Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2429 In Dire Straits

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Chapter 2429 In Dire Straits

Davis saw the last bosses descending towards him.

He had some unexpected help from the wolf in taking care of that unkillable-looking hydra while it was also destroyed by the heavens over some situation, but now there was a possibly nirvanic phoenix and a destructive kirin, not to mention the tyrannical dragon. Each of their annihilative heavenly auras was heavier than the rest, giving him a massive headache, literally.

His soul force had also dipped slightly, making him feel rushed.


Instead of welcoming them one by one, he flew into their zone, intending to hide behind one and the other as he tried to take advantage of their prideful mindset.

'If they have their uniqueness, then they should also have their weaknesses...!'

"Hey, you! Yes, you phoenix! Your partner abandoned and betrayed you for another partner because they were far better than you!"

"Weak ass kirin, get the fuck out of my tribulation. You think you can represent the heavens!? Only the dragon could!"

"Skrii!~* *Wraa!~~~*

A phoenix cry rang out, and a kirin's roar flooded the area, drowning Davis in immense rage that he couldn't help but shiver.

As expected, there was some kind of species instincts within them if they could react to his bullshit.

As they shot towards him, he was right in front of the dragon, along with his Spear of Damnation that he had finished conjuring just a moment ago.

He appeared before the lofty dragon that got to him first with its eagerness as he stabbed the Spear of Damnation right towards its face.

But it was a feint.

As he saw the phoenix slicing through the space from the left and the kirin blazing through from the right, he directly used the Hateless Ghost Emperor Steps he managed to somewhat learn within the last two days and disappeared.


The result was that the three beasts clashed against each other. However, they were intelligent as well because their clash didn't destroy them as they stopped at the last moment, except it did harm the dragon a bit as it was used as a cushion by the phoenix and kirin.


But from above, an iridescent black and white spear plunged and stabbed into the dragon's head.

It caused the annihilative heavenly lightning dragon to tremble before its pitch-black eyes trembled, its body freezing over as its Will shattered.


Having eliminated the most powerful of them all, Davis couldn't help but rejoice. However, it was too soon to be celebrating his victory, caught between the nirvanic phoenix and destructive kirin that slapped their attacks at him.


Davis flew into the distance, crashing into a mountain.


The phoenix flapped its wings, and a barrage of annihilative heavenly lightning hit Davis while the kirin unleashed an annihilative lightning wave at Davis. He was bombarded continuously by the two of them working together, perhaps because they were truly angered by his words.

Before, the heavenly lightning manifestations only sought to destroy him as they came closer but now, he was being targeted by their ranged attacks.

If it weren't his fault, then whose it was?

Especially, he felt embarrassed by the words he hurled upon the phoenix. He would never wish it upon strangers, but since he was really being hunted down here, he forcefully removed his limits. But still, it was distasteful. However, it was truly useful since it allowed him to kill the dragon in two moves.

Nothing would have been left behind if the dragon had attacked him. That was how much he was wary about it. And the same went for destructive kirin, although it wasn't suppressive as the dragon was.

Nonetheless, after three seconds, they stopped hitting him and shot closer.

Davis also walked out of the spatial mountain he was taking cover in as much as possible. His figure was bloodied from their onslaught, making him appear like a murderous warrior who had received thousands of cuts yet still stood tall.

His injuries weren't deep but weren't light either, especially when he wobbled out of the mountain, his vision appearing blurry as he coughed out blood.

'This is bad... my soul force is less than five percent...'

Just as he felt like his consciousness was fading from having exhausted almost all of his energies except martial energy and a little bit of essence energy, he abruptly sensed Evelynn's aura appearing within his soul sea.

It was her third eye trying to connect with him yet failing to do so.

However, it instantly caused him to come out of his reverie and dodge toward the right.

The annihilative heavenly lightning phoenix slashed past him with its wings as it soared while he threw himself in front of the kirin. His pupils dilated as he was about to engulf him in its wide-open mouth.

