Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2297 Gathering At The West

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Chapter 2297 Gathering At The West

In another territory, previously known as the Poison Lord Villa Territory, to be exact, two figures had just met when one of them quickly pounced on the other.

"Davis! The people of the Grand Beginnings Continent already know that I'm your best friend, bosom brother, bedwarme-"

"Stop right there." Davis instantly raised his hand, but Drake shook his head.

"Because of you, I would be targeted. I am unlucky, so give me some immortal crystals. Or else…"

Drake's eyes were wide as he revealed a threatening gaze, his hand lowering before he began tugging his pants as though wanting to remove them.

"You shameless freak...!"

Davis couldn't help but chuckle as he slapped Drake's shoulder with a bunch of immortal crystals, causing the latter to freak out as he hurriedly gathered them with his soul force. His expression then became one of relief as he wiped his imaginary sweat on his forehead.

"Phew… fortunately, it seems like I didn't have to lose my sanity and vir- Uhm?"

Drake became stiff, suddenly turning to look at an icy-blue-robed woman.

"This lady is… ah, Fairy Myria. Nice to meet you. I think we have met before, or have we? Aha."

Drake dryly laughed, feeling like killing himself as he didn't expect a top-tier beauty to appear before him from nowhere. He couldn't even sense her existence until she revealed herself.

Rumor was it that after having lost to the Emperor of Death, Fairy Myria never fought for supremacy over the title of the strongest youth again, but Drake knew that it wasn't the case, and they shared a mysterious love-hate relationship that he couldn't place his finger on.


Myria stared at Drake in utter silence before she turned to look at Davis.

"Find me in the Mystic Ice Sect."

She dropped a few words before she disappeared, causing Drake to blink.

"Consider yourself lucky..."

Davis raised his hand and placed his palm on Drake's shoulder.

"Maybe you would have lost your 'precious' today if you had removed your pants… In that case, sorry, brother. I wouldn't be able to help you..." He sighed as he patted Drake's shoulder, causing the latter to tremble.

The killing intent was really real but what Drake didn't know was that if Fairy Myria were to use her reincarnation energy in a fit of anger, then even Davis's life energy would become useless unless he used Fallen Heaven's life energy.

"What the fuck!? If Fairy Myria was here, why didn't you utter a single word? Ah, fuck. I feel so embarrassed and mortified."

"What?" Davis sneered, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

"I don't care! Now give me my precious immortal crystals, or I'll commit suicide out of shame! Will you be able to live with the guilt of murdering your best friend!?"

Drake raged and then shamelessly proceeded to scam Davis out of more immortal crystals by demanding compensation before he finally stopped.


Looking at the number of immortal crystals in his spatial ring, Drake couldn't help but evilly smile. On the other hand, Davis couldn't help but wryly smile, knowing that he had implicated almost everyone close to him.

Drake was already known as his friend to the Grand Beginnings Continent, so if he ascended as quickly as him, there was a ninety-nine percent chance of being killed, and Drake was aware of it but didn't blame him, so much so that Davis felt two thousand immortal crystals was nothing compared to accidentally delaying his path to immortality.

In fact, even with these immortal crystals, he was unable to repay what he owed Drake. The Immortal Grade Yin-Yang Merit Sutra was even more valuable, after all. He had originally intended to give a parting gift anyway, so it made no difference to him.

Nonetheless, they inclined their heads to stare down below from a mountain peak and saw ant-like existences building structures and roads with wood and other basic materials that could be harvested and mined by their strength.

They were none other than the people of Planet Earth, starting from humble beginnings as they were unable to bring much equipment from the other side through transportation formations.


Mountain ranges covered a vast expanse. The bits and cracks of caves and valleys adorning the edges and a few points in the mountains led to the outside world as the peaks were thousands of kilometers high, forming a natural barrier, while in the vast expanse was a massive collapsed structure that shattered into many fragmented bricks of rubble.

However, in these unidentifiable, ruined plains, there were currently many individuals present.

Each of them was dressed differently, with only two or three dressed the same, indicating that they were from the same power, yet there were tens of such powers present at this moment.

