Elixir Supplier - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: A Sleepless Night

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“I’ll go with you,” said Wang Yao.

“Okay, I’ll ask your dad to look after the herbal field. He doesn’t want to travel anyway.” Zhang Xiuying left the hill happily.

After a moment, Wang Fenghua, Wang Yao’s father came up the hill.

“Dad,” said Wang Yao.

“Yes, off you go. Don’t worry about the herbal field. Leave it to me. By the way, is there anything that I need to pay special attention to?” asked Wang Fenghua.

“Nothing specific. I’ve done everything. I planted quite a lot herbs in the area over there. Please be careful with that area.” Wang Yao pointed the area where he planted several licorice roots.

“I see, be careful on your way,” said Wang Fenghua.

“Sure. See you soon,” said Wang Yao.

After Wang Fenghua saw his son walk down the hill, he turned around and started to check the herbs Wang Yao grew. It was December and winter had come, but the herbal field was full of green as if it were still spring. Wang Fenghua didn’t know much about herbs, but he knew the jujube trees and chestnut trees nearby well—they had been there for decades. He knew that there shouldn’t be many leaves left on the tree during winter, but the trees were still very much alive with a lot of green and yellow leaves on them.

What happened to the trees? Wang Fenghua wondered.

He walked closer to the trees and saw young leaves springing out of them. He was surprised to see the trees sprouting and growing new leaves in winter.

Looks like Yao has done something really special! Wang Fenghua smiled and walked to the cottage after making sure that everything was fine.

Wang Yao went to his home and packed some noodles with his mother before leaving the house. On his way out of the village, his mother asked him to say hello to every villager they came across.

Wang Yao simply shook his head; his mother was so happy.

No one dares to talk about my son behind my back! The look on Zhang Xiuying’s face made Wang Yao feel guilty.

He presumed his parents had heard quite a lot of vicious words about him and were upset about it in the last three years.

It will not happen again! thought Wang Yao.

Wang Yao didn’t drive fast as he didn’t have much driving experience. It took him about 20 minutes to arrive in town. He drove straight to the supermarket to do some shopping.

“Don’t spend so much money!” Zhang Xiuying said to Wang Yao when she saw the receipt.

“Don’t worry! All the stuff I bought are for our family,” said Wang Yao with a smile.

They went to Wang Yao’s aunt’s house after they had finished shopping. The company his auntie used to work for had gone bankrupt and his aunt didn’t look for another job due to her poor health. Zhang Xiumei was very happy to see her sister and started to catch up with her as Wang Yao made tea for them.

Wang Yao and his mother stayed for lunch.

Wang Yao drove his mother and aunt over to his uncle’s house after lunch. His uncle was not at home but his wife was in. They didn’t stay for long. He then drove his mother home at around 4 pm, although Zhang Xiumei called him to ask them to stay for dinner.

They did some cleaning at home and had an early dinner. Wang Yao went back to the hill right after dinner.

Inside Lianshan, town center, Wang Yao’s auntie’s home, his auntie was having dinner with her husband and son.

“What has Yao been doing?” asked Zhang Xiumei’s husband.

“Growing herbs, why?” said Zhang Xiumei.

“Business must be good. It didn’t take him long to buy a car. That car is not cheap!” said Zhang Xiumei’s husband.

“Yes, he did make some money,” said Zhang Xiumei.

She still remembered that one of Wang Yao’s formulas had cost 260 thousand yuan. She also knew that Tian Tuyuan bought the formula eventually. With that money, Wang Yao could easily buy a car.

“Dad, what car did my cousin buy?” asked Zhang Xiumei’s son curiously.

“A Volkswagen Tiguan,” said Zhang Xiumei. “There are three in the neighborhood.”

“They are not Tiguans,” said her son.

“What are they then? Seems all the same to me. Maybe your cousin bought a deluxe version,” said Zhang Xiumei.

“Haha,” laughed her husband. He saw the car when he came back home at lunch time. The car seemed to be similar to the cars in the neighborhood but he knew that Wang Yao’s car was actually two times more expensive than those cars.

It was getting dark and cold on the hill.

Wang Yao was lying in bed with a thick cover over him. He had a roll of Huangting Jing in his hands.

A shadow suddenly appeared outside the cottage. San Xian jumped out of his dog house as he heard the sound. He looked towards the source of the sound and started to bark.

What’s happening? Wang Yao got out of bed, put on his clothes and walked out of the cottage.

Just then, something was thrown towards the window of the cottage.

Wang Yao squinted his eyes and caught the thing—it was a stone.

Stupid! Wang Yao thought.

Wang Yao looked at the shadow in the dark and felt amused about what the person did. The person came to the hill in the middle of the night to make trouble in order to jeopardize Wang Yao’s contract on Nanshan Hill. But his method was really ridiculous and childish.

San Xian was about to jump on that person when Wang Yao stopped him.

“San Xian, stay here,” said Wang Yao.

Wang Yao looked at the person who had no intention to leave. Wang Yao had been reading scriptures recently and trying to lead a quiet and relaxed lifestyle. But that didn’t mean that he had no temper and could be bullied by anyone.

The person threw another stone, which was caught by Wang Yao again.

Wang Yao had extraordinary senses due to his daily breathing exercises and consumption of ancient spring water. He could see well at night and had excellent reflexes.

“Shit!” the person cursed after two misses.

He was surprised by Wang Yao’s quick movements.

Let me see who you are! thought Wang Yao.

He ran towards the person like a bolt of light and smartly avoided the herbs and trees as he could see well in the dark.

Oh no! I have to run! the person was shocked.

He turned around and tried to run off, but Wang Yao was much faster. By the time Wang Yao almost caught him, another man appeared nearby. The man threw a stone towards Wang Yao, who swayed aside to avoid being hit. Wang Yao looked up at the attacker.

“You have an accomplice!” said Wang Yao.

He picked up two stones from the ground, transferred his Qi from his belly to his arm, and threw the stones towards one of the men who tried to get away.


Wang Yao heard someone screaming. He immediately threw another stone towards the other man who had run further and heard screaming again. The man almost fell to the ground.

Wang Yao was about to chase the two men but he suddenly stopped as he looked towards his cottage and herbal field.

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