Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2307 Conspired

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Chapter 2307 Conspired

A blue-robed little boy, who was no taller than a hundred centimeters, ran in the courtyard with adorable steps before he hugged Founder Alstreim Windstorm's legs. Only then did he notice that there were many others in the courtyard, causing him to hide behind Founder Alstreim Windstorm's legs.

"Little Ermin. It's fine. They're our people."

Founder Alstreim Windstorm lifted little Ermin and held him in his arms. The little boy only took one look at them before losing interest. He turned to look at his grandpa, his eyes tearing up.

"Why did grandpa leave suddenly again? I'm going to... not talk with grandpa if… grandpa… keeps leaving us..."

"Ah! Little Ermin. Grandpa won't disappear without a word again. I promise…"

Founder Alstreim Windstorm made a consoling expression as he caressed little Ermin's head, causing everyone else to blink.

Didn't Founder Alstreim Windstorm say that his family was dead? Killed by Vacuous Beasts? They had doubted this for a while as they saw Davis's interaction with Founder Alstreim Windstorm ever since the start, as they could see what was going on through the projections.

So what was the truth?

However, Davis didn't seem surprised. On the other hand, Ancestor Cornelia couldn't help but narrow her brows.

Could that child be the only survivor?

However, that thought was quickly struck down as she felt a plethora of immortal undulations descending from the manor.

Twelve immortal beauties and sixteen dashing immortals appeared as they stepped on the ground. Most of them looked similar to Founder Alstreim Windstorm, causing them all to become cautious.

The Alstreim Family of the First Haven World had twenty-eight immortals? How come they were not a significant power?

'Nine Level One Immortals, five Level Two Immortals, four Level Three Immortals, and including the two outside, six Level Three Immortals. The remaining are four Level Four Immortals and four Level Five Immortals.'

Davis panned his gaze at the lineup of immortals. Some of them had blonde hair with green hair strands, obviously related to Founder Alstreim Windstorm, while a few others had different features.

However, they all parted, giving way to a middle-aged, white-haired man draped in crimson robes. However, despite looking middle-aged, there were pockmarks all over his face, making him appear quite scary and old. His eyes seemed to have gone white, appearing to have lost his vision.

However, Evelynn and others became astonished, even shocked, because the other party's aura was something they knew. No, they didn't know him personally but could tell what kind of race he belonged to, a Burning Phoenix.

"Cornelia, is that you…?"

The white-haired man's hoarse voice echoed, causing Ancestor Cornelia to feel as though she was struck by lightning. Her frail body began quivering before she even knew it, her eyes slowly widening while her lips greatly quivered.


Listening to the soft voice, the white-haired man smiled, making him rather look rather vicious yet weak.

"You have finally ascended."

Ancestor Cornelia heavily flinched before she rushed towards him. Arriving before him, she couldn't help but lift her hands.

"How… how are you still alive…?"

The white-haired couldn't help but reveal an even more frightening smile, "It's a long story..."

Ancestor Cornelia's hands shook as she heard his familiar voice once more. She placed her hands on his pockmarked face, which would be considered ugly and disgusting to touch.

However, she could see the uncanny similarity to his once handsome face but his hair, skinny build, and everything… why was his aura so weak!? Weaker than hers!

Tears streamed down her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him dearly before she cried out.


It was a cry of longing, guilt, and sorrow, one that lasted for more than a hundred thousand years.

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry…Forgive me, husband..."

Ancestor Cornelia held the white-haired man dearly as she asked for his forgiveness. To think she had remained in the mortal world while her husband had ascended.

What kind of accursed life was she living until now?

Lea Weiss had her eyes wide as she remained stunned. However, she came out of her reverie and turned to look at Davis.

He was smiling. Is this what he meant by telling her to believe him?

He had actually concealed that Ancestor Cornelia's husband was alive? For what reason!? Wasn't it good to be revealed instead if they were going to make Ancestor Cornelia ascend along with him?

