Devil’s Son-in-Law - Chapter 942: Grand Master Arthur

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Chapter 942: Grand Master Arthur

Grand Master Chique had begun to fully pay attention to this ‘apprentice-to-be’ – Previously he thought that the so-called ‘ancient alchemy civilization’ was just a gimmick for Lex the Great to take him as an apprentice, but the ability that the prince showed would even amaze even a grand master like him. Could it be that this young man really inherited the legendary ancient civilization?

“Unfortunately, this Ms. Pelucci has taken a detour. To put it bluntly, she doesn’t need to force that kind of difficult enchantment. For quasi-legendary grade equipment or even legendary grade equipment, initiation is enough. In fact, considering the special attribute of spirit power, she is also more suitable for initial technique. If she keeps going with this kind of overambitious mentality, it will only deviate more and more from the road of grand master more. In this lifetime, it is already the limit to be able to reach the real senior master.”

“Arthur!” Lex the Great’s voice became more stern. Although most of the people in the room were laymen, they could hear Chen Rui’s criticizing tone. Regardless of whether that opinion was pertinent or not, her teacher was present after all. Such a sharp face-to-face criticism was nothing but a mocking to Chique who was a grand master but did not guide his apprentice properly and delaying her progress.

Showing off like this, even if ‘Arthur’ really had some talent, Grand Master Chique, who had been humiliated, would not accept this apprentice.

Pelucci was in a cold sweat. In fact, what ‘Arthur’ said was actually the same as the flaws pointed out by the Teacher Chique normally, but his tone was not so stern!

When she heard the last sentence, the girl’s competitive spirit made her unconvinced and said again, “Grand master? What a bold claim! Do you know what the road to grand master is?”

“Whether I understand or not has nothing to do with you. Even if I say it, you don’t understand,” Chen Rui glanced at Grand Master Chique, “When you truly understand the meaning of the word ‘life’, you will be qualified to discuss this topic.”

Hearing the word ‘life’, Grand Master Chique’s eyes flashed strangely as he slowly stood up, “Your Highness Arthur, am I qualified for this?”

The hostility of this sentence was already strong, and Lex the Great’s brows couldn’t help frowning tightly.

It seemed that ‘Arthur’ successfully provoked Grand Master Chique. The leaders of 2 councils and 3 departments shook their heads and sighed. Royal Highness Third Prince really can’t tell chalk from cheese. His Majesty arranged a meeting with a teacher, and he actually screwed it up like this.

The Fourth Prince Luke’s eyes flickered; no one knew what he was thinking. Garfield was gloating at the misfortune. When he thought that the failure of ‘Arthur’ apprenticeship might cause uncertainty about the ownership of the Golden Estate, his mind could not help but be disturbed. After this incident, Lex’s impression of ‘Arthur’ should have been even worse, which would do him no harm.

Chen Rui turned a blind eye to Lex the Great’s expression while he just looked at Chique lightly with a strange smile, “I have a hobbit friend who said a proverb, ‘The hammer tells the truth’. Grand Master Chique, what do you think?”

Even Lex the Great thought he had heard it wrong – Is he trying to compete in mechanic skills with a mechanic grand master?

“Good idea.” Chique’s voice was cold, and his demeanor was faintly solemn. The knowledge and temperament shown by this young man are indeed extraordinary. Could it be…

Chen Rui didn’t say much. All of a sudden, there was a platform in front of him, and everyone recognized that it was a forging platform. As soon as Chen Rui waved his hand, the flame in the magic furnace ignited immediately. The entire hall was instantly filled with a fiery feeling.

“This is my tool table, so I’ll show my poor skill first.” With that said, Chen Rui took out a piece of the most common black iron minerals and started calcination.

The temperature of the magic furnace was very high. Soon, the red-hot minerals were clipped out, and the hammer was swung high.

Ding!” Chique’s gaze changed on the first hit.

Soon, Pelucci’s expression changed from indignation to shock. Although she was not good at metal mastery, she was a master-level mechanic after all, so she could naturally hear the infinite mystery contained in that kind of percussion. However, she could only sense the indescribable profound mystery, but she could not understand it, because this kind of mystery had far exceeded her current level of cognition.

Soon, Chen Rui’s work was completed.

In the eyes of the layman in the hall, this was a short sword with a simple or even clumsy style. Even the most clumsy blacksmith of the capital could make it.

Garfield couldn’t help sneering disdainfully – He pretended to be so profound just now, but his skill is just so so. He even dared to make a fool of himself in front of the grand master? Wait, Grand Master Chique’s expression doesn’t seem to be alright…

Grand Master Chique stared at the ‘clumsy’ dagger, as if what he saw was not a piece of inferior equipment but an artifact. Amazement, realization, surprise… All kinds of expressions were intertwined. He nodded after a while, and he actually performed an etiquette to Chen Rui.

Attentive people had discovered that this was the kind of ancient etiquette that Chen Rui used to do to Grand Master Chique.

Pelucci knew best what this etiquette stood for. That Royal Highness… is well deserved.

“Chique. Komost, please forgive my rudeness. It’s a great honor to meet you, Grand Master Arthur.”

When this sentence was said, everyone was shocked.

