Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 652 - Can It Work?

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Chapter 652: Can It Work?

He had driven there on his own for about an hour.

“Can it work?”

Hearing his wife’s doubt, Mo Boyuan shook his head helplessly.

“Honey, are you not confident in your husband’s ability?”

How could he not be able to do such a small thing?

Jiang Tingxu’s mouth twitched. She took another cup of water from the side and handed it to the man.

His wife had personally poured the water. It was better than drinking anything.

“I’ve already packed Ningning’s luggage. Don’t forget to go to the old residence tomorrow to get it. The luggage that you’ll be bringing along for filming in the future is packed in those two black suitcases.”

The man suddenly came closer.

“You’ve also packed mine?”

The scorching hot breath sprayed on her face, making her very uncomfortable.

Jiang Tingxu shrank back and pulled away.

“Might as well,” she said.

Is that so?

Mo Boyuan didn’t continue his teasing and returned to his normal self.

“The filming period is twenty-one days. During this period of time, remember to tell me if there’s anything, understand?”

Mo Boyuan was very worried.

The main thing was that the Jun family hadn’t been killed yet, and Madam Jun’s relationship was stuck there again.

Not to mention blood ties, Mo Boyuan had seen a lot of things over the years.

For the sake of benefits, there were even more cases of blood-related enemies turning against each other.

Jiang Tingxu naturally understood what the man meant and nodded.

“Got it.”

However, it was so far away. If something were to happen, how could it be solved with just a phone call?

How could Mo Boyuan not see what his wife was thinking?

“During the recording period, you may have to keep your cell phone. If you can’t get through to my number, you can call Zhou Xian. This time, Zhou Xian will go with you.”


At this moment, Uncle Jin arrived.

“Young Master, Young Madam, this is the chicken soup personally brewed by Madam. The two of you must finish it.”

Mo Boyuan and Jiang Tingxu did not refuse. After taking it, Mo Boyuan turned around and went into the kitchen to take out two bowls. Then, he took out the steaming chicken soup from the insulated box and handed it to his wife.

Uncle Jin looked at the couple getting along so harmoniously and was very pleased. His old face was full of smiles.

After drinking it, Uncle Jin packed up and left.

“Where’s Aunt Wen?”

“She went to the hospital before you woke up. There’s a critically ill patient in the department and Aunt Wen is needed.”

Jiang Tingxu nodded and looked at the time. It was not even four o’clock. It was such an awkward time.

The man cleared up the dishes and went to the kitchen. Jiang Tingxu was really bored, so she could only take out her phone to browse Weibo to pass the time.

After clicking on it, Jiang Tingxu was still quite shocked.

The hottest search on Weibo at the moment was “Li Hong’s disappearance in the detention center.”

Of course, this result was already expected.

After all, in her memory, Li Hong had indeed escaped from prison.

How much difference was there between missing and escaping from prison?

Weren’t they all the same?

The next few posts were also related to Li Hong.

When she scrolled through everything, she didn’t find any news about her family of three. Jiang Tingxu was clear that a certain man would make a move.


All the trending topics about the family of three on Weibo were taken down by Mo Boyuan.

In that case, Li Hong could be considered to have helped the family of three.

With her supporting the trending topics, the public’s attraction was no longer on Movie King Mo’s family of three.

It had always been the same in the entertainment industry.

There was always a constant stream of news that replaced the previous news.

It could be said to be the memory of a goldfish.

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