"Chaotic Rejuvenation..."

His useless severed arm rapidly grew a bone, but Davis punched out using that bone with bloodshot eyes. It struck its large razor-sharp lightning teeth and caused its head to bounce off.



The kirin was sent flying, but Davis didn't leave it alone, appearing above it as he unleashed a rapid flurry of martial arts moves.

*Bang!~* *Bang!~* *Bang!~*

Chaotic energy swelled within his body as they concentrated on his fists and legs. His bones were regrowing as he ground them to dust with each strike while his other hand was perfectly flattening the kirin. However, sensing a hint of danger, he activated his Supreme Immortal Spatial Crest and disappeared from space.


The phoenix crashed into the kirin, but it didn't end up fully killing it. The kirin's Will still survived, but at this moment, Davis's body which was one with the space from the crest, appeared before the kirin as he struck out with both hands.

The annihilative kirin inwardly sunk as space curved from inside, almost appearing like it was eating itself from within as it was compressed.


Davis yelled with extremity as he crushed the kirin, causing it to die as its Will was ripped apart by the spatial advantage he had over here. Without it, never would his spatial martial energy would be able to kill a Level Four Immortal Stage existence.

Even Wix Voidfield turned shocked over this matter.

Just as Davis was about to make another move, a wave of annihilative heavenly lightning emerged as a wing slapped him towards the ground. But almost as it happened, he moved away like a ghost, appearing in the distance as he gasped for breath.

His martial energy also almost came to nil, making him feel empty. Left with nothing more than ten percent of his essence energy and five percent of his soul force, Davis felt parched beyond compare. He felt like he could die anytime, even if left like this, causing him to cough out some globules of blood.

He felt nauseous.

'Fuck, I so want to die...'

Davis wiped his lips of blood and looked at his body, finding that his left shoulder was gone along with his left ear.

The phoenix's gaze was on him as it flapped its wings. Flapping two more times, it shot towards him, appearing like it intended to kill him with one last strike.

"So be it..."

Davis took a deep breath. He burned a significant portion of his pure blood essence within his heart, causing him to tremble as essence energy surged above his right palm. Heavenly lightning and heavenly flames crackled and splintered as they conjoined together, creating a heavenly firestorm spear.

Except, it was extremely powerful than any heavenly firestorm spear that he had created earlier, almost reaching Level Four Immortal Stage in prowess. However, Davis knew its explosive power was massive, causing him to take a step forward and shoot toward it.

The phoenix wouldn't dodge. Its instincts were no longer in control, or else it would be ranged-attacking him. Knowing the difference, he threw the heavenly firestorm spear like a javelin.


It cut through space and landed squarely on the phoenix's beak.


The explosion raged into the skies, clearing out tens of kilometers in an instant. With his energy running amok in the distance, he could certainly feel that the phoenix's will had been crushed.

*Rumble!!!* The heavens roared from above.

Instantly, Davis smiled. He flew towards the phoenix but unexpectedly plunged towards the ground, falling and rolling on the void dust before he came to a stop as he lay flat, his eyes looking at the rumbling dark clouds. It was enraged as expected and appeared unwilling to leave, or did it?

He raised his head slightly and glanced at the firestorm space, noticing the remnant strands that had crumbled rejoining. Its Will was ignited again, causing Davis's pupils to dilate.

He couldn't help but sigh inwardly. His thoughts were wrong. He thought it couldn't revive if he destroyed its Will, and the remnant lightning wasn't a problem, but it seemed like both didn't matter at all, seemingly capable of reviving itself upon death like a true phoenix.

Davis couldn't understand how this worked without a soul, but... using his hand to stand up when he didn't want to as his energy levels were down, screaming at him for him to stay down, he raised his head and gazed at the phoenix. However, he could see nothing other than a pitch-black scene that was flickering over clarity.

