Elixir Supplier - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: All The Rare Illnesses Can Be Cured

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“I’m here to thank you. Thank you for the formula. My brother has woken up and recovered well,” said Guo Sirou.

“That’s great,” said Wang Yao with a smile.

“By the way, what do you do? Are you a Chinese Medicine Practitioner?”

“No, I am…” Wang Yao didn’t know what to say.

Task: In the name of a traditional Chinese Pharmacist, said the system.

You are traditional Chinese Pharmacist from today. This is your occupation for the rest of your life.

What does that mean?

Wang Yao was stunned. After a while, he realized what the system meant.

“I am a traditional Chinese Pharmacist,” he said calmly.

Task: In the name of a traditional Chinese Pharmacist.

Task status: complete.

Reward: a multifunctional pot for herbs.

“Pharmacist. So what you do is dispense, prepare and examine drugs?” asked Guo Sirou.

“Yes.” When Wang Yao was hesitant of what to say, the voice of system appeared again.

The role of a traditional Chinese Pharmacist is to plant various types of herbs, brew various types of decoctions and treat various types of diseases.

Wow! Wang Yao was stunned. Looks like I haven’t met half of the criteria! Wang Yao thought.

“Are you talking about traditional Chinese Pharmacists?” He Qisheng sitting next to them asked.

“What is that?” Guo Sirou asked curiously.

“They used to be called herbal workers and traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners throughout history. In ancient China, the great traditional Chinese Pharmacist can cure all the illnesses!” said He Qisheng.

“That’s impressive!” Guo Sirou was amazed. The way she looked at Wang Yao became different.

“Of course in ancient China, medical practitioners were able to grow herbs and prescribe formulas. I think the herbs you grow are fantastic,” said He Qisheng.

“You are so kind to say that,” said Wang Yao with a smile.

“This bank card here has half a million yuan. The password is the last 6 digits of your mobile phone number.” Guo Sirou took a bank card out of her handbag and gave it to Wang Yao.

“What is this?” Wang Yao frowned.

“To thank you for saving my brother’s life,” said Guo Sirou.

The formula was worth half a million— that sounded really expensive. But Wang Yao didn’t take the bank card. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t tempted, but he decided not to accept the money.

“I can’t take the money. As I mentioned, I don’t want to bring trouble to my master. I hope Miss Guo will keep this in mind. That’s all I want.” Wang Yao only needed a promise from Guo Sirou to prevent her from bringing endless trouble to his family.

“Why not?” said Guo Sirou. She always repaid kindness with kindness and enmity with justice. For her, saving her brother was a huge favor which she had to repay. Of course she would keep her previous promise as well.

“Well, I’ll remember that you owe me. I will ask for your help if it is required in the future,” said Wang Yao.

“Okay!” Guo Sirou accepted without hesitation.

Wang Yao then invited them to his cottage and shared out two glasses of water.

“This water is so special!” Guo Sirou was amazed after taking one sip. She immediately felt the difference. The water was sweet and made her very alert.

He Qisheng’s eyes lit up after drinking the water but he didn’t say a word. He took another sip and left the water in his mouth so that he could feel it, as if he were tasting wine and special tea.

“Spring water?” asked He Qisheng.

“Yes,” replied Wang Yao with a smile. This is the normal spring water he took from the hill. After filtering and boiling it, he added some ancient spring water to it. After all, the supply of ancient spring water was limited. With just a little bit of it, a normal glass of water could turn into something magical.

“I’ve never had such sweet and pure water. Now I’m a bit envious of your lifestyle, young man,” said He Qisheng.

Wang Yao laughed. He also thought his life was wonderful. He was very happy to live and work on the hill—it made his life full.

After staying in the cottage for over ten minutes, Guo Sirou and He Qisheng were ready to leave. They invited Wang Yao to visit Qi Province before they left.

“Goodbye,” they said as they left.

“Bye,” Wang Yao waved to them.

“Miss, this young man is not simple,” He Qisheng could feel it even after a brief chat. To him Wang Yao was so different and extraordinary; he had vision and ability. He believed that if Wang Yao was born in a prominent family he would become a great man.

“Yeah, much better than those fellows from Qi Province,” said Guo Sirou. For those who were familiar with Guo Sirou, they would know that she was speaking very highly of Wang Yao.

The two of them drove out of Wang Jia village.

On the other hand, Wang Yao returned to the cottage in a hurry to check what he had been rewarded with after completing the task.

There was a pot inside the system’s package. Using his mind, the pot turned into a flash of light and fell into Wang Yao’s hand. The pot looked slightly different from the modern ones used for brewing decoction—it looked antique. The material used for making the pot was neither gold nor jade but instead felt like some special stone.

This multifunctional pot for herbs can be used to brew all sorts of herbs without losing any of the medicinal effects.

Without losing any medical effect?!

Wang Yao was amazed as he read those words. Given the amount of research he had done, he knew that some of the herbal effects could be lost during brewing. It was very hard to keep all the medicinal effects. But after he had witnessed the magic created by ancient spring kettle, he was full of expectation towards this small pot which didn’t look special at all.

At lunchtime, he went home and found Wang Zexiao waiting for him with a strange look on his face.

“Yao, you are finally here,” said Wang Zexiao.

“What’s going on, Zexiao?” asked Wang Yao with a smile.

“I’m here to apologize,” said Wang Zexiao shamefully.

“Apologize? For what?” Wang Yao was surprised.

“My mom told those people that the herbs which saved me were given to us by you!” Wang Zexiao said quietly as he looked down at his toes.

It was not until this morning that Wang Zexiao knew of his mother telling their family members of this secret. They had made an irresistible offer to his mother of half a million yuan. The money was enough to change the whole life of Wang Zexiao’s family. After hearing of this, Wang Zexiao had a big fight with his mother. He then hurried to look for Wang Yao to apologize and notify him to prevent further troubles.

“I see. That’s alright!” Now Wang Yao knew how Guo Sirou and He Qisheng knew of the herbs he gave Wang Zexiao.

“Can I have your bank card number?” asked Wang Zexiao.

“For what?” said Wang Yao surprisingly.

“I want to transfer the money she gave my mother to your bank account,” said Wang Zexiao.

“No, you keep the money,” Wang Yao waved his hand with a smile. But he started to become curious about who Guo Sirou was. What kind of person would pay half a million yuan for information? She also wanted to pay him half a million yuan for saving her brother—that’s one million in total. She must be very wealthy.

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