Elixir Supplier - Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Great Passion in the Past but Now It Is as Quiet as Water

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“Dad, how about sending you back and I come here again. It is not far, and it is still some time from noon. I can send you back and come here,” Wang Yao drove and said.

“No. I know how to go home. Who is that girl?”

“My classmate,” Wang Yao explained.

“You should talk with her; do not hurry to go home. You can stay out for the night. I will look after your field,” Wang Fenghua said seriously.

“What?” Wang Yao was shocked after that since he knew that there was something else behind his words.

“Stop yelling!” Wang Fenghua stared at him.

“Got it,” Wang Yao had to agree.

Wang Yao drove to the hospital when he sent his father to the station. He had planned to buy something to give to Tong Wei’s parents, but he received a phone call from Tong Wei that she had just left the hospital.

“You don’t need to stay with your mother?” Wang Yao asked.

“It is okay. My brother is there,” Tong Wei said with a smile.

“Is your mom better?”

“Yes. She can leave the hospital in a few days.”

“Great. Where should we go?”

“It is my treat. You can pick up the place,” Tong Wei said generously.

“I am stranger to the restaurants in town. So, you just choose one?”


Tong Wei chose a characteristic restaurant. It seemed to be clean with great decoration. There were so many customers before lunchtime, so the restaurant should have a good reputation. They chose a place close to the window and ordered several dishes of foods. They talked with each other before their food came

“Have you been to Island City recently?”

“Something happened to the company and I will stay at home. I won’t go there before the next year,” Tong Wei said.

“That sounds great. You could take a break.”

“How about you? What are you doing? You even have a grand vehicle.”

“I still take care of the herbal field at home and I happened to buy a new vehicle.”

“Just happened? Old friend, you have so many secrets!” Tong Wei said.

“It’s nothing,” Wang Yao.

“I want to visit your field when I am free. Can I?” Tong Wei said casually.

“Yes, you can. You’re welcome anytime.”

Soon the food arrived at the table. They ordered two bottles of juice but they did not order wine. They ate and talked about the old days in school. They would smile happily when there were some happy memories.

Tong Wei looked like a flower and her smile was so charming.

Wang Yao was lost in himself at that moment. Such a woman…

They talked about the past and the future.

Wang Yao used to have a dream of doing business so he could be wealthy. However, the pharmacist system and the herbal filed as well as the books changed him. The used-to-be passion had gone and the current life he had now was what he wanted.

One mountain, one cottage, one field, one dog and several books. Be calm and be quiet, work at day and rest at night, sound friends and a good reputation—that was all he wanted.

This attitude of Wang Yao’s shocked Tong Wei since it was not normal for a young man to say such things. It should be an old man who lived the life that Wang Yao did.

“Old classmate, you’ve changed,” she said.

From her words, Wang Yao had a new attitude towards the old classmate. She was a strong and powerful girl, which Wang Yao already knew when he met her at school. She was so outstanding in knowledge and appearance. As a result, she would have higher standards for others and she would not choose to be flat and ordinary.

She seemed to be a rose and a pearl; she deserved a sharp and colorful life. She hoped to live in the metropolis and when she would get tired of it, so would go back to the country.

It was a conflicting thought.

They talked more and more. They seemed to be a couple from afar. However, everything had to end and time flies when you’re having fun.

“Are you busy in afternoon?” Wang Yao asked.

“No.” Tong Wei thought he would invite her to go out and she was happy.

“So, should I drive you home or to the hospital?” Wang Yao shocked Tong Wei.

He seemed to not follow the script?

Having confirmed that he was serious, she smiled and said, “Hospital.”

“Okay, I’ll bring you there.”

Wang Yao wanted to treat her, but Tong Wei did not agree with him, so he just drove her to hospital. He also wanted to take a look at her mother, but he thought her family would mind him being there, so he did not go there.

Tong Wei watched the vehicle go.

Am I not attractive or does he have no feelings towards me?

It was her first time to lose self-confidence to herself.

Wang Yao parked the vehicle and went to Nanshan Hill when he went back home.

“Why are you here?” His mother asked him when he went to the hill. She sounded unhappy.

“Where should I go if I don’t come here?” Wang Yao was confused.

“How about that girl?”


“You stop fooling around. Your dad told me that a female classmate treated you to a meal. She looked beautiful and smart.”

“Her mother lives in the hospital and she should go back to the hospital this afternoon.”

“So, why don’t you stay with her?”

“Why should I do it?” Wang Yao asked.

“Okay then, invite her to our home to have a meal.”

“No. Why should I invite her to our home? We are just common classmates, nothing else!”

“Common classmate relationship? So why does she treat you a meal?” Zhang Xiuying asked.

“I have done her a favor.”

“So why does she not ask for others, but you?” Zhang Xiuying continued.

“I happened to meet her!”

“Happened? Just happened? Are you so silly? She must have feelings for you, but you still know nothing about it. Do you like someone else?” Zhang Xiuying said.


“Are you ready to be a monk?!” Zhang Xiuying widened her eyes as she thought of something terrible. “No. I must burn all your books!” She went to the cottage.

“Mom, Mom!” Wang Yao hurried to drag her away. “I won’t be a monk!”

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