Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 1209 - Arrogant and Beautiful

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Chapter 1209: Arrogant and Beautiful

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While Punisher Sun was standing and talking, Gu Qiqi was answering the questions quickly.

She didn’t even look up, let alone look at Punisher Sun. No matter how irritable she was, she just replied calmly, “I’m not late. I was in the classroom at 10.55am.”

After saying that, she ignored Punisher Sun and continued writing on the test paper.

Punisher Sun was completely ignored. She was angered!

“Gu Qiqi! I said you’re late, so you’re late! Stand up and leave the classroom now! You’re already 25 minutes late, and you still dare to argue with me?”

With that, Punisher Sun simply walked down from the podium and rushed to Gu Qiqi’s desk. He reached out to snatch Gu Qiqi’s paper.

She was really so angry that she wanted to tear Gu Qiqi’s paper apart!

Just as her hand was about to touch the paper, a cold and arrogant male voice came from behind her. “Gu Qiqi is right! The exam starts at 10:30 am. According to the rules of the examination hall, you’re not considered late if you arrive half an hour late. You can continue to answer the questions. Teacher Sun, do you think that you can speak without thinking just because you don’t have any witnesses and physical evidence? I’m really sorry. I saw the time when Gu Qiqi entered the classroom with my own eyes. Moreover, the surveillance video also has a time record. Do you think it’s appropriate to casually tear up a candidate’s paper?”

Beigong Mingtian strode into the classroom with his long legs. His tone was cold as he hit Sun Yuzhen at every painful spot!

Sun Yuzhen’s face was about to explode.

However, Beigong Mingtian was right. It was impossible for her to control everything.

There were witnesses and physical evidence. Moreover, Beigong Mingtian was not her student and was not under her control at all!

Sun Yuzhen retracted her hand hatefully and pursed her lips sarcastically. She found a way out for herself. “Hmph, so what if I give her a chance to answer the questions? In any case, she definitely won’t be able to complete my questions. She’ll definitely admit defeat and be punished by standing in front of the toilet! She’ll die sooner or later. You guys are just stubborn…”

Beigong Mingtian frowned. He wondered why such a poor teacher had come to the pharmaceutical school.

He usually did not like to gossip about others, but at this moment, he could not wait to gossip to Feng Yangchu or the principal and report Sun Yuzhen’s arrogant and unreasonable attitude in front of the students!

The reason why he hadn’t left yet was because he was worried about Gu Qiqi!

He had to protect her here so that this silly woman wouldn’t be bullied by Sun Yuzhen.

Unfortunately, he had no idea. He was worried for nothing.

It was actually someone else who was bullied until there was nothing left to say…

While he was arguing with Sun Yuzhen, Gu Qiqi had already finished answering the last question.

Then, she checked the entire paper for typos. After confirming that it was perfect, she slammed the paper on the table!

She stood up handsomely. “What’s there to argue about? I don’t need your reward. I’ve already finished my exam and can leave!”

That aura and posture were simply arrogant and beautiful!

Sun Yuzhen almost couldn’t react. “What… What did you say? You finished answering? Did you hand in a blank paper?”

Gu Qiqi couldn’t be bothered to answer her stupid question. She pointed at the table with her bare hand.

Sun Yuzhen picked up the paper in disbelief and looked at it several times.

She had really finished answering it!

How many minutes had it been since Gu Qiqi entered the classroom?

Five minutes, was it?

She actually finished all the questions in one go!!!

Even if she knew the answer, she would need more than five minutes to copy it down. Not to mention, she didn’t even think? Didn’t she have to read the questions or check her answers?!

Gu Qiqi looked at Punisher Sun’s shocked expression and thought to herself, “If I hadn’t gotten my clone to do something else just now, I would have been faster!”

Punisher Sun took a while to digest this terrifying truth.

However, she would never admit that Gu Qiqi had won.

“What’s there to be proud of? I haven’t marked the paper yet! What’s so good about being fast? Only full marks would show your true skills!”

“Yes, I’m skillful…” Gu Qiqi narrowed her eyes indifferently.

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