Embers Ad Infinitum - Chapter 948: Courage to Change the World (1)

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Chapter 948: Courage to Change the World (1)

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Jiang Baimian’s consciousness returned to her body, and tears had unknowingly slid down her face.

She closed her eyes and bent down without stopping.

She picked Shang Jianyao up and carried him on her back. She then identified her bearings and ran toward the only exit.

In the green room in Master Zhuang’s mind world.


Shadow of Distortion, Winst Garland, had also entered. In place of the Arbiter of Fate, he ran toward the golden Buddha from time to time.

Whether Subhuti used Consciousness Deprivation or the Six Realms of Rebirth and Existence, Shadow of Distortion wasn’t affected because the other party wasn’t aiming at him at all.

This was his ability—Error Judgment!


Under the New World, this was called Human Rubberbanding. Now, even Awakened abilities would barely ‘miss’ him!

In a few flashes, Shadow of Distortion appeared above the golden Buddha. He held a conjured two-handed sword and suddenly slashed down.

Almost at the same time, Subhuti—who was still held back by Arbiter of Fate—turned his body and let the two-handed sword fall from his face.

Clairvoyance—this was the Subhuti domain’s Clairvoyance ability!

Seizing the opportunity when Shadow of Distortion’s attack missed, Subhuti faced him and used Mind Reading in reverse.

This time, Shadow of Distortion couldn’t dodge. A snake suddenly appeared in his mind—a twisting, squirming snake.

Shadow of Distortion immediately screamed. He couldn’t be bothered to determine his direction and ran out of the room, heading somewhere.

Subhuti didn’t have time to deal another blow to Shadow of Distortion because the Arbiter of Fate had attacked again.

Halting Consciousness!

Consciousness Deprivation!

The two of them fought for a moment and fainted at the same time, but they quickly woke up.

Arbiter of Fate had once again extracted human consciousness from Pangu Biology. Unlike before—where she could distinguish people in detail—she focused her coverage on the underground building’s 600th floor and above. This way, she could obtain sustenance to replenish her energy and maintain her optimal state. She could also convert a large number of Heartless who occupied the terrain advantage to stop the traitors from escaping the company.

If not for the fact that she had entered Master Zhuang’s mind world and that her ability to influence the outside world had decreased to a very low level, she definitely would’ve started at the underground building’s exit and not let a single employee leave ‘alive!’

The Arbiter of Fate’s aura instantly returned to its previous level, and Subhuti was clearly much weaker.

Looking at the golden Buddha, Arbiter of Fate smiled and said, “I’ll just keep using such a clumsy method to fight you. I can constantly replenish myself, but can you? If you extract human consciousness and the monks’ mental strength to replenish yourself, how can you have the cheek to mention feeling more regretful the more you read the Buddhist scriptures?”

Subhuti fell silent.

At this moment, his figure flashed and disappeared. Right on the heels of that, Subhuti appeared in another direction.

In the spot where he had been sitting cross-legged, a ball of fog was dense like a dream. This was Dawn’s Forced Sleep.

Subhuti’s voice echoed. “Dawn, weren’t you with Shattered Mirror?”

As the enemy they faced wasn’t Master Zhuang, Dawn had already regained his hearing.

In the dreamy fog, a beam of morning light lit up and said, “Shattered Mirror can’t trap so many Kalendarium. Only Mandara and I escaped.”

Eidolon Nun warily walked forward, worried that what she saw and encountered wasn’t an illusion but reality. That would result in her being ambushed.

To Shattered Mirror, it was best for her to deal with an opponent so vigilant because her goal was only to stall for time. The more vigilant the other party was, the more time they would waste in the illusion.

Elsewhere, Golden Scale was already blindfolded. Otherwise, he definitely would’ve broken down from anger at the extremely asymmetrical items conjured by Shattered Mirror.

Even so, he was filled with anger because he could sense that Shattered Mirror’s consciousness—which was flickering from left to right—was no longer a lump but an irregular shape.

“Damn it!” Golden Scale roared.

Monitor Jiang Xiaoyue walked past the rooms.

Different Master Zhuangs were doing different things. Some of them played games, and some were focused on scientific research. They could no longer focus on stopping the enemy.

Sense Control!

Du Heng’s voice echoed in these rooms. “I know that your price is arrogance. I didn’t expect you to listen to my instructions, but I thought you would be arrogant and unwilling to join them.”

Monitor Jiang Xiaoyue didn’t respond. She had long blocked her hearing.

Behind her, Truth—who was wearing a floral shirt and beach shorts—successfully walked forward using the passage created by this Kalendaria. From time to time, he would use his memories to help Monitor and himself eliminate the effects of abilities like Corny Person, Literary Hipster, and Weak Heart.

They walked slowly and steadily, an act that showed sufficient respect for Master Zhuang.

Just as Double Sun Brian Stanley entered the next room, he saw Shang Jianyao in a gray camouflage uniform.

He knew that this fellow was also in the Master Zhuang domain, so he didn’t dare to be negligent and immediately blocked his hearing.

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