Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 1210 - Points on the Test

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Chapter 1210: Only 80 Points on the Test

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Only then did Gu Qiqi look up and glance at Sun Yuzhen coldly. “I’m afraid you haven’t seen my ability yet.”

Sun Yuzhen choked!

This tone was extremely arrogant! Extremely arrogant!

Even someone as arrogant as Sun Yuzhen gasped.

Then, she laughed sarcastically. “Gu Qiqi, keep bragging. I’ll correct you now and make you admit defeat!”

With that, Sun Yuzhen fiercely picked up the paper and ran to the podium to mark it.

She put on her glasses, afraid that she would miss Gu Qiqi’s every mistake. She read almost every question more than three times.

However, Gu Qiqi’s answers were simply like standard answers. No matter how she looked at it, she couldn’t find any mistakes.

She couldn’t even pick out a single typo or punctuation mark.

Sweat beaded on her forehead.

She saw that it took more than half an hour to grade a paper but Gu Qiqi only took five minutes to answer the questions!

How humiliating!

At this moment, the students had already handed in their papers.

No one wanted to leave. They stopped and surrounded the podium, looking forward to seeing the final outcome of this gamble.

Qiu Qiu was the most proactive. He squeezed to the front and gloated. “Teacher Sun, if you take an hour to grade a paper, won’t you have to grade dozens of students’ papers for days?”

Sun Yuzhen glared at him. “Shut up! Bring your paper over too! Hmph, if you fail, it’ll still be Gu Qiqi’s fault!”

Qiu Qiu pursed his lips. “Ugh, you make me so afraid!”

However, he did not look afraid at all. He took out his paper and threw it in front of Sun Yuzhen.

As his disciple, although Qiu Qiu could not answer all the questions in five minutes, he would definitely not embarrass his master!

As expected, Sun Yuzhen only took a few rough glances and realized that this male student who was usually sloppy in class actually answered the questions well. At a glance, several familiar questions were obviously correct.

She snorted and stopped talking to Qiu Qiu. Instead, she continued marking Gu Qiqi’s papers.

She had specially set the last question for Gu Qiqi. It was super biased and she guaranteed that Gu Qiqi wouldn’t get any marks!

That was a subjective thesis question.

There was no standard answer.

Whether it was right or not depended on her!


Punisher Sun glanced at Gu Qiqi’s answer and couldn’t help but reveal a smug smile. Gu Qiqi’s answer was simply the opposite!

She waved her pen and stood up. “Gu Qiqi, you scored zero for the last question. You barely scored 80 marks for the entire paper!”

The last question was worth 20 points.

Now, no matter how perfect Gu Qiqi’s answers were, she was still far from full marks.

As soon as Punisher Sun announced this, the students present sighed regretfully.

Alas, they also found the last question difficult.

However, Punisher Sun had discussed similar points in class. They roughly knew what Punisher Sun’s philosophy was and could answer and make a guess.

However, Gu Qiqi was different. In the last few revision classes, Punisher Sun chased her away. Gu Qiqi didn’t know Punisher Sun’s point of view, so she naturally couldn’t answer this special question.

What a pity for Qiqi!

Oh no, would Qiqi really be punished by Punisher Sun to stand in front of the men’s toilet…

Sigh, it seems like we really can’t offend Punisher Sun. How can we students defeat the teachers?

Just as the students were feeling sorry for Gu Qiqi…

Gu Qiqi suddenly said calmly, “Did I answer wrongly? Are you sure?”

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