He was already losing consciousness.

'Should I ignite my soul essence...? No, I will lose consciousness and fail to immortalize. Even if I immortalize, I will die without a doubt, swallowed by the... secret realm... if I faint from exhaustion...'

Davis felt his sea of consciousness begging to fade away into darkness. He badly needed sleep, so much so that his body was ignoring the danger.

Was this the end for him?

'No...! One last move... keep yourself alive...!'

Davis screamed at his soul as he trembled and wobbled up, flying to the skies. He was like a feather that could be blown away by a breeze of wind. Nonetheless, his mind kept rapidly spinning, coming up with countless methods to come up with the best counterattack.

As he saw the scarlet annihilative phoenix reawakening, wings ablaze as its pitch-black eyes locked onto him, he knew time was up.


Davis could hear his own heartbeat as he prepared to sacrifice his blood essence and use the energy residing within his inner world revolving core's core at the expense of damaging it. At least, it was better than sacrificing soul essence and experiencing more chances of losing consciousness. But at this moment, he couldn't help but shudder.

He felt something break within his middle dantian, causing him to convulse.

Had his middle dantian cracked from over usage, unable to take the powerful brunt of chaotic energy and spatial energy combined?

Just as he checked, he saw that his middle dantian was still fine. However, the chaotic seed slumbering within held a crack.


Abruptly, Davis felt an ocean's worth of energy pouring out from that chaotic seed.

It was like an oasis of springtime in cold winter, rejuvenating him from head to toe as it cleared his pain and even allowed him to regain his sanity. Quickly, his left shoulder regenerated, and his martial energy kept restoring in heavy amounts.

Five percent... ten... fifteen... twenty-five... thirty... it was being rapidly restored without a stop, causing Davis to gawk.


The chaotic seed was used to store backup energy? Is that what it was used for?

Davis was stupefied but sensing his climbing aura, he couldn't help but shudder. At the same time, the phoenix was almost upon him, causing him to raise his right arm and unleash a powerful fist in instinct.

Chaotic energy surged out of his fist and rushed at the phoenix with incredible speed.

The phoenix managed to make it into Davis's zone, its talon almost landing upon his head. However, with the advent of the chaotic shockwave, two layers of space were simultaneously crushed as the phoenix was erased beyond recognition, leaving behind remnant annihilative heavenly lightning strands that were also pressured into breaking down into aura.

There was nothing in front of him anymore, leaving a shocked Davis who gazed at the height of his power in incredulity.

'Unbelievable! That attributeless attack had truly reached nine levels higher than his other attacks, but those had advantages with the special fusion properties of Supreme Laws...!'

Wix Voidfield's eyes went wide as she witnessed the scene. Just the fact that he could combine heavenly lightning and heavenly flames, life, and death energy, was mindboggling to her, but with him unleashing attributeless, unknown energy that reached nine levels higher, what was she supposed to make up out of this!?

'Woah... my chaotic energy came out...'

Davis blinked, wondering what the reason the chaotic seed cracked was. However, he couldn't help but suddenly float towards the skies, his aura starting to climb above the bottleneck as though a limiter had been released.


He came out of his reverie and hurriedly circulated the three cultivation manuals in harmony, noticing the ongoing changes in his body.


The immortal tribulation dark clouds thundered with an aggressive roar. However, it was starting to disperse after failing to have ended Davis's life.

Stella Voidfield rejoiced but became horrified at the collapsing realm. The moment the heavens began to leave, the sub-spatial layers that constituted the secret realm began to tumble.

Noticing the dreary situation, Wix Voidfield quickly opened the exit of the secret realm, afraid that everyone would fail to make it out as the gate was small.


At the next moment, immortal undulations gushed out Davis, shocking both Stella Voidfield and Wix Voidfield because they could sense his aura massively growing, his raw prowess appearing to be above six levels at a glimpse!

However, it didn't stop but kept rising!

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