Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 446 - Giant’s Dance, Uninvited Guest (1)

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Chapter 446 Giant’s Dance, Uninvited Guest (1)

“Powerful human warrior, these spoils of war are yours.”

“Your strength has won the respect of the Sea Giant Race. You are worthy of them.”

“In addition, during the Dragon Transformation Island war earlier, Sir Jiang Li’s help was extremely great. Please accept my race’s highest gratitude. If you have any requests from the Sea Giant in the future, we will definitely not decline!”

King Quigon stood up from the ground with difficulty. Then, without caring about his reputation, he bent down and bowed to Jiang Li with the etiquette of the Sea Giant Race.

Earlier, Jiang Li had used his purest strength to crush his pride.

Even if he obtained a portion of the power of the previous Giant King through the coronation, he was still so powerless in front of this human.

As Jiang Li’s opponent, he knew very well what kind of power he had faced earlier.

The current Sea Giant Tribe was powerless to resist.

With King Quigon taking the lead, the other Sea Giant warriors also bowed to the Wood Demon Ba Xia in the middle and assumed the same posture.

Jiang Li nodded in satisfaction. This group of giants was quite sensible. He originally thought that he would beat up all these hundreds of giants, but now, it saved him a lot of trouble.

Without removing Ba Xia’s Wood Demon Body, Jiang Li stepped forward and helped the Sea Giant King up, slapping away the dozens of tons of “dust” on his body.

“King Quigon, you are too polite. The Sea Giants are the friends of the merman race, the friends of the merman race are my friends.”

“Isn’t it normal for friends to help each other?”

“However, I do have a request. Please allow me.”

The Sea Giant King, Quigon, smiled and thought to himself, ‘As expected.’

What he was most afraid of was Jiang Li asking the Sea Giants to join his faction.

That way, as a king, he would be inferior to others for no reason.

As it turned out, not many of the variant humans who participated in the battle between humans ended up well.

“Sir Jiang Li, please speak.”

Quigon’s loud heartbeat could not be concealed. Everyone knew that he was very nervous.

“I heard that the Sea Giant Race is the best craftsmen in the sea. In ancient times, you had once forged countless divine weapons for the Dragon Race. I wonder if you can open the furnace for me today?”


Jiang Li’s tone sounded like a request, but he had already taken out a few blueprints and a flying sword that was covered in cracks from the tip of the sword.

He wanted the Sea Giant Race to forge the remaining six coffin nails for him and repair the damaged Immortal Slaying Flying Sword.

The materials for the six coffin nails had been mostly gathered with the help of the Great Mountain Alliance and Yan Hong.

Coupled with the various treasures plundered from the Dragon Transformation Island, it was more than enough to forge six high-grade Profound-rank coffin nails.

After his Immortal Slaying Flying Sword was defeated by the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito’s spear, the main body’s Spirit Essence was damaged from the crack, and there were no signs of improvement until now.

With the abilities of those Weapon Refinement Masters of the Great Mountain Alliance, they would probably be unable to repair it.

Only then did Jiang Li find this group of giants.

The material he provided was the metal fragment that he had brought out from the Xuanyuan Tomb.

At first, Jiang Li thought that this metal fragment was the token of Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan.

Later on, after carefully comparing it with King Zhou’s finger bone, he discovered that the true Human Emperor’s Token was actually Nüba’s eyeball, the Anti-Cultivation Spiritual Bead.

Under Jiang Li’s appraisal technique, this metal fragment displayed the name (Fragment of the Nine Li Weapon Talisman).

It was the weapon talisman token that Chi You used to rule the Nine Li Tribe.

Naturally, it was also the loot snatched from Chi You by Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan.

To put it bluntly, the Xuanyuan Tomb was the display room for the spoils of war of the Battle of Zhuolu.

As for the use of this weapon talisman fragment, in ancient times, the Nine Li Tribe had been destroyed for countless years.

Even in the notes of appraisal, there was no reliable suggestion.

The other information about the fragment was basically unknown. He only knew that its forging material also had the Quintet Qi Essence Copper.

This weapon talisman fragment had no other use. He could try to use it as a material after smelting it.

However, if he wanted to refine materials of this level, he needed a furnace with a very high temperature.

“That’s all? I mean, no problem!”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Li only made a small request. It was really not worth mentioning to the Sea Giants.

The Sea Giant King heaved a sigh of relief and agreed on the spot.

After Jiang Li used the Wood Art and copied a few blueprints that were ten thousand times larger, Quigon called his eight brothers and held a meeting to study it.

They looked stupid, but they actually had quite a lot of exquisite skills.

Apart from the rune parts, even Jiang Li did not understand those blueprints.

The nine big guys only took a few glances and understood everything.

“Jiang Li, my friend, it’s only a few nails. There’s no problem at all. Leave it to us!”

Jiang Li was looking around the island. He did not see anything that looked like a furnace.

The furnace that could be used by the Sea Giant Race should be very conspicuous.

Then, he heard Quigon shout.

“Little ones! It’s time to dance for our respected friends!”

Dance? Jiang Li did not quite understand what he meant.

Before refining weapons, they had to dance to liven things up? “Lord, a volcano is the best furnace for the Sea Giants.”

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