Dual Cultivation - Chapter 883 - Selling His Yang Qi

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Chapter 883 - Selling His Yang Qi

"What do you mean by that? Are you implying that I cannot tell the value of this Yang Qi? Do you even know who I am?" The lady holding the bottle spoke with an unhappy frown on her face.

Su Yang looked at her calmly and said, "You're from the Glacial Fairy Manor, and judging from the style and color of your uniform, you hold the position of a sect elder— probably for the Inner Court."

The woman was slightly surprised by Su Yang's accurate assessment since their sect was relatively small in the Divine Heavens with less than a hundred thousand disciples.

Of course, Su Yang knew about them. After all, he'd cultivated with plenty of their sect elders and even their Sect Master in the past.

"S-Since you seem to know us so well, tell me, what am I not understanding? Why is this Yang Qi worth so much money?" The sect elder then asked.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Give it a taste and you'll understand."

"You want me to taste this Yang Qi?" The sect elder asked for confirmation.

Su Yang nodded, "Don't worry, I won't charge you for it."

The woman turned to look at the bottle of Yang Qi in her hands and swallowed nervously for some reason.

"Elder Mu, are you really going to…?" One of the ladies there asked.

"As much as I hate to admit it, I have never seen such high-quality Yang Qi before, and I am very tempted to buy this." The woman called Elder Mu said as she dipped the tip of her pinky inside the bottle before putting it inside her mouth and sampling the Yang Qi.

A moment later, Elder Mu's eyes widened with surprise, and a profound flicker appeared in her eyes.

"W-What is this?! Why does it contain so much spiritual energy? It's also different from the Profound Qi I am used to!" Elder Mu looked at Su Yang with a questioning gaze.

The smile on Su Yang's round face grew wider, and he said in a calm voice, "Because within that Yang Qi contains Celestial Qi, albeit very little."

"C-Celestial Qi?!"

Elder Mu and the others immediately gasped after hearing his words. After all, only divine beings such as the Heavenly Emperor and other gods with a powerful bloodline could possibly have Celestial Qi!

Does this mean this bottle of Yang Qi came from a divine being? If that was the case, the price of 1 high-quality spirit stone is definitely worth it! In fact, they'd pay even 5 high-quality spirit stones for a single bottle!

"N-No wonder why this individual wanted to keep his identity a secret… He is someone with Celestial Qi…" The ladies looked at Su Yang with envy, as they were jealous that he knew this mysterious individual.

It was completely understandable why someone with Celestial Qi would hide his status, as they are usually people with exalted statuses within the Divine Heavens, and it would be problematic for that individual's status and face if he was found to be selling his Yang Qi in public.

"D-Do you mind if I have another taste just to be sure…?" Elder Mu asked Su Yang in a trembling voice.

"Go ahead." Su Yang nodded.

"The rest of the ladies can also have a taste if they wish," he added.

The ladies around Elder Mu didn't hesitate to dip their pinkies in the bottle and taste the Yang Qi a moment later.

"Elder Mu's right! This Yang Qi is completely different from what I usually experience! Is this really Celestial Qi? I cannot really tell since I have never had Yang Qi infused with Celestial Qi before!"

"If you have something that can test for Celestial Qi, you may go ahead and test it for yourself." Su Yang said to them.

Elder Mu pondered with a serious expression. While they have plenty of those back at their sect, one normally wouldn't bring such tools with them, so they have no way of testing the Yang Qi to see whether it truly has Celestial Qi or not. However, she didn't want to risk leaving this place without these Yang Qi since someone else might buy them before she could test the Yang Qi.

After thinking for a few minutes, Elder Mu turned to look at her disciples and said, "I am going to buy these Yang Qi; it's too good to pass up if they're really infused with Celestial Qi. However, I still have to test them back at the sect, so I will need some of you to stay here and look after him just in case he's a fraud and scammed us."

"Are you okay with letting my disciples stay here until I come back with the results? It'll only take two days at most." Elder Mu turned to ask Su Yang.

"I don't mind. I still have three days in this place." Su Yang nodded.

"And before I buy all of your Yang Qi, do they all contain the same Yang Qi? I will test every single bottle, and if I find even a single bottle that doesn't have the same Yang Qi, I will hold you accountable," she said to him.

"I can assure you that they all came from the same person," he responded with a calm smile.

Elder Mu nodded and asked, "How many bottles do you have in stock? I will buy them all!"

"I have seventy bottles in total."

Elder Mu then counted 70 high-grade spirit stones before handing them to Su Yang.

"Thank you for your patronage." Su Yang handed 70 bottles of Yang Qi to Elder Mu, who quickly stored them inside her storage pouch.

"Then I will be right back. Make sure he doesn't go anywhere. If he dares to run, cut his legs!" Elder Mu said to her disciples before disappearing from the scene.

Meanwhile, the surrounding businesses were dumbfounded that Su Yang had actually managed to earn 70 high-grade spirit stones from selling a few bottles of Yang Qi, even feeling a little bit of jealousy!

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