Elixir Supplier - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: You Are from a Wealthy Family, but So What?

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“Take it easy. You can leave your sister to me. I have a friend in the agricultural bureau.” Wang Mingbao agreed with it.

“You just tell me if there is anything.” Wang Yao said.


The friends chatted for a while and then Wang Mingbao got up and left.

On an island hundreds of kilometers away in an antique villa.

There were three people in the hall—a middle-aged man, a man in his 60’s, and a beautiful woman with a good figure. The middle-aged man was Tian Yuantu who bought Anshensan from Wang Yao. The man in his 60’s held the bottle of herbal medicine and poured a little bit into his mouth.

“How do you feel, Uncle Gu?” the woman asked.

The old man said nothing and then he opened his eyes for a while. His eyes were wide with shock.

“Ginseng, angelica, licorice…”

Wang Yao would be so surprised if he was here at that moment since the old man could say all the herbs that were in the herbal medicine after having only tasted it once. Such an ability was so surprising.

“Good medicine!” The old man, whose family name was Gu, said.

“Master Gu, can Rong Cheng use it?” Tian Yuantu asked.

“Yes. I have told you many times that I am not a master.” Gu smiled and said, “Where did you get this medicine?”

“Lianshan, I got it accidently.”

“Oh? Can you show me the high master who dispensed this herbal medicine?” Gu asked.

“The…the regulations of that man are strange.”

Tian Yuantu was embarrassed. It was good to gain the recognition of Mr. Gu. He even called the person who dispensed the medicine a high master, which shocked Tian Yuantu so much given the identification of Master Gu.

The old man seemed to be kind, but his expectations were high, so he would not praise others casually. That meant that Wang Yao and his master were really brilliant. He should keep a good relationship with Wang Yao since anyone could get sick at any time. But, he could also flatter Master Gu by introducing Wang Yao to him. However, Wang Yao might be annoyed by the sudden introduction.

“It doesn’t matter. I am just curious. There is a magic herb in this medicine,” Gu said. “You can make an appointment and call me if he would like to see me.”

“Okay.” Tian Yuantu had to agree.

“So, it can be used by Rongcheng?”

“Yes. How should he take the medicine?” Gu asked Tian Yuantu.

“Take the medicine when it’s warm and it should be finished within three days,” Tian Yuantu said.

Gu suddenly thought of something. “Was your wife cured by him?”

“Yes. It was the herbal medicine.”

Tian Yuantu also begged Master Gu to cure the disease of his wife. He had done acupuncture on her and even prescribed a dose of herbal medicine for her. It had been effective at the beginning and his wife’s condition was under control. However, there was another side effect of the medicine—she kept vomiting and had diarrhea, so she had to stop taking it.

“So, I’ll go feed him the medicine.”

Tian Yuantu, Gu, and the woman all went down the stairs. They came to a warm bedroom filled with the smell of benzoin, an aromatherapy to make people at ease

There was a window close to the bed, and in the bed there was a person. He was emaciated with a sallow complexion and deep eye bags. His eyes were semi-closed and his breathing was weak. There was an advanced first aid instrument next to the bed.

“Ah,” the woman sighed when they entered the bedroom.

Tian Yuantu looked at the person in the bed. The man had been handsome but now he became as slim as firewood. Now he lived solely off of medicine and he could pass away at any time.

The woman whispered a couple times and then she fed him the Anshensan carefully. Gu felt the pulse of the man in the bed and then he stood up for a while.

“Still the same status. The medicine should be finished within three days while it is warm.”

“Okay,” the woman said.

“Rest well.”

Tian Yuantu stayed at the villa for a while and then he stood up and left.

“Xiao Xue. Give me the medicine,” Gu said to the woman when Tian Yuantu left. The woman did not ask questions and she gave it to the old man. The old man took out a bottle from his pocket, then he poured a little bit of the medicine into it and sealed it.

“Uncle Gu, is there a problem with the medicine?”

“No problem, but I am just curious of the components and I would like to test the medicine. Rongcheng, you should look after him well,” Gu ordered.

“Okay,” the woman replied.

“You have suffered a lot.”

The old man looked at the beautiful woman. She was just in her 30’s; this should be the best time of her life. She married a rich guy and so she should be living a comfortable life. However, her husband had a strange disease without any sign of improvement. To her, living as a widow would be horrible.

“With rich families comes complications; I just have to deal with it,” the woman said.

The old man looked at the young woman who had been deemed as his daughter. He cared about the patient because he was her husband. Their status meant nothing to him.

It was brighter outside of the room.

On Nanshan hill atop a rock, sat a man trying to induce his Qi through meditation.

Wang Yao closed his eyes and he could feel warm energy coming from the east hit his body—the sun was rising. He breathed and his body moved with the air. Inducing Qi at dawn and reciting the books at dusk had been the things that Wang Yao did these days.

Wang Yao went back to the cottage when it was nearly 9 o’clock. Today was the seventh day and there was still one herbal medicine left to be decocted.

Selecting the herbs, weighing the herbs, washing the herbs, immersing the herbs, making a fire and finally decocting the medicine—all of these must be carefully and methodically done.

One dose of herbal medicine meant one success.

Mission: ten herbal medicines should be finished within seven days, complete.

Wang Yao heard the system when the seventh herbal medicine was finished. However, he happened to find that all he gained was just some extra bonus points and nothing else.

These 25 bonus points, added with the previous points, can be exchanged for the Five Lines Method.

Wang Yao opened the medicine shop in the system and then he bought the Five Lines Method, Primary. It was only five bonus points.

Looking at the ancient book in his hand, Wang Yao could not help but open it excitedly. It described the simple principles of embattling. It was not the kind of embattlement in wars, but the embattling of the mountain, the water, the forest and the wood. Most of them were used for defense, which was the thing Wang Yao needed.

Having gained the book, Wang Yao studied the book when he wasn’t working in the field, inducing Qi and reading passages from scriptures. It became colder as time went by.

Wang Yao went down the hill and left the village; he went to the town. He was going to buy some tree saplings.

“What? You’re buying tree saplings and want to build a greenhouse?” The one who heard that Wang Yao wanted to buy tree saplings thought the young man was a fool.

“Yeah!” Wang Yao replied plainly.

“What kind of sapling do you want? It cannot be planted at this time, you know,” the man persuaded him. “It is late fall and it will be winter soon. But you still want to try and plant trees at this time?”

“Jujube tree, cottonwood tree, bonsai, magnolia figo.” Wang Yao ignored the man’s warning.

“Huh?!” The man was shocked.

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