Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 660 - The Turkish Academy

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Chapter 660: The Turkish Academy

The Turkish academy only joined the colonization armies a little over a century ago. It was not that late, but because the Turkish used to be colonized by England on Earth, they had been helped into the New World by the British Royal Academy. They had been under the Royal Academy initially, and only gained their independence later on.

After gaining their independence, they also lost the help of the English, and were faced with various problems in their development. In an entire century, they only had three medium-sized cities in their colonized territories, which was considered very small.

Such a trifling academy, forget the major forces of Dawn Academy and Judge Academy, even compared to the Japanese Academy, they were far behind in comparison.

However, Xiao Lin believed that Raymond from Judge Academy would not have given him the warning for no reason, and he trusted the judgement of the president and Yu Mei as well. This year, the Turkish academy definitely had outstanding new students.

“I heard that the Turkish put a lot of heart into the secondary professions, so they are quite strong on that front. Unless we continue fielding Gu Xiaoyue and myself in that department, it will be hard for us to win. However, if Gu Xiaoyue and I participate in that, I’m a little worried about the individual matches.”

Two days before the match, Xiao Lin gathered the various monitors for a short meeting. Yu Mei should have been in attendance as well, but she and the president had made the decision to not appear in order to train up Xiao Lin, and Xiao Lin naturally took it to heart.

“Are you worried about Cheng Ming and Chen Dao?” someone asked. They were not accusing him, since Xiao Lin had become much more convincing as a leader after their massive victory over Judge Academy. At the very least, no one dared to directly contradict him.

“Chen Dao’s combat style is quite aggressive, and isn’t really suited for team battles. It’s better if he participates in the individual matches. Cheng Ming is different from Chen Dao. Even though your golden sword aura is very strong, truthfully, you are really weak against magical attacks,” Xiao Lin pointed out bluntly.

Cheng Ming was not angry. He rubbed his head as he admitted, “It’s true, I’m not someone who specializes in agility, so magic gives me a big headache.”

Xiao Lin nodded as he continued, “We don’t have much information on the Turkish, but from what information we have, their trump card is probably a mage, so Cheng Ming might not be able to win in the individual portions.”

“What about the team battles? Are we sure we can win with this line-up you put together?”

Xiao Lin smiled and said, “I can’t guarantee anything if it were against Judge Academy, but if it’s just the Turkish academy, then as long as I’m around, there won’t be a problem!”

After that, he glanced over at Gu Xiaoyue. The latter hastily looked away after feeling his gaze. Xiao Lin smiled softly, not saying anything else before summarizing the training for the next two days and allowing everyone to go back.

That weekend, the day of the tournament…

It was more or less the same as the first round. Dawn Academy had also prepared a large hall to allow the other students to watch the tournament. Xiao Lin and the others went to the tournament venue bright and early. This time, they were already familiar with the venue as the hosts, so they placed their attention on the Turkish instead.

Xiao Lin had wanted to shout out a greeting, but the translator was not there yet. Even though some of those present had very fluent English, they spoke no Turkish at all. It was more or less the same on the other side. They kept measuring Xiao Lin, but did not walk up to speak. The difference in language and culture meant they did not have much in common.

After the tournament officials arrived, the tournament officially started.

Xiao Lin and the Turkish leader shook hands. The other leader was named Said. Of course, it was an abbreviated name, since their full names were very, very long…

The first individual match featured Chen Dao. His opponent was a very young woman. She was not that confident of herself, and actually seemed very nervous, which was a hallmark of a rookie. Of course, Xiao Lin and the others did not underestimate her, but the match ended in just three minutes. Chen Dao did not even get the chance to use his talent, and only used his familiar spells to completely dismantle the woman’s defenses.

Chen Dao left the arena looking quite unsatisfied, and even disappointed. To that youngster, fighting strong opponents was his greatest interest.

Xiao Lin’s expression was weird as he encouraged Chen Dao.

The next match was Class Six’s monitor Li Jiayi. The ponytailed woman was good at ice-type magic, and her skills were moderate. Considering the advantages of mages, Xiao Lin arranged for her to fight.

She did not make an appearance in the last battle, so she was a bit nervous. She could not help but tell Xiao Lin and the others to not blame her if she lost, but of course no one gave her too much pressure.

Xiao Lin did not have much hope for that match, since he was not sure of their opponent’s skill. However, the results were unexpected, Li Jiayi only needed over two minutes to end the fight. The time was even shorter than Chen Dao’s. Her opponent had chosen to surrender. The difference in the skill of both parties was obvious, so the Turkish did not want to waste their time.

Gaining a two to zero lead from the individual matches perked everyone up, but Dawn Academy lost both of the secondary profession matches that followed. WIthout Xiao Lin and Gu Xiaoyue, it was hard for the others to win in those matches. Most of them have not even studied the basic materials. Of course, the Turkish academy’s performance was not that amazing either. They did not have anyone with Martin’s level of talent, but just being mediocre was enough to win the two matches.

The addition of the secondary profession matches had been in consideration of the weaker academies, and that point had shown itself that day.

However, Xiao Lin did not mind, since they had already planned on giving up on those two matches. The only thing that surprised him was that the Turkish academy chose to give up on the two individual matches.

“This is interesting. Did they anticipate that we wouldn’t use the same strategy as what we used against Judge Academy?” Xiao Lin said thoughtfully.

“Yes, it’s definitely so. In the end, you messed up your strategy. If you used the same strategy as the last round, we would already have won!” Han Manman could not help but mock him. She did not get the chance to participate twice in a row, so the woman was naturally unhappy.

The others looked at her with a strange expression because she was the one who said that the strategy was bad during the last round, but now she was praising that same strategy.

“It’s fine. Let’s treat it as some team work practice.” Xiao Lin smiled in a carefree manner.

The team battle that served as the main event was about to start.

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