Death… And Me - Chapter 1825: Too Easy?

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Chapter 1825: Too Easy?

From then onward, it basically snowballed. Even if the other side expected a trap of sorts, the twins’ side now had more Space Bending Realm participants. Let alone those at the Transition Realm and below. The badges to prevent the cultivation suppression formation continued to be fabricated in the sect while it wasn’t used for attacking, forming multiple strong armies.

The same went for the production of weapons, the logistics, and the management system that added one region and their countries after another. The reason why those who surrendered couldn’t betray their conquerors was because of time. However, little did the Rambram Sect expect that the Walfure Region would conquer a total of ten regions in just a bit more than five years after the start of the competition.

In the end, the communication system and their anti-cultivation suppression formation badges made all the difference. Any other region on their way wouldn’t be anything more than a small nuisance.

Well, that was until they finally took the Vresxiblae Region, which was located on the northeast side of Legoger. There was a problem with the north region of Legoger, which was Klintau. This region just so happened to have been conquered a week prior to Vresxiblae, which was on the northeast side of Legoger. As for the ones who were responsible for that, it was the Locadeo Region’s disciples. They had conquered five regions by now. It was mainly because they were one of the four regions that found a way to copy the anti-cultivation suppression formation badges.

The four regions with anti-cultivation suppression formation badges were Hatisphere, Glutomak, Locadeo, and obviously, Walfure. 

As mentioned before, Glutomak and Hatisphere were both controlled by top-ranked continents. Glutomak had the Handolaces Continent’s participants, while Hatisphere had Zangron and the Lanstreo Organization’s disciples. Fortunately, the twins wouldn’t need to care about these two for now. That’s because Glutomak was located on the northwest side of the continent, while Hatisphere was in the north. Chances were that one of the two would have fallen to the other once Walfure reached their locations.

With that, Locadeo was different. They were located on the south side of the continent and were one of the bigger regions. Usually, a bigger region would have a bigger army. In contrast, they would have a harder time defending. However, as seen with the Walfure Region, having soldiers at the Transition Realm and below to help defend made things a lot easier. So much so that they found the space to attack and prepare their own traps to conquer the five regions around them.

Yet, Roan’s action towards Locadeo’s forces was decisive. “I want Legoger, Vresxiblae, Crimew, and our Walfure armies to attack Klintau, currently occupied by Locadeo forces. Except for Walfure, you can forget about leaving anyone to defend the other three regions. Focus everything on Klintau and march straight to Locadeo after that.”

Olly’s group was surprised to hear that. Roan had never attacked anyone without caring for the defenses of the conquered regions. “Why the haste?” Luina couldn’t help but ask. That was the obvious doubt in everyone’s minds.

Roan didn’t mind explaining, telling them, “You’ve obtained information on it as well. Locadeo found a way to make copies of the anti-cultivation suppression formations. However, their discovery was a lot later than ours. At the moment, we have way more soldiers at Transition Realm and below in our hands. The other regions bordering our territories are not a threat, even if they take the chance to conquer one of those three regions that we will leave unguarded.”

Leticia immediately understood after that. “I see. That’s why Locadeo didn’t send anyone to intervene in Vresxiblae when Space Bending Realm experts were allowed to enter the fight. They knew they were at a disadvantage in the total number of soldiers, especially the ones with the badges.”

Roan nodded in response. “I can’t guarantee it, but I’m pretty sure they expect us to ignore them since they have the same thing. However, I have no intention of letting that happen. We will immediately conquer Klintau and attack Locadeo at its northern border.”

Rean then looked at Roan and asked through their Soul Connection. ‘Locadeo is also bordering that free region in the center of the Free Continent, right?’

‘Yes,’ Roan confirmed. ‘For us, our main objective is not this Free Continent. Instead, it’s the region at the center. Everything else is secondary. However, I’m not hurrying things up. It’s just that it’s currently the best path to attack Klintau and Locadeo above it.’

‘You? Hurrying things up?’ Rean felt like Roan had said a joke. ‘Hell will freeze before you hurry anything like this up. You’re the one responsible for battles while I help as much as I can. Whatever you decide doesn’t matter as long as we win.’

Roan was satisfied to hear that. ‘It’s good that you know.’

Naturally, organizing the armies of all four regions to attack Klintau wasn’t the least bit easy. It took almost two months to get everyone into position since Klintau wasn’t a region bordering Walfure. None of the regions from now on would be.

That gave Klintau’s forces, which were now in the hands of the Locadeo region, time to prepare for the attack. Locadeo also knew that they wouldn’t have problems defending their main region since they had the anti-cultivation suppression formation badges, so they redirected a lot of the other four regions’ armies to support Klintau. This would be the first battle between several armies with soldiers at the Transition Realm and below.

Roan’s experience paid dividends, though. Just as he mentioned, their Walfure Region was by far the first region to learn how to make copies of the badges. Roan also sent around 70% of all their experts at the Transition Realm and below from his side. When the fight in Klintau’s several border cities and battlefronts started, Walfure held an advantage of almost three experts with badges against only one from Klintau and the Locadeo Region who conquered it. Walfure’s forces simply steamrolled on the battlefields.

Yet, both Rean and Roan found it weird. “Aren’t they losing way too easily?”

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