Epic Of Caterpillar - Chapter 1147 - David's Resolve And The Aztec Gods

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Having turned this page over, Kireina moved David and his group of dorks back to the main city where David began his new adventure as a man with a new life, now he had not to worry about anything else because Kireina was going to take care of the world on his steed. Nonetheless, he felt the necessity to still grow stronger and pay back her help, she felt like it wasn't necessary and tried to stop him several times when they were discussing.

"I will still grow stronger to help you out, Kireina!" he said.

"You shouldn't. I am actually a villain, you know? I killed everyone you loved." Said Kireina.

"I don't care… you've redeemed yourself!" said David.

"You're an annoying kid. Which part of "I don't need your help" you don't understand?" she sighed.

"All of it! I will help out!" he said.

"I've made you into a weak mortal because I don't want you to meddle with my affairs, the same with Isaac and all his stupid friends. Now scram off and don't annoy me anymore." She sighed.

"But… I will grow back to the power I once had- No, even higher! And then, we'll meet again, and I will help you out!" said David.

He was a stubborn little bastard. Kireina felt like squashing him into the ground like an ant. But she sighed and decided to ignore him.

"Fine do whatever you want, your friends are also all weakened so it will take you a lot of time… Bye." She said, deciding to not speak with him anymore.

Now, David was dropped in the middle of a new world of wonders and dangers, Kireina's divine realm was probably as big as Genesis if not bigger, there were many challenges awaiting for the young hero, all of such adventures and more, would begin today! He marched forward with his family and friends.

Deciding to live for the fallen souls of his comrades, and all the grudges on his heart disappeared when Kireina redeemed herself and did all of these good deeds for him and his allies, freeing them from the malicious dragon gods, healing their fragmented souls, recovering them, taking care of his family… even with the horrors of such a war, she had changed, and had done enough to earn the young man's forgiveness and even devotion.

A hero devoting himself to a demon lord? What kind of fantasy cliché was this? It has already been seen countless times!

Nonetheless, Kireina had no interest in this boy's life anymore as she quickly delved into the outside world, there was a big meeting going on as of now, where she and various other gods of Aztlan were gathering around a large table, celebrating the victory of Kireina.

"You don't have to celebrate my victory, it wasn't even a hard fight…" she sighed.

"N-no! Please, Kireina-sama, go on!"

"You're our savior, our savior!"

"Without you, we would be doomed.


"Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

A gigantic, feathered serpent spoke, this was the strongest of all the gods in this Realm, Quetzalcoatl, a Great God at Rank 6 who had been nourishing and protecting the entire Realm for immemorable time with all the other Gods. They seemed to be all Aztec-inspired gods too.

"Hey, the food's here is not half bad, masta!" giggled Rimuru, drinking some beer.

"Indeed, they got some unique ingredients. These tortillas are quite tasty, specially these tacos." Said Brontes.

"I like this Grilled Divine Golden Corn, simple yet addictive!" Said Nephiana.

"Hahaha! I am glad you all like our food! We all prepared it with utmost care for our guests… H-Having two Supreme Goddesses here is an event of incredible scales already." Said the feathered serpent.

"Let's go to the point, I'm going to have to ask you guys to lend me the whole Realm, I am going to give it to my wife, Gaia, so she can recover her body." Said Kireina.

The Aztec gods fell silent out of the sudden…




"I know it's a hard take but you'll have to let me. I am not here to negotiate." Said Kireina.

"O-Of course! F-Fine! It is fine! You can… take our Realm…" sighed Quetzalcoatl.

"Don't worry, as a compensation all of you can now live inside my divine realm and join my pantheon, with benefits… The Rin Sisters will introduce you to these benefits." Said Kireina.



Suddenly, three michivious Succubus Great Goddesses in secretary clothes were summoned in front of Kireina's tall figure, as the three were the Rin Sisters, specialized paperwork-doers and secretaries of the entirety of Kireina's Divine Realm at this point.

"Nice to meet you miss Quetzalcoatl. We are the specialized secretaries of Kireina's divine realm and pantheon."

"You've been selected for the program of becoming Premium Members of her pantheon."

"This comes with… yawn… special things that… yawn…"

"Would you stop yawning every time?!"


"Anyways, here are your cards, as Premium Platinum Members, you're enjoying a series of special benefits that only you can enjoy…"

The Rin Sisters explained to the gods all the benefits, which included discounts all around Kireina's Shop, access to unique items, more accessibility to the divine dungeon of Babel, the privilege of grabbing a Pseudo Supreme Divinity, acquiring Dao Fragments, forging Path Jewels and more! All of this for the small price of giving up their entire Realm, how generous!

"T-This seem way too good to be true!"

"Who cares about the damn Realm?! I want a Dao Fragment!"

"Me too! And what are Path Jewels?! They sound awfully cool!"

"Wow… We get ALL these discounts?"

"And we can even access special quests which rewards us even more items and prizes!"

"Wait… did you see this?! We get triple rewards from any quests with this membership!"

"N-No way!"

Quetzalcoatl glanced at the scene dumbfounded, Kireina had completely conquered the hearts of these gods with material rewards and ways for them to grow stronger…

"I suppose you can take the Realm…" she sighed.

"Thanks for your business!" laughed the Rin Sisters.


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