Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4548: Six-winged Emissary

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Chapter 4548: Six-winged Emissary

The prestigious emissary usually transmitted the sect master’s order. Therefore, his will was usually his master’s.

As the disciple of True Immortal Sect Master, he held the hilt to the sword of authority. The sect master would not be far from here.

His wings flashed brightly behind him. It seemed that just a slight movement from them could start a terrible storm.

He slightly bowed and announced: “True Immortal Sect is conducting official business here. Where the light is shall be our camp. Please keep a distance in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.”

This demand caused a considerable uproar. Someone couldn’t help but say: “They’re so overbearing.”

His friend nodded: “This isn’t new at all. It was probably worse during their golden age.”

“What else can we do? There’s no gain in antagonizing them.” A third cultivator added.

Some voiced their frustration but still backed off from the radius of the beam. This applied to the ancestors and famous cultivators as well. They quietly left the area, albeit begrudgingly.

They didn’t wish to not give True Immortal face over something rather trivial. Moving to another spot wasn’t a big deal. To do otherwise would be idiotic and potentially suicidal.

The majority also believed that True Immortal Sect Master was coming - an unstoppable being. Yielding now wasn’t embarrassing at all. In fact, some were eager to see this elusive and famous individual.

“Well, I guess it’s not bad, we actually get to see their sect master in person.” One cultivator consoled himself while backing off.

The radiance encompassed a massive territory. Thus, it took a while for everyone to leave while complaining.

Li Qiye’s group and the Improper Four were also under the beam.

The latter exchanged glances. A’han asked: “Are we leaving?”

“Of course, nobodies like us need to back off.” Puresword smiled brightly and left without any resistance.

The other two followed him, leaving Li Qiye’s group and Lin Mo behind. Though he was young, he seemed to be the leader of the group.

Jian Ming, the daoist, and Wise Ancestor always followed Li Qiye’s order. As for Lin Mo, she had no intention of leaving Li Qiye’s side. Thus, since he didn’t move, neither did they.

The five looked conspicuous under the light since everyone else was gone.

“Who are they?” The majority didn’t recognize them.

Everyone gave True Immortal face but these five purposely refused to do so.

“I don’t know, probably not anyone important.” Someone said.

“Isn’t that merchant from a big clan? He’s a known swindler.” On the other hand, Jian Ming was actually rather well-known so someone recognized him.

“That brat appeared out of thin air and even killed Alchemy Child, a servant of the young emperor.” An expert recognized Li Qiye as well.

“True Immortal Young Emperor’s servant?” A listener became startled: “The audacity, he must be tired of living.”

“What is his background then? It has to be impressive, given his courage.” One cultivator added.

“Is he an actual ancestor from the four clans?” An ancestor who had participated in the secret auction frowned and said: “Is he not afraid of True Immortal destroying his clans?”

Normally, ancestors truly cared for the sake of their clans. They wouldn’t oppose True Immortal and absolutely not in such an arrogant manner. If his clans were to be destroyed, he would be branded as an eternal sinner, unable to meet his ancestors in the afterlife. However, this didn’t apply to Li Qiye.

“Killing a servant isn’t a big deal.” A king said: “But the sect master of True Immortal is coming right now. If he doesn’t give them respect, that would be a direct challenge to their authority. They won’t stand for this.”

True Immortal Sect Master was the leader of many sects. His arrival commanded respect and a grand ceremony.

However, Li Qiye’s group of five refused to listen. This was akin to slapping True Immortal in the face.

“We got a show to watch.” A’han said.

“What makes them so bold?” Woodman asked.

“The world is full of tigers and dragons, don’t look through the lens of a mortal to gauge people.” Puresword smiled and shook his head.

Six-winged Emissary saw that five people had no intention of leaving and frowned.

“Fellow Daoists, True Immortal is conducting official business here. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but please leave.” He politely said.

This wasn’t offensive in the slightest. After all, being politely asked by a big shot from True Immortal would make people feel good and leave willingly.

“I didn’t know that this was your house.” Jian Ming glanced at him.

Six-winged Emissary’s expression soured but he still maintained his cool and said: “This isn’t True Immortal but our ancestors will be working here. Rampant energies and powers will be out of control and we don’t wish for needless casualties. Therefore, please leave for your own safety.”

“Stand aside, do not bother me.” Li Qiye spoke.

“Did you hear that? My young noble is telling you to scram. Your sect and its sect master aren’t qualified to prance and bark in front of our young noble. He is already being benevolent by not making you all kneel.” Jian Ming played the role of a sycophant again.

Wise Ancestor glared angrily at him but couldn’t interfere.

Listeners exchanged glances, shocked.

“What an ignorant fool.” One of them said.

The guy seemed to be nothing more than an errand boy yet he dared to insult the sect master of True Immortal?

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