Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2847 - Limitless Sword

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Chapter 2847

Limitless Sword

Murong Yun’er shook her head as she laughed bitterly, the struggle in her heart must be massive.

“I once loved you, not because of your talent, nor your blade, but your very being. However, you only have your sword in your eyes, the sword is your life, I could not replace it, and you could not let it go, that’s why I chose to let go. The sword has become an inseparable thing in your life, without it, you’ll become a lifeless zombie. Sometimes, love is meant to let go, however, you could not understand it. Since your sword is able to shake the world, why do you look back towards your past?”

At that instant, the beautiful past flashed before Fang Bi’s eyes, however, it was all in the past, his blade was unstoppable but his lover would never return.

Once, in the past, he wielded his blade to protect his loved ones, yet, after practicing the blade, she left him, the flowers wilted. Even though time had passed, one could not forget the sweet past.

“But why did you never tell me? Why? You held this secret for a thousand years with hardship.”

Fang Bi’s face was filled with bloody tears, his body shaking, his heart utterly shattered into thousand pieces.

“Because love is selfish, I do not want you to let go of your sword because of me, that’ll be too selfish of me. Even if we’re together, will you be happy? Perhaps you, yourself do not know how important the blade is for you. It weighs even heavier than me in your heart, nobody understands you better than me, just like nobody understands the blade better than you.”

Murong Yun’er took a deep breath, that love was hidden deep within her heart, although she had loved him before, it was now pointless. Donghuang Taiji silently grabbed Murong Yun’er’s palm, the best answer was to believe in her.

Fang Bi’s eyes were left with dying embers, what use does it have even if his blade had become unparalleled? It’s a pity that things had changed, there’s nothing to look back for. When he grabbed his blade once more, he found that it was much harder and more painful for him to let go of his blade.

His blade and Murong Yun’er, both of them were important, however, if he was forced to choose one, he found that he would choose the blade without a hint of hesitation. Because the blade was connected to his blood, it was his whole life. Without the blade, his life would be colourless.

Fang Bi laughed bitterly as he watched Murong Yun’er and Donghuang Taiji hugged each other. His heart was thoroughly dead.

The moment his heart died, he found that everything suddenly became clear, his blade underwent a giant change once more. A sword intent suddenly rose within his heart, an unknown sword intent, one that was connected to him, one that was connected to the heavens and earth, his sword intent had once again gained a massive leap.

“The sword has no limits, endless, the Limitless Sword! Hahaha, I finally understood, with the intent of the sword, the world shall change.” Fang Bi laughed.

His blade’s qi burst through the sky, everyone’s gaze fell upon him, fell upon that devastating sword phantom.

“Jiang Chen, stay sharp, this is my Limitless Sword, the sword has no limits, if there’s a change in your blade, it’s just with a single thought of yours.”

Fang Bi wielded his blade and stood up. Donghuang Tai’a was looking at him with a heavy expression as Fang Bi was totally different from what he was earlier.

“Half-Step Divine King Realm, yet to possess such devastating might, terrifying.”

Jiang Chen looked at Fang Bi closely and seriously. He could see Fang Bi’s anticipation and decisiveness. He knew that Fang Bi was passing down his sword art and sword intent to him.

From just a sword phantom alone, it could easily destroy its surroundings in an instant. It was devastating and formless.

Gui Gu, Donghuang Tai’a, Mo Sanpao, A’Mo Kehan and the others stared in awe. The power that the current Fang Bi was exhibiting was probably even stronger than Gui Gu and Donghuang Tai’a.

In the sky, Fang Bi’s body moved continuously, leaving afterimages as he moved across the giant sword phantom with ease.

“Reigning supreme upon this land with a single blade, who does not know me?!”

Jiang Chen was in awe, everyone was staring at it silently. Fang Bi’s blade was not a tool to attack but a peerless art, he and his blade had merged into one entity, an unsurpassed entity.

“As swift as the wind and lightning, as fierce as the thunder, as heavy as the mountain and waterfall, as gentle as a silk!” Jiang Chen murmured.

Each of Fang Bi’s moves was ever-changing. The Limitless Sword gave Jiang Chen a great inspiration, his sword art was many times greater than Jiang Chen. Fang Bi’s heart did not contain just his blade but also his heart of longing.

“I am crazy about the sword, incomparably reckless, anything and everything could happen where the blade points.”

Fang Bi’s Limitless Sword could be seen by everyone, however, nobody could understand that supreme sword intent that could rival even the supreme gods except for Jiang Chen. Fang Bi’s sword intent has reached a terrifying height, an ordinary cultivator could never understand it even if he wanted to learn it. Therefore, the Limitless Sword could only be understood by Jiang Chen, who had a great understanding in the art of the blade.

Although Fang Bi had lost his beloved, his prowess in the blade had reached a greater height, especially that sword phantom, as if it could cut the heavens apart, one that was unstoppable.

“How much you can absorb, that’ll depend on your own fortune, Jiang Chen, I, Fang Bi, do not regret being friends with you in this life. One must have a good life, do not leave any regrets. If you’re able to understand the eighth blade, the Limitless Sword will reach yet another greater height. You’re much more talented than me, do not disappoint me!”

“Sixth Sword!”

“Seventh Sword!”

“Eighth Sword!”

Fang Bi’s blade overlapped again and again, one could see the cycle of samsara from his sword art. Jiang Chen could see that Fang Bi was at his limits when he performed the eighth blade. However, he himself could not even perform the sixth blade. To unleash the Limitless Sword, one must need not just the understanding of the art of the sword, but also the ultimate embodiment of the realm of swordsmanship as well.

“I’ve completely received it, everything is formless.” Jiang Chen said.

“Good good good! The Limitless Sword is formless, you could unleash the fifth blade in a single go… this means that you’re capable of the Limitless Sword. The Dao of the blade is endless and formless. I’ve hypothesized countless ways, the strongest I could think of is the 17th sword, however, I could only perform up to the eight sword.” Fang Bi laughed, there was no regret in his voice.

He looked back towards Murong Yun’er, his heart was calm as it had become a form of sword intent.

“Jiang Chen, promise me, you must push the Limitless Sword to the extreme, because I look forward to that day.”

“Alright!” Jiang Chen nodded heavily.

“Life is like Go, I am willing to be a sword, to change into a sword qi, to exist in this world forever!”

Fang Bi changed into a sword qi and merged with the Heavenly Dragon Sword. Everyone was silent, nobody could understand Fang Bi as he turned himself into sword qi.

“Perhaps this is for the best, my friend!” Jiang Chen murmured without showing happiness nor sadness.

Fang Bi died a worthy death, his greatest desire was to have his Limitless Sword become a story that will be known to many generations later, Jiang Chen will not let him down.

The Heavenly Dragon Sword let out a buzzing sword intent, as if it resonated well with Jiang Chen.

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