Epic Of Caterpillar - Chapter 1528: My Cooking Knife Became A Dungeon

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Chapter 1528: My Cooking Knife Became A Dungeon





[Name]: [--] [Rank]: [D]

[Race]: [Sentient Magical Knife]

[Job Class]: [Dungeon Spirit] 

[Subclass]: [Chef]

[Level]: [0/10]

[HP]: [300/300]

[MP]: [20000/20000]

[Strength]: [700]

[Agility]: [600]

[Vitality]: [300]

[Intelligence]: [5000]

[Dexterity]: [500]

[Divinity]: [50]

{Passive Skills}

[Unique Skills]: [Dungeon Ego: Lv--] [Labyrinth Embodiment: Lv--] [Mana Regenerating Core: Lv--]

[Body Skills]: [Automatic Self Repair: Lv1] [Automatic Mana Absorption: Lv1] [Sharp Blade: Lv1]

[Resistance Skills]: [Status Effect Immunity: Lv--]

{Active Skills}

[Physical Skills]: [Cooking: Lv1]

[Magical Skills]: [Dungeon Gate Creation: Lv1] [Summon Dungeon Monster: Lv1]

{Title Skills}

[Unique Title Skills]: [Dungeon: Lv1]


When I looked at the Dungeon Ego's Status, I was left rather perplexed. Not only she had 20k Mana out of nowhere, but also 5k Intelligence, showcasing that she was incredibly gifted with Magic. Alongside that, she had 50 Divinity, more than my weapons had before evolution, this also probably meant she was injected with a certain amount of such a powerful essence within her very existence. And to boot, she had a Class named "Dungeon Spirit". Is this what she is in fact? So Dungeon Spirits in this world have the same structure as Egos, huh? Interesting.

And not only stats alone, she also came with the Chef Subclass? And the Cooking Skill? Huh, I think that's not her power but more like a subproduct of her new vessel. I guess that when a vessel of an Ego is covered in the memories of certain things, they might develop abilities and appearances similar to such memories. For example, Aquamarine developed water and spiritual powers because his vessel was made by Rimuru and Ailine, and to be honest, his personality is very similar to those two lovely slimes.

Similarly, this Dungeon Ego gained a Chef Subclass and the Cooking Skill because of the "memories" that my Kitchen Knife has about me using it to cut stuff and cook with the cut food… I suppose. Well, that's what I want to believe for now. And well, the Dungeon Skills… Yeah, she got a good assortment of them. I would guess that the reason she got so much Mana and seems to have a great Mana Regeneration is due to some of such Skills, such as [Mana Regenerating Core] and [Automatic Mana Absorption], right? And then she got other Skills related with Dungeon stuff, I kind of want to try them out.

Now that Sol is gone and we are alone here, I guess there's no better time to try them out. But first, I need to give a name to this girl, I can't just refer to her as the "Dungeon Ego" for all my life, right? So… What name?

"What name should I give to you?" I wondered.

"Name…" The little ego answered while thinking herself. But I could guess she was more in the clumsy side, so she was having a really hard time coming out with something.

"Well, this knife is silver, so how about Silver?" I wondered.

"Silva…" She muttered.

"Silva… Hey, that's an alright name." I said while nodding. "Do you want it?"

"Okay." She said nonchalantly. She seemed very permissive to things. I guess this is how Pereza just took over her powers. I will protect this little and innocent child and not allow any nasty Demon Lord to get closer to her anymore!

[You have assigned [Silva] to the [Ego] as a name!]

[Silva's power can now be shared]

[You can now share your own power with Silva]

I see, I guess even the System show some prompts. It truly recognizes Silva as an actual Ego, isn't it? It even named [Ego] to the things, so it probably is able to recognize this foreign element. Well, then again, this is not really a System, but something even more profound, a "Soul Book" of sorts, a representation of the soul which is Awakened through the strange energies of this world, I guess. Everybody has a Soul Book after all, even Egos.

"Silva is your name then! Would you help us find out more of your powers?" I wondered.

"Okay!" She said while suddenly beginning to float around by herself. After being named, she gained the powers to Levitate. It consumes Mana, of course, but Silva has 20k, more than anybody here except me, so she probably can levitate as much as she wants.

"You're something like a dungeon, right?" I wondered. "How about using your powers? Can you open a Dungeon Gate?"

"Dungeon Gate? Easy!" Silva said innocently, suddenly floating in midair and pointing some sort of mass of blue energy into the empty air, in a second, the entire space and time fractured, generating a blue and purple-colored portal that led to a bright white light.


"Gate!" She said happily, expecting praise.

"Amazingly done!" I said. "Good girl! You're a good girl!"

"Silva is good girl!" Silva said happily, floating around me. A floating knife was certainly slightly frightening for a lot of people, but for me she was very cute, especially because I am a metallic cocoon, not like the knife will damage if it ever slips into the ground and accidentally hits me or something…

Black, White, and Aquamarine approached the portal leading towards, supossedly, the dungeon. The trio looked deep into the bright light, until I suddenly realized the white light dissipated, and we were able to see more clearly what was inside. A dungeon appeared inside. It had almost the same exact layout as the Dark Labyrinth.

"Silva, is this really the Dungeon you ate?" I wondered.

"Hmm… Who knows?" She said carefreely. Not even she seemed completely sure how her powers works. I guess I will have to be the one to guide her how to use them, and also to see if these powers can be useful and help us out. I'm sure Silva wouldn't mind helping everyone, she seems like a good girl.

"Then how about we go take a look inside?" Wondered Black.

"Yeah, let's go." I walked inside with everybody else.

Suddenly, we found ourselves inside the Dark Labyrinth. It was just the same layout; everything was the same. We walked from Floor 1 to Floor 10 without any issues… This was really a dungeon.




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