Epic Of Caterpillar - Chapter 1146 - The Return Of The Fallen Hero

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Kireina really surprised herself this time around, she saw how she devoured an entire diviner realm with her jaws and swallowed it and then, dissolved it all into her power.

She tore apart the last remnants of the minds of these three detestable gods, as she suddenly realized that was it! It was over, just like that!

There was… nothing else than this. She thought they would come out with another asspull like they always did, but in fact, they were incapable of fighting back against the might of a Supreme Goddess.

Kireina wanted to try out her other Path Jewels and their overpowered abilities, but felt disappointed she couldn't even go all out with these pathetic vermin.

She was looking for more fun, but this ended being everything she got, not even a bit of entertainment, that was literally it and nothing else!

So disappointing!

She sighed in relief but still felt utterly disappointed, she shrugged it off and then suddenly realized there was a whole other world inside these three gods.

"Huh? Wait a second…"

The divine realm they had was only one, but there was a second and even more grotesque world where there were many strange creatures, although all of them got merged with her divine realm alongside their divine realm at the end, these trio of imbeciles were now gone for good, she also devoured their memories and learned everything, she made sure they had not escaped with another clone, and that seemed to be the case.

"They have the same ability as me to make clones but never made good use of it, idiots… they could had actually been able to survive my assault if they had made multiple clones and spread them across the entire world, that would had been incredibly annoying to deal with." Thought Kireina, thinking about the wasted potential of the power of these gods, it seems they had completely wasted their potential because their thought processes were simply way too inferior to hers.

They thought about a bunch of stupid things such as revenge or dominating everyone and making them kneel before them, they completely forgot to think rationally for a slight of a second and realize they could abuse such amazing power way better than what they were actually doing with it. This sole thought left Kireina baffled. Just how foolish were they?

"Sigh… Oh?"

She sighed once more, looked around her, and noticed that the last fragments of David and his dragon emerged inside her divine realm, she carefully separated them from the rest of everything, and cleansed them.

"So you were here!" she said, looking at fragments of David who were merged with the dragon whose name she didn't even knew nor cared for.

Apparently, David had been somehow reassembling himself this entire time, and looked surprised when he was grabbed away by a gigantic cataclysm.

"W-What…?! Who… are you?!" he asked.

"Me? I am Kireina, duh! Who else?" she asked.


David was left speechless.

"You're really… that Kireina? The one… from Athetosea back then?" asked David, as he glanced at the glorious and enormous figure made of darkness and chaos atop the skies of her divine realm, this was actually the mere divine intent she produced inside her diviner realm, which allowed her to do all the things she wanted.

"Yes, wait a bit…" said Kireina.

She let David on standby as her real body outside quickly flew away from the fragmented spatial layers around her and reached the place where the World Origin Core previously was. All the Wives that accompanied her had infiltered the dungeons around and were just clearing them to pass the time mostly, they were not needed at the end, and it made her feel like she brought them here for nothing, making them lose time, but at the end they just went to have fun inside some dungeons.

Kireina sat down over a random rock without a care of the world, crossing her legs leisurely as she concentrated her intent some more and then finally went to talk once more with David. She wanted to sit for a bit, she felt sore after floating in the vacuum of the void.

"Are you there?" wondered David.

"Ah, yes, here I am. Anyways, I will revive you asap. I'd need your help in the future, I guess. Or maybe not? Well, whatever the case, you got an annoying bunch waiting for you, so they'll get pretty happy." Said Kireina.

"R-Revive me? Can you do such a thing?!" asked David.

"Its as easy as breathing." Said Kireina, she clasped her fingers, as David's soul and that one dragon soul were separated as they were merged together, and the two suddenly teleported elsewhere.

They felt as if they went to sleep for a long time, but actually just a few seconds passed. In that time, their bodies grew back through the Yggdrasil Fruits of Life, within the Yggdrasil Sprout.

Kireina took out the fruits using her divine intent and put them over the ground.

"Now come out." She said.

"Eh? I… I have a body again?!"

David realized he had flesh once more. He broke through the walls of the fruit and found himself in the middle of a verdant forest, at his side there was a medium-sized red dragon as well, his good friend, Vastrasz, Elder Dragon of Hunger.

"Brat! Look! I got a body too!"

"A-Amazing, Vastrasz!"

"Though… get yourself some clothes…"


"Here, grab this."

Kireina summoned some regal red clothes and let David wear them. His new body was just like his previous body had been left. He felt incredibly refreshed that he had finally been able to wear clothes with a physical body once more!

"Now, let's call your friends."

Kireina quickly decided to call Leonia, Kaze, and Blaire, the three simps of David, alongside his family which Kireina has also been taking care of.


"It's… David?!"

"My lord!"


David was greeted by hugs and kisses by everyone that loved him. Kireina watched at this with a  rather dull expression and decided to turn a page on this and never look back unless necessary.


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