Sea Giants almost popped out in shock. What happened was right in front of them, but they did not know what had happened.

“Cheating! You must have used despicable methods to cheat!”

“I request to compete again!”

The two-headed Sea Giant that had fallen to the ground helped itself up from the stone platform and pointed at Jiang Li while roaring in exasperation!

Logically speaking, the difference in size between the two sides was like the difference between a huge elephant and dust. Such a difference in victory and defeat appeared even stranger.

Jiang Li did not refuse. He flew into the sky again and reached out to press on the other party’s wrist. “I wager the glory of the Sea Giants! I want you to fly a thousand giant steps away!” Both sides were prepared.

The two-headed giant landed on the platform’s elbows. His left hand, which was supporting the edge, and his feet, which were firmly rooted in the ground, spread out a canyon-like ravine below any support point.

The power that the giant suddenly erupted with was enough to shake the world, but that power lost all effect and dignity in front of an ordinary human palm.

No matter how hard the two-headed giant tried, it could not advance at all.

Jiang Li had a foundation in body cultivation and was never weaker than others. Looking at the Beast Blood Diagram, Ba Xia, the Emperor Blood Aperture Refinement, and Chi You’s muscles he had just obtained, which of them was not legendary?

Compared to him in terms of pure strength, so what if he was a giant? He would definitely be asking for trouble.

“For the glory of the Sea Giants!”

The giant opposite him roared angrily. Thick blood vessels bulged on its mountainous body, and the blood flowing inside surged like the water of a river.

However, Jiang Li blocked his wrist and still did not move.

“Not bad, not bad. You’re really working hard.”

“Hang in there. I’m going to use my strength.”

Right when his opponent erupted with his maximum strength, Jiang Li’s calm voice sounded. Then, he pressed down on his opponent’s wrist and firmly pushed back at a uniform speed.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The blood vessels on his arm exploded, and the blood that shot out really flew out a thousand giant steps.

A large sickly purple-black color quickly appeared under his skin. The muscles below were torn apart. The sound of the strong tendons breaking was like the sound of a steel cable on a bridge being torn apart.

In the end, the thick wrist was still pressed down on the stone platform!

The giant, who could not turn around no matter how hard he tried, relaxed his body and collapsed to the ground.

Even with two heads, he still could not imagine how such power could crush him in such a small body.

The surrounding giants gasped, almost emptying the place.

The uncultured Sea Giants could not find the right words to describe their shock.

Not far away, sitting on the still warm throne, the Sea Giant King, Quigon, also looked at Jiang Li solemnly.

The two-headed giant was his third younger brother.

From the looks of it, he was the strongest person in the Sea Giant Tribe second only to him.

Even he could not crush the two-headed giant so easily in terms of strength.

“Could it be that he really fought with that Guhei Tianchou for three days?”

If that was the case, the Sea Giant Race had to change their attitude towards their ‘benefactor’.

He touched the skull crown on his head and felt the power passed down by the previous King, his father.

King Quigon stood up from the throne and separated the crowd to stand opposite Jiang


“My friend, let me be your opponent!”

Quigon also stretched out his right hand. In that hand, there was a continuous force like an ocean wave.

He wanted to personally test how powerful this human was!

The new Sea Giant King, Quigon, did not have such power a few days ago.

Otherwise, he would have used brute force to unite the tribe. The source of this power was naturally the skull crown that he always wore on his head.

The seemingly barbaric and cruel coronation tradition of the Sea Giant Race was indeed unique.

Jiang Li smiled as he looked at the hand that covered the sky.

“I can’t ask for more!”

He reached out and plucked a fist-sized fresh tree seed from Rayquaza.

Rayquaza was also a real plant.

With the bloodline of the Dragon Race, it could easily break through reproductive barriers. After receiving the pollen of different plants, Rayquaza could produce high-quality seeds with different characteristics as Jiang Li’s spell technique material.

Holding this seed in his hand, spiritual light erupted. Surrounded by the dark green light, a dense vitality shot into the sky!

Nine Nether Demon Awakening! Dragon Son Ba Xia!


A deep and resounding dragon roar sounded. A huge dragon standing up, one head taller than the Giant King, appeared on the other side of the platform.

This enormous dragon had a dragon head, dragon tail, and dragon claws. Only its body carried a huge tortoise shell. It was the tortoise shell that their Sea Giant Race had just dug out a few days ago under Jiang Li’s request.


Golden light shot out from Ba Xia’s eyes. Pure dragon might spread wantonly, causing the entire Sea Giant Tribe to tremble.

After negotiating conditions with Ba Xia in his body, Jiang Li would give it a chance to see the outside world, and Ba Xia would take the initiative to lend him more strength. “Come!”

The giant’s wrist collided with Ba Xia’s claw.

As both sides suddenly exerted strength, the stone platform under their hands could not withstand it and shattered.

Then, the entire island shook.

The ground cracked, the wind and clouds changed, and the volcano in the center of the island erupted with magma!

It was as if the entire island was about to shatter because of their battle!

The power in the giant’s hand was like an endless wave or a volcano eruption. It was indeed wonderful and powerful.

However, under Ba Xia’s power, it was as if mountains were transported over and pressed down on Quigon’s wrist.

Pure strength crushed those fancy techniques.

In the end, the Giant King could not withstand it and lowered his arm in angry growls!

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