Elixir Supplier - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Why Are You Staring at Me?

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“Today I saw a person who drove a Range Rover up to the Nanshan hill. It seems that he is very wealthy,” Wang Ru said.

“Yes. Someone came with that vehicle to some buy herbs several days before,” Zhang Xiuying said calmly.

“What? Buy herbs with a Range Rover? What kind of herbs?”

“Sealwort. It sold for nearly 400 thousand yuan.”

“How much?” Wang Ru thought she heard wrong.

“390 thousand yuan,” Zhang Xiuying raised her head and looked at the girl, “Why are you staring at me?”

“That two acres of field—390 thousand yuan?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, but why did I know nothing about it?” Wang Ru almost shouted.

“What are you shouting for? Be a lady. You have not asked us.” Zhang Xiuying refuted Wang Ru with her words.

That is the reason why he could be so powerful when talking to me. He could make a fortune with just two acres of sealwort. He could earn so much more if the entire Nanshan hill was planted with sealwort!

Wang Ru could see all the money suddenly.

“Girl, girl?” Zhang Xiuying waved in front of her.

“Ah. You should encourage my brother to plant more. There are still some available places to plant herbs!” Wang Ru said when she was back to herself. She did find a vast amount of empty spots when she went to the hill today.

“Ah, you should not worry about your brother. You should think about your own stuff. Hey, remember you should not marry anyone who has been divorced!” Zhang Xiuying said seriously.

“I know, Mom.”

In the afternoon, Wang Yao decocted an herbal medicine silently. It was so hard to succeed in decocting the medicine and there was barking from outside.

“Who is there?”


“Ah, sister. Why do you come here again?!”

Wang Yao felt anxious. He had read Natural Classics but this meant nothing when he was faced with his sister.

“I hear that you have made a good fortune with the sealwort?”

“Yes. What do you want?” Wang Yao became alert soon.

“There is still a lot of empty places on Nanshan hill. Why don’t you plant some more sealwort?”

“I plant medicine herbs for interest mainly. As for the money, it is just mere worldly possessions,” Wang Yao said calmly.

“Bullshit. You jumped into the river when you lost money before!” Wang Ru stared at him angrily.

“I did not try to kill myself!” Wang Yao was so angry. His sister always brought up all the things that he hated the most. Were they really delivered by the same mother?

“You have no need to explain.”

“I am not explaining. That is the truth!” Wang Yao yelled.

“What are you doing with all the empty space?”

“Herd sheep,” Wang Yao said angrily.

“What? Herd sheep? You are going to herd sheep? The mutton is so expensive recently, so I guess it’s good to herd sheep. I happened to meet a person in the Animal Husbandry Bureau…”

“Sister, I am so busy. You should hurry and go back home to help Mom cook dinner. The hill path is rugged so watch out!” Wang Yao pushed his talkative sister out of the cottage.

“It is too early to cook dinner. You—!” Wang Ru found she had been pushed out by Wang Yao before she could finish her sentence. The cottage was locked from the inside.

“Ah, such a rude boy!”

He was quiet finally!

Wang Yao took a deep breath continued reading the book, Natural Classics, then he continued working on his mission.

When it was almost dinner time, Wang Ru left. Tomorrow was Monday and she had to go to work.

“My sister left?” Wang Yao thought it was good for such a talkative person to leave.

“Yes,” Zhang Xiuying replied. She seemed to be worrying about something.

“Ah, do you think that that man will continue to bother your sister?”

“You worry about it?”

“Do you have a friend in town? Can you ask them to look after her?” Wang Fenghua who seldom spoke asked him suddenly. As a father, he must worry about his daughter, but he showed his love in another way.

“I will make a phone call,” Wang Yao replied.

“Yes. You should find someone to look after her.”

Having finished the meal, Wang Yao entered the room. He thought about it but he could not find a trusted person in the Lianshan County. He had so many classmates, but they had not been in contact for years. Besides, they were not that good of friends.

“Ah. Got it!” Wang Yao thought of someone and then he made a phone call.

Soon, there was a guest in the house of Wang Yao—Wang Mingbao.

“What happened to your sister?” Wang Mingbao asked when he sat down. He didn’t drink the tea set out on the table.

He was the only one that Wang Yao could think of. He came from the same village and he grew up with him, so he was trustworthy. Secondly, Wang Mingbao did business in Lianshan County and he would know many people who would be helpful. Hence, Wang Yao called him, but it was lucky that Wang Mingbao was back to the village today.

“Someone is chasing after her, but he is not a good man. I am afraid that she might lose face. You are in the county, so you can help her if something comes up.”

“Okay. Who is that guy?” Wang Mingbao listened and agreed to it.

“Hu Chengan, a staff in the Agricultural Bureau and his family background is complicated.”

“Hu Chengan!” Wang Mingbao buried the name in his mind. “Yes, he’s the one who destroyed the herbal field. Have you found him yet?”

“Not yet,” Wang Yao responded.

“I have some directions, but I am in a lack of evidence,” Wang Mingbao said.

“Evidence from who?”

“From Beihe and Wang Jiangang,” Wang Mingbao said their names.

“Wang Jiangang?” Wang Yan frowned slightly since he did not know him.

“Well Hu Chengan is one of the people who wanted to contract Nanshan hill. I also went to the county committee to see the security footage of that day. He went out at 8 pm and came back at 1 am. However, it was strange that the camera in the village did not record where he had been!”

“I have wanted to question him, but he was in the hospital, so I put it aside.”

“Hospital? When did he go to the hospital? For what?” Wang Yao asked him.

“Yes, it is ten days before. He seemed to drop into a ditch at night and broke a bone!” Wang Mingbao said.

“Ten days before? At night?” Wang Yao’s eyes brightened since someone who attacked his herbal field got hurt. He was the one who quickly tried to escape from him on Nanshan Hill that one night.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s fine.”

Wang Yao shook his head. It could be confirmed that Wang Jiangang was the number one suspect. He did admire that man for doing such a bad thing in the mid of night, however, he did suffer for his actions.

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