Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 755 - Was Within Reason

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Chapter 755: Was Within Reason

What was going on?

The little guy suddenly turned around and ran towards the crowd, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

Hmph, the little guy did not care about it now.

When he arrived in front of Lao Bao, he jumped a few times before stopping.

“Uncle, uncle.”

Lao Bao squatted down.

“Shh, your mother is right behind,” he whispered into the little guy’s ear.

After receiving the confirmation, the little one’s smile became even bigger.

Fortunately, he resisted the urge to throw himself into his mother’s arms.

After taking a few deep breaths, his eyes started to peek at her.

However, his line of sight was blocked by the surrounding crowd, so he could not see where his mother was!

Mo Boyuan also walked over at this time, and Lao Bao stood up.

This was the first time he was facing this lord at such a close distance. He was at a loss.

“Ahem, hello,” His voice was a little shaky.

There was no other way. He really could not control himself.

Mo Boyuan responded rather amicably.


After all, this was his wife’s colleague!

Mo Boyuan was not a child. He almost immediately guessed that Tan Yiming had done this on purpose.


However, he was very willing to accept this kind of surprise.

The father and son had already attracted everyone’s attention. Mo Boyuan picked up his son and nodded at Lao Bao. Then, he led the little guy back to his seat.

On the way, he used a tone that only both could hear to threaten.

“If you don’t want to bring trouble to your mother, from now on, you better behave yourself!”

The little man was not stupid. He immediately understood the meaning behind his father’s words and replied with a forced “oh”.

The father and son returned to their seats. Ye Hao came forward:

“Director Mo, do you know that brother?”

He was asking nonsense!

If they did not know each other, how could the little man have ran over so excitedly just now?

Mo Boyuan’s expression did not change at all, nor did he deny it.


Ye Hao was obviously curious and wanted to ask something more, but the Village Chief’s voice came from the loudspeaker.

“The fathers and the kids have been working hard today, so let’s cut to the chase.

We’ve already said this morning that the fathers’ tasks today are counted as points, and the level of the points will affect the fathers’ tasks tomorrow.

Now, let’s announce the total points for today’s tasks.

First of all, the highest points goes to Mr. Wu, who helped Grandma Hu change the roof of the leaky house. The score is 92 points.”

Wu Mubai really put his life on the line today. When he arrived at Grandma Hu’s house in the morning, he saw that only Grandma Hu, who was almost 80 years old, was left in the big house. She was blind, and her ears could not quite hear clearly.

He could not understand why the younger generation of Grandma Hu’s family would be at ease letting an elderly stay at home alone?

Even if they had to go out to work and earn money, they should at least leave someone at home to take care of the old!

If the old lady could see, he would be able to understand a little.

But now, he really, really could not understand!

Therefore, when he changed the roof tiles, Wu Mubai changed them very seriously and carefully. After he changed the spot where the roof was leaking, he also checked the rest of the place.

When he found that the tiles could not last for long, he also changed them.

If it rained again, at least he would not have to worry about Grandma Hu’s house leaking.

Wu Mubai had done so much for Grandma Hu willingly. It was reasonable for him to get the highest score.

The Village Chief gave a simple explanation. For a moment, the fathers and the children all applauded.

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