Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2430 Collapse

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Chapter 2430 Collapse


The Void Dust Island was covered in frightening undulations as space rippled heavily, unable to withstand the pressure. If one were to view this scene from a distance, one could see the entire island wobbling as though it was a suspension bridge constructed on top of an abyss.

Within that island was an individual whose hair lifted in the air while his torn black robes fluttered.

He was covered in different kinds of light, each representing his attribute energies. However, the most prominent of them all was a colorless kind of light tinged with a bit of grayish hue. It represented his martial energy and also represented his body, its light overwhelming brighter than the others.

Davis had his eyes closed while feeling the immense magnitude of change that was manifesting in his body. His body had cracked like porcelain but shed those like powder and produced new skin, each cell filled with an immense amount of immortal energy. His flesh, organs, bones, and everything started experiencing a giant qualitative breakthrough from mortal to becoming immortal.

This feeling exhilarated his mind, giving him immense relief over the exhaustion just a while ago. It was like he was born anew, but that feeling didn't stop as his energy kept rising. His senses were constantly investigating the ongoing changes as he kept track of his three dantians.

They worked together to form an Immortal Vessel and an Immortal Soul Vessel right over his solar plexus. The former connected to his Essence Gathering Cultivation and Body Tempering Cultivation, while the latter connected to his soul, essentially forming a route that connected two-one cultivations.

Therefore, when he increased his Immortal Vessel's cultivation, his Essence Gathering and Body Tempering Cultivations would experience an increase, while when increasing his Immortal Soul Vessel's cultivation, his Soul Forging Cultivation would witness an increase.

The Immortal Vessel and the Immortal Soul Vessel were not the same but were interconnected as they were two sides of a coin, and hence, the three cultivations could also be said to be interconnected on a two-one basis with Soul Forging Cultivation on one side and the other two on the other side.

However, the creation of his Immortal Vessels didn't stop at the Mortal Level. They continued to keep experiencing a few changes that seemed intrinsic on the inside and powerful on the outside, his prowess continuing to rise.


Davis was pleasantly surprised.

His physique and uniqueness already gave rise to a prowess that was six levels higher. If he had to figure, he imagined that his mutated Supreme Immortal Uniqueness gave him a prowess that was three levels above.

Considering that conjuring an Imposing Rune, Crest, or Emperor Sigil would only allow for Immortals to increase their prowess by one level higher, he felt that it made sense.

As for the other three levels, he couldn't help but slam the table that it was his physique in confidence. They provided a prowess that was two levels higher! And even without a physique, his chaotic body was still that strong, causing immense waves of emotion to surge in his newly constructed heart.

Combined with the Mortal Immortal Vessel and Mortal Immortal Soul Vessel that gave one additional level, he understood that allowed him to rise six levels above as a base prowess.

However, it was not the end!

He faintly recalled Klein Zyrus yapping about the so-called difference in geniuses when he talked about the innate kind of Immortal Vessels. Combined with his previous knowledge, he understood what was going on, witnessing the changes in his Immortal Vessels as his soul drooled for more power.

A few more where minutes later, Davis finally somewhat stabilized in the Immortal Stage, his extreme undulations finally retreating into his body. His flesh also appeared slightly paler than before but radiated a heavy aura. It was as though space was curving upon him, making him feel as if he had become heavier or something.


However, space was truly curving beyond what it could endure, knowing that he had yeet out before the realm could collapse as his scalp started to turn numb.

"Big brother, come here quickly!"

Davis shot out. However, his eyes glanced at the annihilative heavenly lightning wisps as he made a sharp turn.

Noticing that their essence had been wasted a bit as they were left unchecked, he couldn't help but feel bad. However, it was still better than having nothing. He directly threw them to his life ring as his soul force imbued with immortal undulations swept around them.

Within his life ring, there remained his soul body, or at least, was there. It had somehow disappeared, perhaps after his change into the immortal realm. Having no time to check, Davis directly sent a soul body into it again to keep the heavenly wind wisps and annihilative heavenly lightning wisps from dissipating.

Hopefully, this Low-Level Immortal Grade Life Ring would be able to endure, or so he hoped before he dashed towards the Void Dust Tree.

His speed was extreme, so much so that it was almost instantaneous. Before one could even blink, he appeared before the Void Dust Tree. Stella Voidfield had already uprooted herself from the void dust soul, but it was clear that she wasn't able to change her size, still appearing massively fifty-meter tall and proportionately wide.

"Stella Voidfield, you need to leave too. I don't think this-"Just as he rapidly collected his thoughts and opened his mouth, he was interrupted by a giant tree shadow in the crumbling world.

"You're the one who brought the calamity here, so it's your duty and honor to land her to safety."

A voice boomed out with incomparable authority like the heavens, causing Davis to be astonished. But quickly, he realized that it was the mother tree, causing him to subconsciously nod his head.

"Senior, don't worry. As long as you can get me out- "

"We don't have time. Quick, take Stella inside your Life Ring and ready yourself because I'm going to hurl you into the vastness of space."

"Huh?" A sound of disbelief echoed from Davis's mouth.

It wasn't Stella who was going to open an exit or her mother, but it was her mother who was going to… hurl them off? Into where…?

The void…?

"… Se-senior…?" Davis's lips twitched.



A heavy aura bellowed at him while spatial collapse began to occur, and the starry skies that had turned into giant vortexes were already falling, enveloping the world in its destructive momentum, causing him to quickly take the Void Dust Tree into his Life Ring as it disappeared.

At the same time, Klein Zyrus's body turned lifeless as a small dagger pierced through his soul, killing him.

The dagger was made from Davis's soul force, but before the mindless Klein Zyrus's body could even fall to the ground, it disappeared into his spatial ring.

Now that he readied himself, he raised his head and bellowed.

"Senior, I'm ready!"


Echoed Wix Voidfield's voice. Her facial silhouette lowered as she gazed at Davis.

"My dear daughter is in your care until someone from my power appears to pick her up. Don't make me regret this… Davis Alstreim."


Davis was just about to assure her. However, his scalp turned numb when he heard her recognize him.

He didn't expect a tree Immortal Emperor to also have heard about him. Was he that freaking famous? Or rather, infamous?


Abruptly, he felt pulled into the void as some kind of spatial energy launched him like he was an arrow nocked upon on a bowstring, unleashed with an extreme force. He was unable to resist the slightest bit, causing him to turn aghast before he felt himself enter the dark tunnel as he was hurled into the vastness of space.



Stella Voidfield's cheerful yet excited voice was the only one that somewhat reassured him as she grabbed onto him.

No matter what, this loving mother tree wouldn't throw her child into a death zone, right?

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