They all exuded immortal undulations, brimming with immense power, but they all had their eyes on the monument at the center of the vast expanse because it supposedly didn't fall or even tremble after being struck by an Immortal King Vacuous Beast.


At this moment, a spatial phenomenon occurred, twisting and churning before it transformed into a vortex.

"Another Ascendance Rift…" Everyone's eyes narrowed.

"How many ascenders are there going to be today?" A melodious voice echoed.

However, a hint of derision could be felt in that melodious voice.

Most people had their attention grabbed by that voice as they turned to look at a golden-robed woman. Behind her were a few courteous individuals who appeared to be her followers. However, their gazes only lingered for a moment before they looked away, not wanting to offend anyone who released draconic undulations.

Still, what came out of the Ascendance Rift was a blue-robed middle-aged man with freckles on his face, even missing an arm. He took a look around first, noticing many immortals that shook his heart before moving towards the power of his choice.

"The Emperor of Death will ascend within a few hours." Forming a martial energy hand over his severed arm, he clasped his hands and bowed deeply in deference, not even bothering to mention his name at the moment.

Everyone's eyes narrowed in seriousness as the ascenders all said the same thing, making them also wonder if this was some kind of scheme concocted by the so-called Emperor of Death.

"It's true. Please believe us. The Emperor of Death will ascend within a few minutes or hours after sunset. The time is almost near."

A white-robed maintaining a respectful distance from that golden-robed woman pleaded, causing the latter to harrumph.

"Hmph! You better be right!"

Her voice heavily echoed, causing the white-robed man to become pale with fright as her undulations left him unable to breathe.

In the distance, a huge white-winged wolf watched the ascender tremble in front of a Level Nine Immortal. It panned its head and gazed at the other ascenders, constantly reassuring the powers they decided to sell their information.

'This is bad… who spread so much information about him…? They know that he would ascend to the West Ascendance Monument and even know that he could use heavenly lightning and heavenly flames… The fact that he has the Earth Dragon Immortal's Inheritor and also potentially houses the Fire Phoenix Immortal Inheritor's rumor has also gotten out of hand, attracting many powers into the fray...'

The white-winged wolf clenched its teeth, wondering how this was going to turn out as it waited.

Soon, the sun collapsed over the mountains, and the moon became brighter.

Just when everyone was getting anxious, especially the so-called ascenders, the heaven, and earth churned as space contorted, twisting into a vortex above the Ascendance Monument.

Viewing this scene, the ascenders couldn't help but want to jump in joy. They quickly turned to look at their power's representatives.

"About the reward..."

The white-robed man sheepishly asked the golden-robed woman, which made her scoff.

"Reward? Such a thing could only be given if we see the so-called Emperor of Death, but even before that, you think trash like you deserves a reward?"


"Look at yourself." The golden-robed woman narrowed her eyes in disdain, "A trash immortal who didn't even peak all your-"


The air shuddered, releasing a sonic boom as a golden-robed man appeared in the skies. His broad shoulders and muscled body were plain to see as he waved his thick hand.

"There's no need to waste time on trash begging for payment. Who dares to name himself the Emperor of Death? Step out if you dare!"

Instantly, everyone couldn't help but feel their hearts chill while the distant white-winged wolf felt its scalp turn numb.

'Even an Immortal King had come for him…!?'

"Muscle-headed dragons always need a beating to the head to learn their lesson."

"What did you say!?"

That golden-robed Immortal King turned to look at another Immortal King with visible anger in his eyes yet still recognizing that woman to be a proud Fire Phoenix!

The white-winged wolf was also stunned as she saw a crimson-robed woman hovering in the skies. However, it just didn't end with that.




A few more Immortal Kings appeared around the West Ascendance Monument, causing the Light Sky Wolf Immortal to finally realize that the situation had gotten out of hand.

'I… I must call the Starlight Jade Wolf King…!'

She had already called reinforcements, but at this rate, she knew that calling their ruler was the only way out. However, looking at the vortex revealed a faint image of a person, her countenance went pale.

'It's over...' She imagined, knowing that they wouldn't let such a genius live if he didn't belong to their power!

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