Even Lex the Great who had always hidden his true emotion couldn’t help showing a shocked expression now – Grand Master… Arthur?

Whether it was the deans, directors of 2 councils and 3 departments, or the 2 princes, they were all in disbelief.

Garfield’s first reaction was: Impossible. 7 years ago, Arthur was just an idle prince who had never touched alchemy at all, and now he is actually a mechanic grand master? Garfield’s second reaction was collusion – Grand Master Chique and ‘Arthur’ colluded to deceive everyone! However, this speculation was immediately rejected by him.

What is the identity of Grand Master Chique? 1 of the only 2 remaining great grand masters of human beings. A person of free nationality, whose qualifications and prestige are the highest in the entire human mechanic world. Even another grand master, Falaqini, respects him. Lex the Great paid a huge cost to invite him this time, how could he collude with a character like ‘Arthur’ in advance?

Moreover, once the identity of ‘grand master’ is recognized and spread, it will surely be known to the whole world. Faking it is seeking death, so it is impossible.

So…the initial scumbag ‘Arthur’ really became the grand master? What happened in these 7 years?

Chen Rui smiled slightly, “Grand Master Chique, if there is a chance in the future, I will come to visit. Please don’t despise my interruption at that time.”

“It’s an honor.” Chique laughed, “Grand Master Arthur is too humble. The one who learns and progresses fast shall be respected. It should be me visiting you to ask for advice. I’m ashamed that I can’t match the life comprehension exuded by your dagger! Perhaps only the elf grand master of the Jade Forest Sea can only be on par with you. Pelucci… come here and apologize to Grand Master Arthur.”

Pelucci recovered her senses, hurriedly came to Chen Rui, and gave a deep bow, “Grand Master Arthur, please forgive my rudeness. Thank you for your guidance.”

This prince is actually a real grand master. No wonder he bowed like that to teacher just now. Being able to get advice and even criticism from a grand master was definitely a rare honor and learning opportunity for her as a master. Why would she still hold any grudges in her mind?

“Ms. Pelucci, I’ll give this sword to you. If you can understand that ‘the truth prevails among the ordinary’, then your mechanics attainments will have a qualitative leap.”

Pelucci was overjoyed. She took the dagger and thanked him quickly.

Grand Master Chique talked with Chen Rui like no one else was present. They hit it off, and felt regretful that they didn’t meet earlier. He immediately bowed to Lex the Great, “I get to meet Grand Master Arthur today due to the invitation by Your Majesty, thank you very much. I’m honored to meet the third grand master of human… maybe the number 1 grand master in the world. I hope to stay in your empire for a while and learn from Grand Master Arthur.”

The first number 1 grand master in the world? Not just the human world? This supreme evaluation had once again aroused everyone’s amazement. It stood to reason that although the capability of the grand master of ‘Arthur’ had been recognized by Grand Master Chique, due to age, after all there was a lack of experience. They didn’t expect that he was actually so highly regarded by Grand Master Chique!

The number 1 grand master! Even without the status of a prince, ‘Arthur’ would be a ‘treasure’ that the entire Dragon Bright Empire must cherish!

Lex the Great had recovered quickly from the shock as he nodded and said, “This is an honor for Arthur and the Dragon Bright Empire. Arthur’s mansion is in the Golden Estate. The Golden Estate was originally run by another prince and the delivery process is already underway. It will probably be completed in about 3 days. If Grand Master Chique doesn’t mind, please stay in the Dragon Bright Empire for a while.

“Of course.” Grand Master Chique smiled, then he looked at Chen Rui and smiled. The original ‘apprenticeship’ ceremony became an exchange between grand masters. The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became harmonious.

In contrast, the facial expression of ‘another prince’ had become extremely pale.

Golden Estate! In 3 days!

For the initially confident Second Prince Garfield, this was nothing short of a bolt from the blue!

The Golden Estate was 1 of the most prosperous estates in the Dragon Bright Empire. Since ‘Arthur’ disappeared that year, it had been regarded as the Royal Highness Second Prince’s exclusive property. After 7 years of hard work, it had become his most important base area as well as the biggest capital to compete for the throne in the future. Due to this, Garfield persecuted the Kemplot Family in every possible way and wanted to completely control the estate, but now actually…

The leaders of the 2 councils and 3 departments were aware of the changes of Second Prince Garfield, and they understood it in their minds.

Lex the Great’s decision was not unexpected. This was a world where the more powerful ones were supported. Third Prince ‘Arthur’ had shown amazing abilities beyond expectations, so he would definitely get relative respect and benefits. Regaining the Golden Estate was also reasonable.

As for Garfield, no one would sympathize with the loser. It was already considered good that they didn’t rub the wound with the salt. Although this time it wasn’t the second prince’s true defeat, he would still be negatively impacted. However, after this incident, everyone, including Lex the Great, had to reassess the Royal Highness ‘Arthur’ who had been missing for 7 years.

“Second brother, in 3 days… sorry for the hard work.” Chen Rui said to Garfield with a smile, “These years, I would like to thank the second brother for your selfless contribution to the Golden Estate.”

“Third brother, you are my brother. It’s no big deal.” Garfield’s heart was bleeding, but in front of Lex the Great and others, he had to force a smile on his face.

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