Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 868 - The Jealousy Is Here

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Chapter 868 The Jealousy Is Here

Gong Jue wore specialized gloves. He patiently and quickly greeted a few pharmaceutical school students standing in the first row.

Faced with the female students swarming towards the back row, he looked straight ahead and said lightly, “I won’t be shaking your hands anymore. Let me give you some practical rewards. After the competition ends, I’ll treat everyone to a meal at Phoenix Tower.”

Phoenix Tower!

The most exclusive restaurant in Imperial Medical University was never open to students.

They were only open to receive important people or distinguished foreign guests.

It was said that the chefs there were all Michelin chefs. The dishes they made were all at the national banquet level.

Everyone was usually envious. Unfortunately, that kind of place required people with status to be qualified to enter. Even if they had money, they weren’t qualified to enter.

But the Chief actually said that he wanted to invite the people from their pharmaceutical school to eat at the Phoenix Tower.

Chief, you’re so cool!

Everyone was immersed in the joy of being treated to a high-end restaurant by the Chief.

They had completely forgotten that this scheming man’s arrangement was to refuse a handshake!

But Gu Qiqi saw through him in a second. She gave him a spurious smile and teased him. “Who was it that said just now that it’s fine and he could do it? Tsk, you’ve only shaken a few hands and you’re already playing tricks to avoid labor?”

Gong Jue’s expression didn’t change. “I initially planned to be resilient for a while. But their hands aren’t as soft as yours. My hands are panicking from the impact and I’m very annoyed!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

This was the most strange reason in the world!

However, no matter what, Gong Jue didn’t continue to shake hands with the female classmates. A trace of sweetness slowly flashed across her heart.

The passionate scene at the pharmaceutical school made the other schools envious.

Let alone the other teams waiting for the award ceremony on stage. Not only was a random teacher giving them an award, but when it was Liu Guanghui’s team’s turn to receive the last place consolation prize, that teacher was already impatient.

She casually stuffed the trophy onto Liu Guanghui’s hands and muttered, “I have to participate in the Phoenix Tower’s gathering quickly. I can’t miss such a good opportunity.” She couldn’t even be bothered to take a photo with him and simply ended the award ceremony. She couldn’t wait to grow wings and fly to the pharmaceutical school’s crowd below the stage in a second.

Liu Guanghui was furious. He glared at Gu Qiqi below the stage with hatred!

Gu Qiqi and her classmates from the pharmaceutical school had already gone to Phoenix Tower to celebrate under Gong Jue’s lead!

At the entrance of Phoenix Tower,

Gong Jue suddenly stopped in his tracks and scanned the area behind him. “Who was holding that banner in the arena just now?”

Everyone was stunned and their hearts beat rapidly.

There must be something profound about the Chief’s question!

Everyone thought hard about the banner…

Was it that banner saying “Goddess Qiqi, Senior Brother Mingtian… Will definitely win”?

Could it be that the Chief admired this banner very much and felt that it was especially meaningful?

Immediately, the two boys who were in charge of holding the banner quickly raised their arms high.

Gong Jue remained calm and said lightly, “Who is Mingtian?”

Bei Mingtian stood up. “Me.”

Gong Jue squinted. “Your performance wasn’t bad. I’ll reward you separately later.” Reward?

The two male students who had raised the banner were looking forward to it. Bei Mingtian had an ominous premonition.

What was so good about that banner? It was just an ordinary banner with his and Qiqi’s names printed on it. Could it be because of this name…


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