Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4547: Eight Stallion Dao Lord’s Legend

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Chapter 4547: Eight Stallion Dao Lord’s Legend

The dao lord during his youth still had impeccable talent and comprehension. Unfortunately, Godwhip was reduced to a small sect at that point. His future seemed rather limited, let alone reaching the throne.

This changed when Dao Sanqian took note of him and decided to become his dao protector. This was a godsend opportunity, certainly not easy to come by.

Given Dao Sanqian’s prestige, countless people wanted to become his disciples. In this case, he actually served as a dao protector.

Eight Stallion didn’t let him down. His cultivation soared and eventually became an invincible dao lord. He didn’t forget his roots and took care of Godwhip, elevating its status and giving it ample resources.

Godwhip Deity also benefited from this. He suffered from the same limitation as the dao lord previously and worst of all, his talent was far from being exceptional.

Lucky for him, he was very close with Eight Stallion. They both experienced hardship so as the dao lord grew stronger, the dao lord taught him many things. This was especially true after the coronation.

Though Godwhip Deity never became as strong, he still became a monarch-level character and didn’t let his friend down.

In the last generation, Godwhip School received Eight Stallion’s love on top of gaining a monarch. This made them strong enough to be considered a dao lord lineage.

Furthermore, they were awfully close to Three Thousand Dao - an alliance forged of blood.

Today, Godwhip Princess was its successor, not long from becoming the schoolmaster. She stood above her peers and had notable achievements on the battlefield, leading her legion across Sky Border.

Thus, she had all the right traits and gifts. Rumor has it that an engagement between her and Shen Juntian was not far off.

Though the two sects never mentioned this detail, her expression when talking about Shen Juntian made it rather likely.

“See, give up now. You are not worthy or qualified to be with her, how will you beat Shen Juntian?” A senior glanced at a disciple who was enamored with the princess.

The junior’s love was extinguished right away by the cold comment. Nonetheless, he didn’t give up and said: “Why does any of that matter? As long as there is love…”

“Stop daydreaming.” The senior interrupted him: “Why would she love you? Even a blind person can see that she likes Shen Juntian right now.”

The junior had no response to this; his expression withered. It was tough for youths to stay calm whenever Shen Juntian was brought up.

He was another one of the five conquerors, being equal to True Immortal Young Emperor and Five-sun King. These youths had all the advantages in the world.

Moreover, some believed that Shen Juntian might be an imperial prince, the son of Eight Stallion Dao Lord.

“That’s why you should just give up. Those two are a good match in terms of status. Those two sects want this to happen so if you act recklessly, you’ll only be asking for trouble or worse.” The senior said.

A sense of pessimism and despair struck all of her suitors in the crowd. They knew that they had no chance of winning her love for a multitude of reasons.

Of course, she didn’t care about their feelings and thoughts nor their passionate gazes. Her focus was on the Yang Cemetery.

“Buzz.” A beam of light joined the scene, encompassing a large radius and illuminating many cultivators.

This radiant beam crossed through time and space, seemingly capable of teleporting anyone to the reach of its light.

“This is…” The crowd became startled.

“Buzz.” A mysterious rune brimming with power appeared in the radiance.

“True Immortal!” A big shot recognized the rune right away.

“They’re arriving at last.” Everyone became emotional.

In the contemporary, there were behemoths such as Three Thousand Dao, Lion’s Roar, Divine Dragon Valley…

This was especially true for the prospering Three Thousand Dao. However, all of them seemed to be lacking something - history and foundation.

True Immortal started with Blessed Dao Lord and had reigned for generations. They produced countless top cultivators before.

Though it had experienced setbacks from the “arrogant woman” and Emperor Ye and was nearly destroyed, it still rose again to dominate the world and had numerous sects under its banner. This was a testament to its unbreakable foundation and frightening tenacity.

It had seven dao lords in total, something no other sect could compare to. Today, given the fanfare, some big shots were certainly coming.

“I wonder who is coming.” A spectator said while witnessing the haughty arrival.

A youth eventually appeared in the light. He had his own aura and looked exceedingly handsome.

“Six-winged Emissary!” A big shot recognized him and said: “The disciple of True Immortal Sect Master, he is usually with his master.”

“That means the sect master is coming too…” This answered the question looming in everyone’s mind.

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