Epic Of Caterpillar - Chapter 1690 Confrontation! Overseers!

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I quickly covered my body with black exoskeleton and spikes, readying myself for battle.

“I thought this form would be more suitable to talk. My other form emanates a deadly aura of nightmares and chaos. Maybe like this you can calm down a bit?” I asked.

“Phew…” Frank sighed in relief. “You’re not going to easily seduce me, spawn of Khaos!”

“Spawn?! Hello? I am HER Daughter and be more polite! You just came here and began threatening everyone. if you say you’ve got morals why don’t they apply with us? what? Are we inferior to you or something now?”

“T-That’s not… Ugh, listen. I’ve gone through a lot of shit okay? I just want to get my stone and get back home. I’ve got kids waiting for me, I’ve got wives, I’ve got worlds… I am busy.” He sighed.

“I am busy too! I’ve got all of that too! I am trying to get back there and you can just instantly teleport?” I asked.

“So… if I get you back there you will give me the stone?” He asked.

“Err… Maybe.” I said with a cocky smile.

Frank narrowed his eyes.

“I mean COME ON, it is super strong. I kind of want some cosmic energy of my own…” I sighed.

“My true power is within my Universe so I could easily just force my way into you and grab my stone back anyways… Let’s go then.” He seemed confident.

“Oof… But I’ve gotta beat the Demon King first, and save a friend named Elfina.” I sighed.

“I don’t care.”


He suddenly teleported near me as he grabbed me by the shoulder.

“Wait, Kireina!” Luminous cried, as he tried to stop him but we suddenly disappeared from his sight.

F L A A A A A A S S S H H H!

Suddenly, I found myself traveling across stars.

‘ᴛʜɪs ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ɪs ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ʙʏ N ovelBi(n)’,

“Oi! Wait! I’ve gotta do stuff there yet!” I said.

“No waiting, I’ve got no time for the affairs of another world.” He said.

“What? Aren’t you a nice guy?” I asked.

“Listen, there are thousands of worlds, no, billions, trillions, quintillions! Do you think I can take care of each and every single one of them?! I’ve already made up my mind to only care for my own Universe. That’s as much as my scope can go.” He said angrily.

“Get me back!” I said angrily.

“Wait, don’t move while we are in the middle of traveling- AAGGH!”

F L A A A A A A S S S H H H!

Suddenly, a ray of white light emerged from across the stars, as we were traveling between the dimensional membranes, something strange emerged from within!

Figures, humanoid in shape, made completely out of white light and cosmic energy. They wore white and blue clothes and had long silver and blue hair. They were two.

“Would you look what we got here…”

“Caught you sneaking around Dimensions again, eh, kiddo?”

The two figures spoke like old men and seemed to exude a menacing aura. They were not friendly.

“Fuck!” Frank quickly cursed, feeling completely pressured.

“W-Who are they? What’s going on?” I asked, quickly realizing Frank was suddenly hurt, a large wound on his chest and his left shoulder was weakening him severely.

“Overseers! They’re Overseers!” He said while panicking. “You dumbass! Why did you stopped me midway through?! If we stopped even for a millisecond, these bastards would have spotted us!”

“Say what?!” I asked in surprise.

Overseers… that name is the name of the Title given to beings that surpass the power of Universes themselves. The bastards that chained mother to slowly absorb her energy as if she were just another resource within their garden!

These two guys, overflowing with Cosmic Energy to the point they were like living and breathing Universes themselves… they were Overseers. But why are they looking for Frank in specific?

“Why are they looking for you?” I asked.

“Why, you may ask, little fairy?” Asked one of them, the blue haired one.

“This little kid is a Half-Overseer. A disgusting mix between one of us and a lowly human.” The white haired one said.

“MY MOTHER IS NOT “LOWLY” YOU SHITHEADS!” Frank roared angrily. His Cosmic Power exploded from within his Soul, as he suddenly began to shapeshift, turning into an enormous mass of cosmic energy shaping himself into a fearful dragon.

‘Follow current novels ON N (ovelB in.)’,

“Look at this creature, resorting to the power of Outer Gods to attain enough strength to even believe he’s… barely passable?” Laughed one of them.

“What a shame that your existence is incomplete… And your father’s alive, but weak and pathetic. He cannot even fly out of his Universe. All the things he sacrificed, everything just to conceive your lowly and insignificant existence…” Laughed the second.

“Tch…” Frank simply didn’t listened to their insults, flying in front of me.

Wait, he wants to protect me?

At the end he’s still a goody-two-shoes, huh?

“Now you’ve got two options, kid.”

“You either give us that spawn of chaos, which with enough effort might grow into a Primordial we can farm later…”

“Or we kill you both.”

“What?” Frank asked. “You’re not going to kill me if I give her to you?”

“We thought about it with the others.”

“Our Master seems to have other plans.”

“He said that he can give you a chance to join us… Our Clan.”

“Eh?” Frank seemed shocked.

“We learned about this little spawn… She got an interesting Trait we could devour.”

“And her Soul is Cursed by the Root too, it would be an incredible Material for Cosmic Alchemy!”

The two greedy cosmic men looked at me as if I were a mere item.

I guess this is how my mother must have felt.


Frank quickly accepted.

“Wait what?! Frank?!”

“You’re merely a bug, did you think I would try to protect you?”

Suddenly, his enormous claws grabbed me, as he stretched his hand at them.

“Come, grab her with your stupid chains and get away from my sight.”




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