Embers Ad Infinitum - Chapter 524: Harvest

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Chapter 524: Harvest

The old, cracked phone was clearly very light, but it looked as if Gauis was holding something weighing dozens to a hundred kilograms when he held it in his hand. His arm trembled to a certain extent.

In the dark environment, he aimed the black hole-like phone screen at former Consul Beulis.

This powerhouse—who had contracted the Heartless disease—seemed to smell danger. His immobile body trembled from the inside out, but in the blink of an eye, his bloodshot, turbid eyes lost all their luster. Only a little fear remained.


Beulis fell to the ground, his breathing coming to a stop. His heart stopped beating, and there was no sign of life left.

Gaius secretly heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this.

Although this consul and commander-in-chief had just contracted the Heartless disease and had become a dangerous monster, preventing him from having any powerful political influence, Gaius didn’t dare to be careless.

Even if such a powerful figure became a Heartless, he was still a Superior Heartless that could enact changes on the current situation and bring about serious damage.

To be honest, Gauis didn’t believe that things would’ve developed so smoothly if it weren’t for the fact that Beulis—a new Superior Heartless—had successfully bound all the nobles, their attendants, and guards in the Senate.

It had to be known that there were many Mind Corridor-level Awakened in this group. If they joined the battle in time, the situation outside the Senate definitely wouldn’t be like this. Gaius also wouldn’t have the opportunity to sneak in and use the phone to control the situation.

He hoped to make the situation clear before the big shots—who had already entered the New World—woke up and determined the winner. Only then would he have enough chips to bribe and placate them.

As these thoughts raced through his mind, Gaius aimed the phone screen at another Conservative Elder.

When the Elder’s figure reflected in the ‘black hole’ on the phone screen, he silently lost his life.

Just like that, Gaius dealt with the Conservative Elders one by one, especially the powerful or influential ones.

Even if a small number of the Conservatives were Mind Corridor-level Awakened, Gaius didn’t show any mercy; he even included them in his priority list. Gaius knew very well that this would significantly reduce First City’s strength after the chaos, but he didn’t care.

Compared to First City’s overall strength, he cared more about the stability of his subsequent rule. Besides, he had teamed up with many religions this time. When the time came, he definitely had to take a share of the loot and continue tying them to his chariot. These religions’ Mind Corridor-level Awakened could be considered high-ranking combatants in First City—at least when facing outsiders.

As he watched the Conservative Elders fall, their faces warping with fear, their muscles relaxing, and their stench seeping out, a ringing sound suddenly sounded in Gaius’s mind.

The phone had clearly stopped dialing, but he still heard the corresponding ringtone!

Gaius’s expression turned cold, knowing that he would be affected if this continued. He looked at the dozen or so Conservative Elders remaining and sighed rationally before pressing the hang-up button.

The phone’s screen didn’t immediately return to normal. The ‘black hole’ lingered for a few seconds before reluctantly dissipating.

Nearly ten seconds later, the phone’s cracked screen was no longer pitch-black or bright. The ringing in Gaius’s ears also vanished.

The immobile Superintendent Alexander and the others seemed to have regained control of their bodies.

Golden Apple Zone, 14 Round Hill Street, in Avia’s classic-looking villa.

Under the parrot’s relentless pecking, Kanna’s eyes stirred. She subconsciously raised her hand and shielded her face. “F*ck, who hit me?”

“Your father!” the parrot replied eloquently.

Kanna opened her eyes and shook her head, finally recalling her current situation.

“I think you’re tired of living!” As she threatened the parrot in Ashlandic, she wore Friendly Halo over herself. No matter what the situation was, the most important thing was not to get beaten up!

As a Mind Corridor-level Awakened, Kanna’s hearing had already recovered. As she spoke, Kanna stood up and cast her gaze out the window.

Upon seeing the Awakened that could force people to fall asleep unconscious on the top of the black car, she blurted out in surprise, “What’s wrong with him?”

We were affected by Forced Sleep. Who knocked this fellow out?

The parrot opened its mouth and replied, “Who should I ask if you’re asking me? Are you stupid?”

Kanna didn’t curse at it because she saw Shang Jianyao—who was sleeping not far away from the military-green jeep—slowly stir awake.

Nobody could keep sleeping when their left arm was injured and bleeding unless they had already lost a lot of blood and were close to shock.

