Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1023: Warming Up

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Chapter 1023: Warming Up

"W-What the hell kind of introduction was that, Disciple Xiao?" Ji Ning asked him when he returned.

"That was more of an advertisement for your massage parlor than a freaking introduction! How are you going to get any partners like this?!"Li Sang sighed out loud.

"By the way. I am more interested in the Golden Yin Pill. I have never heard of it. What does it do?" Wu Bing asked him.

"The Golden Yin Pill increases the quality of one's Yin Qi by two to three levels. It's not a priceless treasure, but it's good enough for a place like this." Su Yang said with a smile.

"And my objective for coming to this sect isn't to find partners. I'm here to raise my cultivation, and that's all that matters," he added.

After Su Yang's little show, the place did not return to normal for many minutes, and the next few disciples that stepped inside the red circle were unable to find partners.

Eventually, the event came to its end.

"Thank you all for coming to today's event, and I bless all those who were able to find a partner today. As for those that were unable to find a partner, don't lose hope. There will be countless more opportunities for you to find a partner in the future." Shengguang Qiang said to the disciples there before flying away.

The spectators salso began disappearing from the scene shortly after.

Su Yang and the outcast triplets returned to the Outcast Peak.

"Then I will see you guys later. I am going to bond some more with my new partner." Li Sang said to them before walking away with his new partner and a smug smile on his face.

"That damn fatty... How the fuck did he manage to get a partner and I didn't?" Ji Ning sighed.

"I will also see you guys later. Good luck." Wu Bing said to them before walking away with his three partners.

"So it's just the two of us that are still single, huh? I thought it was going to be easy to find a partner in a place like this when I first joined, but alas... Competition here seems even more difficult than the outside world."

Su Yang smiled and said, "Have some faith and confidence in yourself. Women- they don't like men with such weaknesses, at least most of them." read on ligh­tno‎velpu­b.c‏om to see more.

"Thanks. And good luck to you too, I guess." Su Yang nodded and returned to his living quarters.

"How did it go? Your matchmaking." Xing Aiying asked him when he returned.

"We'll find out soon."

"Knowing you, you probably used a treasure to challenge them. So... what kind of treasure did you offer?" Xing Aiying stared at him with a smile on her face.

Su Yang chuckled, "The Golden Yin Pill."

"I see... That is definitely enough to stir up chaos within the Outer and even Inner Court."

"Are you sure you don't want to prepare? There's going to be a

line outside this building very soon."

"I'll be fine, but I can use a warmup." Su Yang said with a profound smile.

"I was thinking the same." Xing Aiying didn't waste any time removing her clothes.

However, before she could even remove a single piece, someone knocked on his door and said, "Manager, there are people standing outside our building." Mei Ying's voice resounded.

"Looks like they came sooner than expected." Su Yang said.

"What a pity. I wanted to help you warm up."

"Silly thing, you think I'd put others ahead of my own wife? Family comes first." Su Yang smiled.

He then spoke out loud, "Tell them that I need some time to prepare!"

"I understand." Mei Ying responded before going outside to speak with the disciples.

"Shall we get started with the warm up?" Su Yang asked Xing Aiying as he started loosening his robes.

A beautiful smile appeared on Xing Aiying's face, and she quickly sealed the room with a powerful formation that not only removes their disguise but also completely separates them from the rest of the world so that nobody would be able to disturb them.

Meanwhile, outside their building, Mei Ying said to the three beautiful disciples standing outside, "I'm sorry, but the Manager is currently preparing. He should be with you shortly."

The disciples looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"Manager? I guess he really owned a massage parlor... Are you his client or worker?" One of the disciples asked her.

"I work for him."

"I see... Can you tell us a little more about him?"

"What do you want to know about the Manager? Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited since I am still relatively new."

"Well... You can just tell us everything you know about him."

Mei Ying nodded and said, "The Manager is not only the most generous person I have ever met, he's also my savior. He-"

"What about his skills?" One of the disciples suddenly interrupted.

"If you're talking about his hand techniques, then I can only say that he's one of if not the best out there. As for his other techniques..." Mei Ying blushed slightly when she recalled how he embraced her body. Try the lightnovelpub platform_for the most advanced_reading experience.

"His massage parlor became one of the most popular businesses in the City of Pleasure in a few weeks for a reason."

"I've never been to the City of Pleasure, so I do not know their standards, but I have high expectations after hearing his little speech today. He sounded quite confident in his abilities." The disciple smiled.

"To bet on a Golden Yin Pill... I am going to be the one who acquires it."

"Keep dreaming. If anybody is going to get the pill, it will be me!" A fourth disciple suddenly showed up.

Soon, more and more disciples started showing up at Outcast Peak.

Just what in heavens' name is the Manager up to this time? Why are there so many people looking for him? It's almost as though he started his business again...' Mei Ying wondered inwardly as she managed the line, which filled up quite quickly.

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