But on second thought, she understood that Ancestor Cornelia wouldn't believe such words. After all, it was said that the Grand Elders and Ancestors of that time witnessed Ancestor Cornelia's husband dying to his heavenly tribulation-

'A conspiracy…!?' A hint of realization suddenly hit Lea Weiss as she shuddered.

"Don't cry… Fortunately, you survived because you remained. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to see your beautiful face now."

The white-haired man patted Ancestor Cornelia's head with a bright smile, although tears were silently pouring down his eyes. However, his words caused her to only further shudder.

Davis turned to look at Founder Alstreim Windstorm. However, his gaze fell slightly below.

Looking at Little Ermin, Davis couldn't help but feel complex. This little child lost his younger sister before she was even born because a Vacuous Beast killed his pregnant immortal mother. Only the immortals managed to survive. In other words, every other mortal member of the Founder's family was dead.

His gaze returned to Founder Alstreim Windstorm.

It wouldn't have been strange if Founder Alstreim Windstorm chose vengeance against Myria as most people don't care who caused the calamity but would target the weakest person involved so that they can have a sense of satisfaction in obtaining revenge which would further fuel their hatred and not really has quenched if what they've done is take it out on the wrong person.

"I didn't lie back then." Founder Alstreim Windstorm turned to look at Lea and the others, causing them to be taken aback.

"Back then, when the Vacuous Beasts invaded, his family was wiped out. My family would've also been wiped out if Ancestor Cornelia's husband didn't help my family from escaping, and consequently, I owed him my life. Knowing that there's a minute chance that Ancestor Cornelia would still be living, he asked for a favor, utilizing the debt I accumulated to send me into the Fifty-Two Territories, and as an upstanding man of integrity I would hold myself to be, I accepted it and ventured with my life on the line."

Founder Alstreim Windstorm revealed the truth, causing his own family to look at him angrily. Evidently, he had descended to the Fifty-Two Territories without telling his family. Even while receiving the glaring stares, he continued.

"Of course, I was also excited and anxious to see the state of the Alstreim Family I established. Had it flourished? Or had it collapsed? The moment I saw the Alstreim Family, I was dumbstruck. You wouldn't believe what I felt. I was full of awe and was moved by the current state of the Alstreim Family. Wait, didn't you see me flying like a countryside cultivator moving here and there with awe written all over my face?"

Founder Alstreim Windstorm stared at Davis, "That awe transformed into pride when I laid my eyes on you that I felt that I should thank Ancestor Cornelia's husband for sending me there."


Davis felt his cheeks turn hot to be praised his much, "Founder dragged me along with your stupid plan. Instead of giving Ancestor Cornelia the wrong ideas, you should've just-"

"Because I wanted it to be a surprise, and I needed to make up a reason for Ancestor Cornelia to stop being stubborn as I could see her wanting to die as she hadn't ascended yet despite having the capability, even if it is the slightest, I thought I could make her pity me but..."

Founder Alstreim wryly smiled, knowing that his plan didn't work as it was Davis and Lea who brought Ancestor Cornelia on board.

"No, we should've just explained that her husband is alive." Davis refused to agree, "That should've given her enough reason to live on and ascend but you…."

"That…" Founder Alstreim Windstorm clenched his teeth before he sighed, casting a glance at Ancestor Cornelia and her husband.

"Klade became crippled and heavily injured because of saving my family… I don't have the face to say that he's alive when I ruined his life, practically killing him due to my shortcomings..."

'Aren't you blaming yourself too much!? What are you? A saint!?' Davis was flabbergasted, wanting to shout at Founder Alstreim Windstorm.

He thought Ancestor Dian Alstreim was an understanding individual, but this fellow went off the charts, even blaming himself for every liability that happened.

However, Lea finally understood what was going on as a sorrowful light couldn't help but emerge in her eyes as she looked at the reunited couple. At the same time, she couldn't help but feel intense hatred against the old Grand Elders and Ancestors for deceiving Ancestor Cornelia.

As for the reason, she could more or less guess, a hint of disgust emerging in her eyes for the state of affairs of the Burning Phoenix Ridge more than a hundred thousand years ago.

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