More importantly, the Real Dreamscape’s owner had already been anesthetized and couldn’t maintain the effects of his abilities. Shang Jianyao and the others had become normal sleepers, making it easier for them to wake up.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Shang Jianyao had just stood up when he rushed toward the military-green jeep in a posture he had rehearsed many times in his dreams. He first stretched out his right hand, grabbed Jiang Baimian’s left wrist, and pulled at it a few times. He then exerted strength with his waist and abdomen, using the black car’s hood to jump to the top of the car and squat beside the anesthetized enemy.

Shang Jianyao didn’t bandage his wound. After all, the multi-purpose bayonet was still in him—it stopped some of the bleeding.

He took off his tactical backpack and retrieved a medical kit before quickly taking out a syringe of anesthetic. This was to make the enemy fall completely asleep before the anesthetic gas’s effects weakened due to the good ventilation!

As for whether it would be excessive or fatal, it wasn’t a question Shang Jianyao was concerned about.

Jiang Baimian woke up in the jeep. She reflexively jumped up and almost hit the steering wheel.

After she saw the situation on the top of the black car clearly, she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. She turned around and handled the small speaker that was still playing the song.

She didn’t want to suddenly regain her sense of hearing after everything was under control. That would afford her a weakness from the need to pee.

Upon seeing this, Kanna nodded in approval and focused her attention on the old woman in the black beanie.

She walked over and picked up her pistol. As she inserted it into her clothes to prevent it from affecting the degree of her ‘friendliness,’ she said to the parrot, “Go somewhere further away and wait. Come and peck me awake if anything happens later.”

“Damn it, you ignorant woman. Am I someone who can be summoned back and forth as you please?” As the parrot grumbled, its body reacted obediently.

With a flap of its wings, it flew out of the shattered glass window.

Kanna looked at the unconscious old woman and didn’t take the opportunity to attack her. This wasn’t because she was soft-hearted but because she had previously communicated with the Old Task Force and agreed that it was very likely that one or even more Kalendarium were behind this chaos. They didn’t dare to kill ‘Their’ believers.

It would be troublesome if the other party’s death attracted the attention of the corresponding Kalendaria. Therefore, Kanna sat on the armrest beside the old woman and paid close attention to the latter’s condition, prepared to make her physically fall asleep.

After injecting Khal with the anesthetic, Shang Jianyao took the opportunity to take out bandages and other items from the medical kit to treat the wound on his left arm. He then pulled out the multi-purpose bayonet and tore off some of his bloodstained clothes.

“There, your loved ones.” Jiang Baimian alighted from the jeep and placed the small speaker and portable recording device on the top of the black sedan.

She realized that her hearing had almost recovered, and she believed that it was the same for Shang Jianyao.

She then ran to Bai Chen and Long Yuehong’s side and slapped them awake. Without bothering to explain anything after seeing them stir awake, she quickly said, “Watch the captive. Shang Jianyao and I will go in to find Avia. If the captive shows any signs of waking up, shoot him immediately!”

Captive… Long Yuehong was still a little confused. After he saw the unconscious Khal on the top of the black sedan clearly, he realized that they had captured a Mind Corridor-level Awakened!

“Alright.” Bai Chen—who was wearing a military exoskeleton—nodded and rushed to the black car.

At this moment, Shang Jianyao completed some simple bandaging and smiled at Bai Chen. “I’ll add some insurance for y’all.”

He stuffed the piece of blood-soaked clothes into Khal’s mouth, hoping that the strong smell of blood would inundate the latter’s nose the moment he woke up.

Long Yuehong was stunned and suddenly pitied the Mind Corridor-level Awakened.

One can be killed but not insulted!

However, Long Yuehong gained more confidence in watching the unconscious enemy from Shang Jianyao’s actions.

Jiang Baimian held in the twitching of the corners of her mouth and didn’t say anything. She crossed the black sedan and ran toward Avia’s classic-looking villa.

She was racing against time.

Shang Jianyao stuffed the small speaker, portable recording equipment, the prayer beads, necklace, gold coins, and other items he had plundered from the enemy into his tactical backpack. After that, he jumped up and followed closely behind Jiang Baimian.

The two of them followed the route they took in the Real Dreamscape and passed through the hall to the bathhouse lobby in their memories.

After pushing open the door, they saw the dead maid and the sleeping Avia.

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