Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife - Chapter 1996 - The World is Huge, But Home is Wherever You Are (Part Sixteen)

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Chapter 1996: The World is Huge, But Home is Wherever You Are (Part Sixteen)

Three days later.

Young Master Yan had buried himself in a mountain of work when the office door burst open.

The person didn’t knock and simply barged in.

He frowned, looking annoyed. When he raised his head, he looked dumbstruck. “Wen Xuxu, why are you suddenly back?”

After a few seconds, he stood up with a bright smile.

Wen Xuxu lifted her eyebrows. “Why? Do you have a woman hiding in the office?”

Her eyes wandered around the office as she scrutinized every corner. She seemed alert and sharp.

Yan Rusheng shook his head. “Of course not.”

“It doesn’t matter, anyway. You can do whatever you want. I came back to work.” Xuxu raised her chin like a proud queen.

She strode to Yan Rusheng’s desk, pulled his chair, and sat down.

Young Master Yan instantly poured her a cup of water and placed it on the desk. He rounded the desk and stood behind to massage her. “Wife, why didn’t you call me? I could have fetched you.”

Xuxu suppressed a grin as she watched him. In a cold tone, she spoke, “Yan Rusheng. Don’t fawn about me. I won’t fall for it.”

Yan Rusheng diverted the topic. “Where is my mother?”

Although he wasn’t good at massaging, it still felt good. Xuxu closed her eyes to enjoy it.

Young Master Yan chuckled. “Did you have fun?”

Xuxu curled her lips and nodded. “Of course. I got to know the handsome and poised Young Master Ji.”

“Just a young punk who is still growing.”

Young Master Yan furrowed his eyebrows and he halted his movements.

Xuxu slowly turned her chair around to face Yan Rusheng. With a smile, she glanced at him. “How do you know that he is still growing?”

He was insulting a stranger that he didn’t know, and it sounded a little lewd.

Yan Rusheng was frustrated. “Wen Xuxu! Are you still a woman?”

“Shouldn’t you know if I’m a woman or not?” Xuxu’s batted her eyelashes and she winked at him.

Hey! This stupid woman had transformed after a trip. She became thick-skinned and even learned how to seduce a man?

Young Master Yan’s heart was successfully tickled, and he hissed, “I’m not quite sure. Let me inspect.”

He bent and scooped Xuxu off the chair before marching towards the room.

Xuxu’s heart skipped a beat and she punched his chest to protest. “Yan Rusheng, what are you doing? Let me down.”

She kept landing light punches on his chests. He knew that she was pretending to protest.

Young Master Yan couldn’t restrain his desire any longer, and he kissed Xuxu’s forehead. “I need to check if you’re still a woman.”

He had already reached the room, and he didn’t even bother to shut the door. He threw her on the bed and immediately pounced on her. He lifted her skirt swiftly.

“Ahh… So ticklish.”

Xuxu writhed under his body as her tinkling laughter echoed around the room.

Yan Rusheng halted his movement as he gazed at her gently. “Did you miss me? Huh?”

She would be a fool to say otherwise, and Xuxu was a wise woman. She nodded fervently and said, “I miss you. Very much.”

Young Master Yan grinned happily. “Am I the most good-looking?”

“Yes. My Ah Sheng is the most good-looking man in the world.” Xuxu caressed his face and kissed him.

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